No Sew Fabric Flower Headband Tutorial

Hello to all of you fabulous readers of Janette’s blog.  I am Liberty over at Liberty Original.  If you are like me, you are anxiously awaiting a post about sweet little Rayne Nicole.  From what I hear she is doing great!  While Janette takes a little more time to recover and focus on her family, I am going to teach you how to make this:

Headband Tut

I will forewarn you that I am a VERY visual learner and become easily confused with just written directions.  So, please humor me with my step by step pictures. :))


Headband Tut 1 Headband Tut 1.5

Supplies needed are as follows:

~ Polyester fabric

~ Felt

~ Ribbon (sheer works best)

~ Scissors

~ Lighter/candle

~ Fabric glue (Fabric Fusion is the ONLY fabric glue I will use… and I don’t even get a dime for saying that :))

~ Pearls, beads, crystals or whatever else you might like to embellish your flower

~ Hot glue gun

~ Stretchy headband

These are so easy peasy to make that you can knock this project out in 30 minutes or less.  The hardest part for me is the “designing” process of choosing colors, fabrics, embellishments, etc.

Freehand cut 3-5 circles of varying sizes for your flower out of the polyester material (I used 3 of fabric and 1 of netting).  It needs to be polyester so that you can heat seal the edges.  If you are into the frayed look though, burlap, cotton, and silk are all great choices.  You will also need to cut out 2 circles of felt that are slightly smaller than the largest circle of your flower.  You can see mine in the 2nd supply picture above.

Headband Tut 2

Grab your lighter and light a candle.  If you don’t have a candle, no worries!!  Using a candle saves my fingers from getting burned and also allows me more control over the manipulation of the fabric.  You can definitely accomplish the end result without one, however.

Gently pass the edges of the fabric over the flame.  You will notice that the edges begin to melt and darken a little.  At this point, the edges are sealed and the fabric will no longer fray.  You will also notice that the fabric will naturally “draw up” and the circle will actually look like a little flower petal.

Headband Tut 3

Complete this step for each of your circles.  If you are using netting or toule you do NOT have to heat seal them.

Headband Tut 4

Headband Tut 5

Now you are ready to glue your circles together, one on top of the next and largest to smallest.

Headband Tut 6

Time to grab your ribbon.  This will be the center of your flower.  I didn’t measure the length of it, but  I can tell you it was about 1 1/2 times the width of my largest circle.

Headband Tut 6.5

Headband Tut 7

Headband Tut 8

Hot glue works best here as it dries quicker than the fabric fusion. 

Headband Tut 10

See the netting that snuck in there??  I just felt like the flower needed a little more…  it’s all about letting your creative side shine!

Headband Tut 11

Time to attach the flower to the headband.

Headband Tut 12 Headband Tut 13

Headband Tut 14Headband Tut 15

Headband Tut 16 Headband Tut 17

SO, one felt circle needs to be hot glued to back side of your flower.  Then, hot glue the head band to the center of that felt circle.  Add even MORE hot glue to the felt on either side of the head band (not over it because you want it to be able to stretch).  Place the 2nd felt circle over the headband and press.  Allow everything to dry and:

Headband Tut 19


Wear it with your hair down…


or up…

Headband Tute

but wear it with sass!!

I know it’s cliché, but the only thing that limits you with this project is yourself.  I hope you enjoy making one as much as I did. 

One more thing, I would love, love, love to see your creations! So, pretty please take a picture and email it to me {} or email me the blog post if you blog it.   Either way, I can rave about what a stellar job you did. :))

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Connie said...

That is so cute!! And I'm just sassy enough to pull it off!

Cherished Bliss said...

Super cute! I wish I looked that cute in a headband! : )

Amazing Fabulous Wedding said...

So cute. Love it!1

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love it! Though it would probably take me at least 60 minutes--I'm not so crafty. And I never realized you could heat seal the edges of polyesters. Very helpful tutorial. :)

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elissa said...

what a fantastic project! I totally want to make that! So fun!