Deal or Dud?

Okay, I admit it—I’m addicted to checking my email.  I may be SUPER slow to respond to them, but its the next best thing to checking the actual mailbox in hopes that you are getting something good from a friend or favorite store catalog!

Every day I am greeted with emails from some ‘deal’ sites in the hopes that one day I will find a great product that I cannot pass up!! It hasn’t happened yet but at least I’m on the right path for savings!

There are days when I get flooded with the emails from the deal sites and I thought I’d share the ones I am signed up for… I want to know—which are you using?  Am I out of the loop on one that you’d recommend?  I just found out about this one and so far—I LOVE the potential!!

Pick Your Plum (click the picture for the link)—basically you get a daily email with 1 hot deal and the examples I’ve seen have been pretty cool!!
Here’s the cute deal I got today-- $1.50 for Chalkboard Vinyl Sheets! 
chalkboard vinyl
I also get emails from Heartsy which gives you deals on Etsy sites
Groopdealz that sends you daily boutique deals, Groupon sends you deals in your city or surrounding areas.  Zulily is one that sends deals for mom’s, babies and kids. 

Are you signed up for these?? Which ones am I missing out on!??

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Anonymous said...

I signed up for One Kings Lane, but that's the only one I've used. I feel like everytime I see something you have to sign up for something and that frustrates me! But do you like the ones you are on?

Connie said...

I must be signed up for about 10 of them but I NEVER use them. I need to unsubscribe.

Krista said...

I love window shopping at Zullily but I've yet to take the plunge to buy anything from their site. The other one I'm signed up for that you don't have on your list is LivingSocial. It's a lot like Groupon - deals in your local area.

becca said...

emails are fun to get

Jessica said...

Even though the city I live in is pretty large we can't get Groupon here. There is another that I've tried signing up for (Social Living ??) but it's not available either. The only emails I'm subscribed to like this are my local grocery store & wal-mart LOL.

Bridget said...

I subscribed to Zullily but it makes me insane getting their emails every single day and I'm probably never going to buy anything from there. I plan to unsubscribe. In my case, it would be a better benefit for me to subscribe to the local Walmart and grocery stores, and LivingSocial and groupon. Now that I've heard about them, I'm going to check them out to see if they would be something that I would actually use.

Mango Chutney said...

Emails make me feel important, I check them obsessively ;)

Impulsive Addict said...

Wow! That's a really good deal. I need to add the etsy one but I only get Zulily and I rarely even look at it. So sad. I also get emails from my favorite stores but I usually delete those too without looking. It's just tempting me to spend money on me or Emma and I need to be thinking about others. Somehow, when I'm looking online, I'm only thinking about her and myself. Apparently, I'm SELFISH. =)

Liberty said...

I'm waaayyy out of the loop b/c I'm not signed up for ANY of those!! I love checking my inbox as well. I get super excited with my phone chimes that I have a new email. :))

In my constant struggle to get/stay organized, I subscribe to FLYlady. She sends you jobs (in your home) to do throughout the day and encouraging stories as well. I know I can always count on her to fill up my in box!

Emmy said...

I have only heard and use groupon of the ones you want listed. Oh I hope it isn't too late for that chalkboard vinyl sheets!! I have several project I need that for.

Anonymous said...

These sites could be dangerous for me. I think I'd end up buying stuff I didn't need just because it was a good deal! :o) So I'm not signed up for any. But I'm going to check out the Heartsy one. I'm trying to order most of my Christmas gifts from Etsy this year, so maybe that'll be helpful!