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I am slowly getting used to my new routine….sleep, feed, change, entertain, repeat and have had my hands full with Rayne and also getting Ryan’s birthday party completed this past weekend! I have called on a few fellow blog friends to keep you entertained and will be back later this week for a Rayne summary & Ryan’s birthday party wrap up!  I know, you are on the edge of your seat!
Please enjoy my dear friend Ashley (thanks girl!)…….
Hey Everyone! I'm Ashley over at

I am so excited to be guest posting over here at Janette's blog! She was one of my very FIRST blogging friends and sometimes I'm pretty sure we were sisters somewhere along the lines, or at the very least related! We all know she brought home that beautiful baby girl Rayne this past week so I'm helping to fill the gap.

Janette asked me to share a tutorial and well I was kinda drawing a blank.. I feel a bit of crafters block lately so I thought I would share with you how I write a tutorial for my blog. I finally came up with a little short and easy tutorial so I can demonstrate my tutorial writing skills random outbursts of my crazy thought process!

So let's get started. I'm going to share with you HOW I write it in red, then I am going to write one for you (providing an example) following each step in purple!

(ok, I might use words like always and imply that there is a certain way I always do things, but let's be honest I have two little kids screaming at my ankles and pulling on my arms while I type so sometimes its a miracle if what I actually get on my blog is in English... but if I had it my way this is how I would actually do it every time!)


I always write a little intro to whatever it is I am showing you. Sometimes this paragraph is long, sometimes it's short... really depends on what you are about to write. For this project it will be short because it's not a project in whole, but more a way to do something for whatever craft you want to incorporate it into!

I keep running across all these awesome ideas using silhouettes of your children, or the whole family for that matter. I have a Christmas craft I will be doing soon which involves printing silhouettes on fabric, so today I am going to show you how get your kiddos faces on fabric! It may sound difficult, but printing on fabric is SUPER DUPER easy!

Ok, on to the second step. After my little intro paragraph I like to show a completed picture of what it is I am showing you how to make. I do this for two reasons.
1. It is the picture that most people see as thumbnails in blogger, or on the top of your post when people use things like google reader.
2. If someone clicks on your picture from a link party (little bitty thumbnail) chances are they want to see it up close and full size. If they have to scroll all the way to the bottom chances are they will close out your blog before they even read it. This is NO GOOD for them or you! You lose that reader and they miss out on your awesome tutorial!
So basically it allows people to see what the heck it is your talking about!

Now, it's time to give everyone a supply list, what they need to make this project. If it's something weird that not everyone might know what it is, I like to give little clues as to what store they can find it at. I usually do it in a list form and sometimes I show a picture of all my supplies if I remember to take it! Doing that would require though that you have all your supplies when you start and don't have to stop in the middle and run to the nearest fabric store!

- At least 8.5 x 11 pieces of a light colored solid fabric
- Freezer paper
-Iron and ironing board
-printer (I'm told you need ink jet, but I have a laser printer and it works for me without any problems... but I can't tell you to use a laser printer because I would hate to be responsible for your husband saying "you put WHAT in the printer?!?!" so use laser printers at your own risk : )
-my tutorial on how to make a digital silhouette HERE (this is what you will be printing on the fabric)

 Next is the fun part, you write your tutorial. All of this purely depends on what you are making. I try to take a picture of every single step I do and describe it to the best of my ability as if I was showing someone who never crafted before what in the world I was doing in my picture! This is usually the most time consuming part. I don't ever write down my steps during the process, I just look at the pictures and remember what I did... problem with that - my memory sucks. But I usually get through it and if I took time to write it down during I would never ever finish anyways : ) 

You will need to make the silhouettes of your children or whoever you are doing this for following my TUTORIAL for digital silhouettes. Once you make these you need to save them as PNG files, not jpg.

Insert the photos into microsoft word and size it up the way you want. You can also add text at this time if you wish to have any. Save your final project once it is the way you want it to be printed on the fabric.

Now we are going to prepare our fabric to be printed on. If you've never used freezer paper to send things through the printer this is where it might sound a little odd to you. But it works and it is awesome! You are going to cut out a piece of the freezer paper measured exactly 8.5" x 11".

Now you are going to take your fabric and put the 'right' side down or the "pretty side" then place the freezer paper you cut and put it shiny side down onto the 'wrong' side of your fabric.

Take your iron and iron the paper, this will adhere the freezer paper to the back of your fabric. It won't be super sticky or anything but it shouldn't fall off! (If for some reason it won't adhere correctly try ironing the fabric before laying the freezer paper on the fabric, using steam).

Now cut out your fabric around the edge of your freezer paper giving you an 8.5" x 11" piece of fabric and freezer paper.

Now it's time for the fun part! Bring up the picture you are going to print on your fabric.
You are going to put your fabric attached to freezer paper in your printer just as though it is a piece of paper. If you have a manual feed slot, this is easiest! please don't do this if you are scared of messing up your printer. I really don't want to feel guilty and you to have a broken printer... but people do do this all the time... your choice : )

Once the fabric is in place, hit PRINT. Watch it go through and then you will have your adorable children's silhouettes printed on fabric and you can do with it what you please! : ) 

Obviously you can print anything, not just silhouettes, you just get to skip the step of making the silhouette!

-FIFTH and FINAL Tutorial writing step-
Once you are done with all your steps, show a few more pictures or your final project and write up a little summary for your readers. And that is it. Just one little tip in tutorial writing... try to link back to a lot of your own posts... this really encourages people to navigate through your site. Refer back to a post where you talked about what your making. If you can't it's ok.. everyone will still love it!

So now that you have your silhouette printed on your fabric you can do whatever you like with it, you'll have to check back to my BLOG to see what I'll be doing with mine : ) : ) : ) All I can tell you is it has a little something to do with decoupaging, Christmas, and it's not an ornament... WHAT?! I know... you want to know right? Luckily, I LOVE Christmas and will be doing this way before people have even thought about putting away their fall decorations!


I had so much fun over here at Janette's blog! I can't wait to see a giant post of hers with Ryan's birthday & Rayne's coming home ahhh! I am so excited!

If you enjoyed my tutorial I would LOVE for you to stop by and see some of my other tutorials.
If you are a crafty person yourself, or if you cook a lot, or do basically anything else us women would like to know about I host a weekly link party for you to share those posts! It is Craft and Tell every Tuesday! It's heaps of fun, plus you get to see a ton of other creative women's projects! : )

Thanks for having me over Janette!

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Impulsive Addict said...

That is so cool! I remember doing those silhouettes in Kinder. I love that you just showed us how to do our own at home! =)

Hiiiii Janette! Hope you're feeling well!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Great tutorial! It was interesting seeing how you planned it out. That is not my strength! And I've never seen this craft before, but I love the idea. I'm curious to see what you'll be doing with it.

Ali said...

Hope you are enjoying the time with your little one. Loved the guest post today very good tutorial!

Liberty said...

Thanks for sharing all of that yummy info, Ashley!! I will definitely check in on your blog to check out your final project.

{{{{hugs}}}} Janette!!!! Miss you girl

Emmy said...

Very good tips! Thanks!!