Ready or Not!

Today was like any other Friday….. My day begins bright and early as I fire up my computer and log in to my work life.  I work from home on Fridays because I go to the Doctor for 2 appointments in the middle of the day, so it just makes sense to work from home due to distance of work and all. 

I went in today for my BPP (ultrasound) and NST (stress test) and came away with some new information.  Apparently my fluid levels have gone down;  the amniotic fluid to be exact.  I am not 100% what this means but the sonographer told me not to panic.  We looked at my levels last week and my fluid level measured at 12cm and this week I’m down to 8cm.  She said that 8cm is normal, however losing 4cm in 1 week was not what they would normally want to see.  She said she was going to notify the on-call Doctor.

“Do not panic.”  <--- Do you realize these words are impossible!  That’s like telling a child that you are throwing a party and telling them, “Don’t get excited”.

The Doctor came and chatted with me and said that this could be a result of low water in-take, but if you know me… that just can’t be possible because I can easily put away 6-8 bottles of water in a day.  So, we’re kickin it up a notch.  She said this could also be a sign that my placenta is just giving out.  So, to find out for sure, we are going to check into the hospital tomorrow and check the levels again.  If we are any lower, especially 6 or even a 5, it will result in an early deliver of our sweet baby girl. 

I have had a feeling all along that she was not going to probably want to stick around for a full 39 weeks in there and I’ve been having contractions daily which is different than my 2 previous pregnancies. 

We’ll find out more tomorrow… sortof nervous—but I’m not panicking!

So, I have been meaning to post pictures of Rayne’s nursery and figured now is as good of a time as any! 
IMG_0093 IMG_0094 IMG_0095 IMG_0098IMG_0108IMG_0096  IMG_0100  IMG_0102 IMG_0103 IMG_0105IMG_0101  IMG_0107 IMG_0106
Guess we’ll see pretty soon whether Rayne can hold on to her due date or if she’s planning an early arrival!

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Bridget said...

Saying prayers and her nursery is gorgeous!! :)

Cherished Bliss said...

OMG you did such a great job : ) I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Umm... I'm not ready for you to have her yet, I haven't made her little present or anything!! Drink some water girl! lol. But if for any reason you do go into labor I would like to know ; )

Augmented Gem said...

Your nursery is amazing! My Boo even thinks so, he cam into my office while reading your blog and he said wow, that's pretty (or something like that - which he never says ;) Great job Mamma!

sarajo said...

Hoping all is well. No matter what happens. Birth, no matter how "normal" it is, is a scary thing. I was still nervous having number 5. But you are in good hands, and everything wil work out just how it should!

What a beautiful nursery! Can't wait to see pictures of the lil' one that gets to sleep in the crib. So pretty!

Anonymous said...

Wow, ya'll did a fabulous job with her room!! It is really gorgeous. She's gonna have a great place to come home too, when she decides she's ready! I'm praying for you, dear!

Impulsive Addict said...

Ahhhhh!!! Well, let us know when you have her! That's so exciting! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her room!!! It's so girly and pretty! I really want to see the rest of your house so can you give us a tour? I bet it's adorable. And since you're about to give birth soon, maybe you could do it tomorrow? Kthanks. =)

Emmy said...

Love love her room! Love the blocks with her name. Love the flowers- so cute! I hope everything is okay.

Brittney said...

wish you all the best hun!
Her nursery is absolutely gorgeous!

becca said...

what a beautiful room and my little one came earliy to because they found i had no fluid at all 3 days of labor and a C-section later little man came into this world. now he is 11yr old. man time flys

Connie said...

What a beautiful room!

I'm curious now...since it's Sunday, if you're had that lucky girl yet.

Praying for you....

Gauger Family said...

Poor thing! Sending you hugs and prayers! Hang in there!!

Amber said...

I love that room!!

Wouldn't it be funny if Rayne came out a boy???

Ok maybe that wouldn't be funny. Did I just stress you out a little bit? I didn't mean to, you can e-punch me in the shoulder if you want. :)

Glad she made it through the weekend!