Wild Dreams

I have no idea where my imagination came from.. to some extent we all tend to over think things and let our minds get carried away right?

I think my imagination gets the best of me sometimes and takes advantage when I am pregnant because my dreams are crazier than ever. 

Let me just state for the record.  I am a SCARDIE CAT!  I turn my head or cover my eyes if I see a scary movie trailer on a commercial because something that simple can get my mind going and give me nightmares.

Does anyone else find it funny that when you wake up and tell someone the story of your “nightmare”, the other person always makes it seem like it was the most ridiculous thing they have ever heard?  Or worse, when you tell the story of this TERRIBLE nightmare that nearly made you pee your pants that it sounds stupid to you too?  Happens to me all the time.

So, I just finished reading a friends blog post HERE where she talks about a potential ghost in her house which I sure hope ghosts aren’t real but I was so mad at myself for reading it because I just know I’m going to have a crazy dream tonight that I’m being attacked by a ghost.  Its my imagination! I can’t help it.

The other day, I was reading Emmy’s Blog post HERE where she told a story of how she was robbed in college and while it was a tragic situation, it was also a lil’ funny how she described it.  Wouldn’t you know it.  I went to bed that night. 

I dreamt……

I was home and the kids were upstairs sleeping.  I have no idea where Erik was but I was alone and walked into my office where the doors shut behind me.  The doors are French doors with windows, so I went to go reopen them and they were LOCKED (typical right?).  As I was jacking with the easy to open doors and questioning how the heck they could be locked, I look up and see this man fly through our garage door, walking very fast with a bag in one hand and a gun in the other and he flies over the banister of my stairs like a super hero and starts heading up the stairs!  I am still locked behind these damn doors and freaking out!  I was thinking in my mind that we have a gun safe that I have no idea how to open and even if I did, I wouldn’t know how to fire the gun anyway and ‘WHAT IS HE DOING UP THERE!”

I woke up because I had to pee and nearly change my clothes because I was SWEATING with fear from this panic dream I just had.  My mind is now WIDE AWAKE and I crawled back in bed listening for every single noise in the house and getting as close as I possibly could to Erik in the bed for protection even though he was letting out puffs of air some might call a mild snore.  I also hear my dog who is a 9yr old Golden Retriever letting out a similar sound with random muffled barks as she chased something in her dreams.  <clearly, neither Erik or Mackie are in any shape to protect right now>

When we all woke up…. I couldn’t wait to tell Erik about this HORRIBLE DREAM I had and how SCARED I was!!  I told him.  He giggled softly and shook his head.  Yeah, it doesn’t sound scary, but if you were there—you’d be scared too!

I think to some degree I am still a lil’ scared even though I know its a dream.. Darn imagination!

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Anonymous said...

And this crazy, wild imagination is what makes you such a great writer!! :o) Do you ever get recurring nightmares? In my recurring nightmare, my teeth are always falling out. And I feel this extreme embarrassment b/c as they are falling out, people are noticing. We should get our dreams analyzed!!! :o)

Impulsive Addict said...

I'm jealous that you can remember your dreams. I know I have them but I rarely remember them. It's very sad. I bet I'm missing out on good potential blog posts like this one.

Do you believe in ghosts? I'm not sure that I do until I see one.

I HAVE woke up in a panic before and drenched in sweat so it must have been a scary one!

Anonymous said...

Ugh.. I hate dreams like that. You know it was a dream but it seemed so real!

When I was preggo, I had crazy sex dreams! UGH ;)

Connie Weiss said...

I'm a scardi-cat too!

And I see dead people. Spirits.

So I can not watch movies or TV shows about ghosts or spirits because it freaks me out.

Emmy said...

Pregnancy definitely makes dreams worse. Sorry my post helped lead to that dream :(. I am usually not too scared- unless Eric is out of town- then everything is scary. Though I don't like watching scary movies anymore- I used to love them but they bother me now.

Jessica said...

I always have dreams about whatever has been going on in my life lately. Sometimes I go through fazes where I have very vivid dreams about stuff and I can't remember if it was real or a dream LOL.

I don't really have scary dreams much though. Sometimes I feel like I could write sci-fi novels based on my dreams but that's about it.

BTW, we have a ghost that lives on our property ... sometimes he's at our house, sometimes he's at my in-laws ... his name is Cowboy Gary Don. He's never bothered us so don't be scared of ghosts :)

Rachel said...

I am the same way! I can still scare myself if I think of dreams I had as a child. I have always had vivid scary dreams.

Dazee Dreamer said...

this is definitely the week for crazy wild dreams. and I promise , I would never laugh at your dreams. I understand

Stacie said...

I hate when I wake up from a dream that isn't finished, like a cliffhanger, I want to know what happens and what does it mean!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I don't get scary dreams very often, but when I do I usually can't sleep! They seem so real. Though I'm more likely to get shaken over a creek in my house.

Date Girl said...

That is super scary and I would have freaked out too. It's the believable dreams that are the scariest, like burglars and the like. I used to have a terrible reoccurring nightmare about someone breaking into my house and I couldn't scream for help, I'd lost my voice and I was paralyzed by fear. HORRIBLE dream. Oh and my husband works nights so he's not often home when I do have nightmares, it's aw-FUl. Luckily they don't happen as often these days. Here's hoping you have better dreams soon!