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I’m back on with the weekly Friend 2 Friend!! If you would like to be included in future match ups, please send me a message so I can get the questions over to you.  Pass the word around because we all want to meet new people, even me!!

JJ's Friend 2 Friend

I am excited to introduce you all to two cute gals who I thought were a great match up!! They’re both have such cute names:  Emmy & Stephy!  They’re adorable and I hope you love them too!!
Emmy v Stephy
How old are you?
Stephy: 23
Where do you live?
So Cal
Stephy:  Middle of Nowhere, aka Wyoming
Are you married?
Yep for 10 years!
Stephy:  Yes,  It’ll be 3 years in October.
Do you have children?
3 kids- Lucas 6, Alexandria 4, and Ryder 14 months
Stephy: No, but we want some so bad.
What is your job?
Mom and Part time Pro Photographer
Stephy:  Housewife!
When did you start blogging?
2 1/2 years ago literally days before we moved- good time huh?
Stephy: March of last year.. and then I stopped.  I really picked back up again May of this year.
How would you describe your blog?
Sometimes funny, sometimes sad but still full of hope but always real with lots of pretty pictures.
Stephy:  Random.  I don’t think I have a real style (craft, humor, recipes, etc.) I just write about what’s going on in my life.
Do you run your own business? Website?
Emmy:  I do, you can find me
HERE at my photography website!
Stephy: Nope
What comment annoys you the most?
The spam ones and those that obviously don’t even read your post and just say ‘follow me’
Stephy: Half hearted ones. The kind that you know they didn’t really read your post, or they don’t care what you have to say, they just want you to go to their blog.  I like sincerity & I always try to be sincere.
If you could give advice for a novice blogger, what would this be?
Do it for you.  If you start to get caught up in the numbers, the sponsors, etc.  you will at some point get burned out.  It is your blog! Make it what you want it to be.
Stephy: I have none to give.  I am a novice blogger!! I’d love all of YOUR advice!
Have you ever been apart of a blog swap? Success or Flop?
Yep!! Total success! I met a great blogger who I probably never would have otherwise!
Stephy:  No but I would LOVE to!
What makes you click to ‘follow’ a blog?
  If I laugh a lot after reading a post, if they are someone who has been coming to my blog a lot or if they enter my meme’s.
Stephy: The way someone writes & what they write about.
What is the biggest turn off about a blog?
Really bitter/angry or lots of bad language
Stephy: I hate when music starts right away.  Have music if you want, but let me decide if I want to push “play”.
What’s your favorite blog topic to write about?
Funny things that happen, whether it be to me or my kids
Stephy:  Anything! I just write about whatever is going on in my life on that particular day.  Although I do LOVE link ups!

EmmyMom Simply Stephy

Thanks gals!! Always great to get to know you a little better!!
Please stop by and show them some love!! These could be your newest Blog BFF!!

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The Munchkins Mama said...

I'd love to be featured sometime! This idea is great as is your blog!


Stephy said...

Hey, that's me =) Thank for hosting this Janette, you are awesome! Really!

Jill said...

Woo Hoo Stephy!!! I already follow her blog - and love it! So I will definitely have to go check out Emmy now too :) Thanks for antoher great Friend 2 Friend, Janette! :)

Impulsive Addict said...

I know I read Emmy and I think I've been to Stephy's page too. I'll go check her out again just to be sure! Great answers and a great match up, J! GOOD JOB!

Hope you're feeling well. Baby will be here soon. NO MORE FALLS PLEASE.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Nice to meet these ladies! I would love to learn photography. I'm hoping to in the next year or two. And living in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming sounds magical to me, though maybe the reality of it would not be the same. I might miss my convenient life!

Emmy said...

Thanks!! I didn't know Stephy before today- so great match as I get to meet someone new.

sarajo said...

This is awesome! LOVE the idea! Totally, you can hit me up for this! :D

Emmy - already a fan!

Stephy - can't wait to hop on over to your blog and check ya out! :D

Cherished Bliss said...

I love reading these every week!! : )

Anonymous said...

Another good one!!! I hadn't seen either of these blogs yet!!

Although, I do kind of miss the graph. It was much easier to see whose answers were whose. Too bad it had to turn out so fuzzy!!! :o(

Amber said...

Stephy is great! Glad she got some spotlight on her blog!

I'm off to visit Emmy!

Anonymous said...

I love this because it's a fab way to find new blogs to stalk!