Price Match!

I get very few moments to sit down and watch a tv show that isn't recorded where I have to sit and watch the commercials.  (thank goodness for DVR).. but occasionally I see a commercial from Wal-Mart where the check out lady is approached by a customer with an ad from another store and she points out the other store is selling it cheaper…

Echo’s from the whole store say.. “MATCH IT!”

price match

“Okay.. we can match it!” 

I’m not the best at couponing but if you can get another store to price match, then ROCK IT!  I love this!

I’m listening to the radio each morning on my way into work and I hear my local commercials between their bits and music.

One of them always strikes me...

There is a Dr. here who does Lasik.  I’ll call him Dr. B b/c he doesn’t need anymore plugs for referrals.  The ad says that he is the BEST Dr. in the DFW area who has done more Lasik surgeries than any other Dr. in the area and he’s voted #1, bla bla bla.  This month he is PRICE MATCHING any other Dr. out there!!  No one can under cut the best Dr. in Dallas!

At what point did we take the price matching to the medical field? 
Of course I would like the best Dr. in the area.
Of course I want the most experienced.

There’s always something that resides in the back of my mind and maybe I’m not thinking ~clearly~…. but I was always told that if you have to boast about yourself and tell people how good you are.. then you might not be _THAT_ good.  People will figure out on their own. 


A Dr. who does a great job will have patients who will do the referrals and plugs for them.. why take it to the extreme and say you will price match people with radio ads or roadside street signs? 

I am pretty sure I have a friend who used Dr. B mentioned above who would NOT agree that he was #1 in her book. 

I totally believe that Wal-Mart will match prices and it will benefit me, but I don’t think I would feel as warm and cozy if a Dr. was trying to get me to come to him in the same manner.  That’s just me.   I feel bad for the GREAT DOCTORS out there who are spending more time worrying about their current patients and making sure they are taken care of than worrying about how to get MORE people in the door to increase the # on the wall for bragging rights.

better than you

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Cherished Bliss said...

HAHA! So true. Would I feel better while he is cutting my eye open to know that I paid him as much as the non licensed freak in the ghetto who doesn't sterilize his equipment...nope I would not feel better about that purchase! Price matching should NOT be in the medical field!

Anonymous said...

Yikes!! That's pretty scary. He must be pretty desperate for business if he's having to advertise that way.

In my experience, word of mouth referrals are ALWAYS better advertising than highway signs/radio plugs/whatever. People who operate that way know they are good enough that their experience and satisfied customers can speak for themselves. They don't have to shell out mega-bucks for an advert.

Are you thinking of getting Lasik? I had it done 5 years ago. Best surgery ever. :o)

Impulsive Addict said...

That lovely Dr that you're referring to is creepy. And he herds people into a room and performs Lasik on them all at the same time. When M got his Lasik surgery last year, it was a completely different experience. Of course we got it here in Oklahoma but I would NEVER go to Dr. B! EVER!

And he was a jerk to my bestie.

Jessica said...

As far as doctors go, the really good ones don't have time to get more customers because they already have more than they can handle. The ones that are struggling and trying to get people in are either really new or really bad!

Love the pics! :)

Emmy said...

Totally 100% agree! A lot of the reason I haven't bought a groupon for the places that do laser hair removal

Rachel said...

Kind of reminds me of the King of Queens episode when Doug bought his wife eye surgery with a coupon buy one get one free..I would really be hesitant to use such a Dr!

Amber said...

Don't get me started on price matching at WalFart! My only experience with it involved Christmas time and me flipping off an employee...oops.

I find any doctor that advertises on the radio sketchy...

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

We learned this lesson the hard way. My husband used a coupon for a dentist to do his root canal. But he botched it. Several thousand dollars and lots of dental work later my husband now has a fake tooth to replace his terrible root canal.

Though I still hope to get lasik and will probably look for the "best doctor", with a discount. We're cheap. :)