All Memed Out!

So yesterday I was telling ya’ll I needed help and tips for a successful Black Friday shopping spree… it seems most of us are not really Black Friday shoppers.  For anyone who is interested, my friend Paige gives a chart to help break down how stores price match, HERE.

Another blog I like to follow is In This Wonderful Life and Megan had a post about her November sponsors with awesome deals, just see for yourself HERE!

This could be a long post because I am memin’ out today… its the best of all things great!

So speaking of Christmas, I’ve been thinking about how my wish list is tad bit extreme.  All of the items I keep thinking I want are all the high priced items! I’m dreaming big and the key word is ‘dreaming’ and that’s why I’m okay with sharing it… Now why can’t these be on Black Friday sales?
*A new stove top that is flat
*A Silhouette Cameo
*Iphone 4S
*Xbox360 with Kinect + games
*gas fireplace logs

In other news…I’m obsessed with my kids handprints and footprints.  I don’t know why but I think its the most timeless and precious art that you can make with a child.  I am not 100% done with this and how I plan to display it but wanted to show you a fun idea I saw on Google images… I made a feather fan with my kids hands and the body with their feet and drew on the beak, eyes and dangly-thing.. Too fun!!
And with the theme above of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d mention a few things I am thankful for!
*Thankful that Reese likes Chocolate because Ryan can’t stand it and I need a chocolate lover to sneak away with to get sweets!!IMG_0917*Thankful for my sweet loving husband and especially love it when he returns home from Army drill without his goatee ( love how he looks with and without) 
IMG_0965 *Thankful that Ryan and Reese play so well together and you can tell how much they love one another.IMG_0972

*Thankful that my son knows how to spell his name and even more proud that he knows how to write it on his own!! 4 years old—not sure if I could do that at his age!
IMG_0973 IMG_0975

*Thankful that we get response letters from the White House welcoming our daughter to the world in a hand written envelope and signed by the President & his wife.IMG_0951
*Thankful for the time I get to spend with our sweet itty bitty baby Rayne and pray the next 4 weeks goes super slow so I can savor this time before going back to work!IMG_0952
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VandyJ said...

My Christmas list runs to the expensive side too.

Impulsive Addict said...

What? I didn't get anything from the white house when I had Emma! I'm so jealous!

I LOVE the turkey's. That is such a fun idea. But Emma would have paint EVERYWHERE. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that. But I should do it...

Loving the pic of Reese! How sweet!

Way to go Ryan!!!! That's a big boy!

Thanks for linking up with us Miss J! You know we love ya!

Jill said...

My Christmas list is bit ridiculous this year: someone to paint my house ('cause I don't want to do it), a new car, a bread maker, a I think the only possibility is the bread maker!

Your kids are adorable!! :)

becca said...

aw i love that Ryan can spell his name smart little boy

Krista said...

Sweet baby Rayne! Aw!

Ryan and Reese together, as I've said before, make me want to give J a sibling.

And is Ryan a lefty? So cool!

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to do the turkeys with the kids, I love that!

Awww Ryan is such a sweet big brother!

Amy said...

sweet Family.. I love the Turkey prints..

Anonymous said...

Wow...your Christmas list looks about as expensive as mine! Do the Apple products go on sale on Black Friday? I really want the iPhone4S and a clip-on Nano for running. But I don't really want to spend $200 and $150 for them...

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

My Christmas list also seems ridiculous to me but I think I may get al least some of it:)

Loving those turkeys. i now know what we'll be doing this weekend!

Emmy said...

Oh those turkeys are so cute! I hope the rest of your leave is wonderful and goes slowly. The silhouette is on my Christmas list too!

Anonymous said...

I have noticed on Pinterest that you were all googly eyed over hand and foot prints. You are right.-- timeless!

Amanda said...

Those hand/footprint turkeys are adorable!! Thats on my to do list now. Your kids are so cute, they look like best friends! I'm a new follower, but I cant wait to read more about you and your family. :)

Liberty said...

I am COMPLETELY obsessed with the hand and footprint pictures too!! I always have been but this year I have kicked it up a notch. I love looking at all the sweet pics of your family. I can't believe how big all the kiddos are getting. :))

Shawn said...

I love hand and feet prints too! Do the turkeys on construction paper and then over them with heavy laminate and use them as place mats. I love looking back over the years while we eat!

Rayne is getting so big, she is absolutely precious!

Thanks for linking up!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

My Christmas list is like yours. All I want is an Ipad2, Iphone, SLR camera and photography lessons. Though if I go by my Christmas getting histories I'll probably get some sort of As Seen On TV product that I never even realized I wanted. :)

I love those hand print turkeys.

Oh, and also I would love to have to some kids who play nice for Christmas. Yours are ADORABLE!

Chell said...

I totally swore off black friday shopping after last year! Never again! LOL

AndreaLeigh said...

i would love an ipad but that's out of the budget for this year. oh well...

Connie said...

I only have two things on my list:

A Coach Handbag
New Cookie Sheets.

See....I'm easy.