Dear Ryan

Dear Ryan,
I have been meaning to write down a few things to tell you when you are older about you as a child and thought I’d start now. 
For some reason, you think socks hurt.  I am not sure if it is the stitching in the front of the sock or if cotton alone hurts, but sometimes putting socks on can be a real event.
In addition to socks hurting, there are occasions when you claim that your blanket hurts you.  It is also made of cotton and is the softest thing in the world and I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a stalling tactic to keep us in your room longer at night to adjust your blanket just right.

Cutting your hair and  your toenails along with giving you medicine are by far the most challenging moments we encounter.  I’m not thrilled that you bite your fingernails but part of me is glad because I can only imagine what kind of a wild and hysterical situation that could be.  I used to get by with clipping in your sleep but you have become a light sleeper and wise to my tricks. 

Every night when we tuck you in bed, you love to lay on your pillow pet (which has been known to hurt you as well) and always ask that we place the sheet on your ear.  The slightest move you make before I make it out the door can adjust the sheet off your ear which is probably another stalling tactic but nonetheless, we come back and set it back in place.
I think you are an amazing big brother and its really sweet to watch you with your sisters.  Its also very interesting the things Reese is already learning from you… for instance cutting nails and now Reese says “Owie” to everything making us think that she has a boo boo or hurt something.
You have finally claimed that you are afraid of the dark which is why you do not like going to certain parts of the house by yourself.  Although I hate to hear you are scared, I am relieved that we finally understand why you do not want to go to the bathroom on your own unless the light is on.  You are tall enough now to reach the light switch but still like for us to go with you to turn it on, so now I have learned to keep the light on at all times to avoid any possible accidents or meltdowns.
Lastly, a quick story from this past weekend.  As you know we have a little potty in our bathroom to help your sister learn to go potty by herself.  It is very similar to the one you had when you were potty training.  When I went in and noticed the seat of the little potty was down, it was quite a surprise when I lifted it to find pee filled in there along with a few drops on the seat.  I was pretty confident that Reese hadn’t pulled her diaper off, sat down and used the bathroom with just a few drips and put her diaper back on by herself.  I could only conclude that you thought you should christen the little potty first.  When I asked you about it and who did it… it took a few times before you would admit that you had infact peed in the princess potty.  Hopefully that won’t happen again because cleaning up pee is not my favorite thing to do.  Perhaps Reese will be more interested to use it now that she has seen actual pee pee in it. 
Love you with all my heart Bubba!

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Cherished Bliss said...

Such a sweet post! I need to write one about Aubrey! He's been saying some of the funniest things ever!

Bethany said...

Such a sweet post...these kiddos grow up so fast and say the best things. The best part is its a head fake, because even though the letter is for him its also for you. :)

Liberty said...

:))) But peeing in the princess potty is fun, mommy! It's good to write it all down b/c even though we swear we will never forget, the memories get crowded with new ones.

Try rubbing his feet sometimes before putting his socks on. Some kids actually are sensitive to socks and rubbing his feet may desensitize them a little. :)(the therapist coming out in me)

Kmama said...

That is so cute! LOL at peeing in the potty.

My oldest has issues with socks too. The seams always bothered his toes. Putting shoes on in the morning, while rushing to do school/daycare drop off was a nightmare. They do make socks without seams, and I think Stride Rite sells them. My son eventually got over it, so here's hoping that Ryan does too!

Emmy said...

Love that he christened her potty. Too funny. This letter is awesome- and it is crazy how we do forget some of these little things.
Thank you so much for linking up.

Kate F. (@katefineske) said...

Such cute little stories to remember! Especially your last potty story ;) Definitely one to "throw in your vault" for later use as he gets older!

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

So cute. One of the reasons I started blogging was to help me remember Annabelle as she was growing up. This is a perfect moment in time for you to look back on.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful letter to Ryan! The potty story is too cute!

Mary said...

This is so sweet! Make sure you keep it for when he gets older!

Shawn said...

He peed in the Princess potty? Well now you can call him Prince Charming!

Impulsive Addict said...

Awww....what a cute idea for a post! I love it!

He sounds very entertaining! Emma has started trying stalling tactics at nap time lately. It's not working on me. I have LOTS to get done in a 2 hour time period! Sleep it off, sister! =)

One day, he'll look back at your blog and smile and he'll know he has a hell of a good momma!

Have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

Aww so sweet. I bet in about 15 years all his buddies will love the story about him peeing in the princess potty! LOL :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Very very cute! I don't blame him for christening the princess potty. It was needing to be done I'm sure.

I went through a phase when I was sick every single night. I just wanted extra cuddles from my mom and it worked!