Music, you’re letting me down!

I am one of those girls who used to dance in front of my mirror as a kid with headphones on, singing at the top of my lungs until my parents walked in to laugh at me…. yes, I am tone deaf, but I think I sound REALLY good! 

Music for me growing up was what I turned to when I wanted to lift my spirits or help me through a rough patch.  The time I was growing up in the late 80’s & 90’s were probably some of the best music days of my life!

My music love is from all genre’s from Journey, Chicago, Reo Speedwagon….. to George Strait, Doug Stone, Wynonna…. to Dave Matthews Band, Prince, Lady Gaga…. and even more crazy might be Yanni and Andrea Bocelli.  I could do a ton of posts on all of the other musicians out there that I love but this is just to name a few.
wynonna chicago dmb andrea

What I loved most about these artists was that they are ARTISTS!! Their music told a story!  I could relate to it…. I could tie the song to a person in my life and go so far as to “DEDICATE” it to them!! 
<who is willing to admit they stayed by the phone in middle/highschool to dial the radio station trying to get through to dedicate a song.. ah, the good ole’ days>

These are the songs you pine over, trying to pick the best one to play at your wedding to dance your first dance to! 

I must say that music these days has become such a let down!  Don’t get me wrong, I still tap my foot and sing along and even want to dance to some of them… but I sit in a cubical most days listening to the radio and am forced to listen to the same CRAP over and over again.  I can bust out my ipod, change the station… but really it boils down to the music is just CRAP!  I can’t relate to it at all.  It doesn’t remind me of a friend or a life situation.. its enhanced by technology and repetition.

For example (not dissin’ to offend)

John Mayer’s “Say What you need to say” song.  Did you know that he says “Say what you need to say” 40 (FORTY) times in the song?  Seriously dude, say it one more time and I’ll go crazy!  How long did it take him to write that.

Cee Lo Green’s song “F-You” is a little better when it comes to story telling but taking it a tad far and sure we’d like to tell someone that occasionally but gosh!! That’s the best you can come up with?

Brittany Spears song “Till the World Ends” is catchy and fun and then the 1030th time you’ve heard it, it starts to just sound like a bunch of WOAH OH OH OH OH OH WOAH OH OH OH..Baby Let Me Blow Your Mind Tonight! WOAH OH OH OH OH OH WOAH OH OH OH.  I don’t even know where her voice and the computer’s voice starts or ends. 

Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” is mainly being mentioned because it has probably only newly been on the radio for the past few weeks but I hear it probably every hour on the hour if not faster and because it is over played, I’ve decided the song is just flat out awful. 

I just miss the good ole’ song writing and artists who I can relate to… not the one hit wonders who have become the icons for my kids to grow up with and remembering. 

josh zac brown adele jason 

What do you think about music today?  Please tell me I’m not alone here.  I feel almost like saying that Country music is the only place I feel like I can turn where I still can get some authentic, artistic and genuine music with real instruments and singing and story telling! Its either that, or dig up my CD collection to remember what it was like in the good ole’ days!

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Jessica said...

I totally agree with you. Some of the songs nowadays are just stupid. I HATE HATE HATE with a passion that F*You song. Hate it! It gets stuck in my head though (trying hard not to sing it in my head now).

I usually listen to Country or Hard Rock. I do listen to some pop, and I love my 90s station. I like songs that tell a story too. Almost every song that I love I can relate it to a person, feeling, or a time in my life.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I hate listening to the radio because I hate hearing the same crap over and over and over. I have slowly getting back into country music.

Connie Weiss said...

I spent YEARS sitting in front of my stereo, on the phone with K99 dedicating songs to guys that didn't have a clue who I was!

I was queen of the mixed tape and now I make playlists that go long with emotions I'm having.

My favorite is one called PISSED!

Music is defiantly different's not about the story.

Krista said...

Haha! You crack me up!

I was reading this thinking that when I comment I was going to recommend some new artists that I love that are true artists. But, as I got here I can't really come up with anyone new. I'm with you in that I like someone who comes up with their music, lyrics, everything.

When I looked at my song list I've got a lot of older stuff. I'll admit that John Mayer is among the list, but you'll forgive me for that. Sarah McLachlan, The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Massive Attack, NIN, Incubus, Dixie Chicks, Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw...

So, yeah, not a lot of new stuff I guess that is quality stuff.

Bridget said...

I agree with you. Music has been such a big part of my life for all of my life, that songs like the f-you song just suck. I loved driving down the road cranking up the music in my Chevy Spectrum. I was awesome...heehee!

Now they play those songs on my radio station on Flashback Fridays and it drives my son it!

Dani said...

Omg I know exactly what you mean!! BUT I have found a light in the tunnel of bad music. Christina Perri's album Lovestrong is amazing!! I can totally relate to every song that she sings on that album. She is an amazing artist!! I make all my friends listen to her because I love her so much. The song Distance is how I feel about me and my boyfriend right now. If you have not listened to her, you really should. All the songs are great but Arms and Distance are my favorites.

Ashley Slater said...

This post made me laugh a lot because I am right there with ya! Although I really don't care for country music... most of the stuff I listen to is considered "indie" and most people haven't heard of it!

following your adorable blog now!

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Jodie said...

I was all about Pumped Up Kicks song when it first came out!! And, I agree its on the radio back to back now!! I hate how they can make you hate a song so much!! If I have to hear Britney Spears... I wanna go, one more time... I might screeeem! :P hands down one of my favorite bands!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

honestly, I agree with you. these "newbies" say the same thing, over and over, and over, and over. The oldies were shorter songs but they didn't keep repeating the same stuff. well except maybe

Amber said...

2 things off the bat:

1) Pumped Up Kicks played on my way home from the gym - of course I thought of you

2) "Current Music" was a Jeopardy category tonight


I miss the days when pirating music was legal, you know...when you would listen to the radio for hours with a blank tape in your boombox and your finger on the record and play button just to get that ONE song. Now if you do something like that you get more jail time than a Cuban drug lord.

Oh and John Mayer is just terrible, he shouldn't have even been mentioned in a music post!!


Emmy said...

As I was reading this I kept thinking, you just need to listen to country- so yep- totally agree.
And I may have tried to dedicate a few songs- even got through once with a friend-at 2:30 in the morning.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

So funny and true! Ya, I have a hard time listening to the radio very much. I love country too...most of it.

My friend and I used to stay up late to call in our "love lines". Then they'd play them all around 10:30pm. Those were the days. :)

Date Girl said...

I couldn't agree more. Music is really bad right now. It's fine for dancing and all that, but there are very few songs I can relate to. There are some country songs that get me. I'm a big Brad Paisley fan. Almost all of his music is real and it's not overly repetitive.
John Meyer just needs to go away. He's so gross.
As for Britney, she has to be synthesized, she has no voice anymore. She SMOKES! You cannot smoke and be a singer.
I find myself listening to either country or oldies.

Ali said...

I could not agree more! I love music always have I use it like you do to lift my spirits to pump me up when I am working out and cleaning. I feel like I have to search high and low for new music that is good. I think part of the problem in the US is they play the same thing over and over until you are sick of it. In Germany they play alot US music well that is pretty much all they play but you hear a song one day you wont here it again for days. Plus they play a wide range of stuff.

Jill said...

I hear ya! It's definitely harder these days to find those *meaningful* songs, the ones that SPEAK to you...In the mess of over-produced pop (which, yes, I love, but probably won't remember in 10 years), it takes a little digging to find "the good stuff". It's still out there, but just not always on the radio dial.

Currently I'm going through an old Pearl Jam stage. I miss that music of my younger days!

dottie said...

I despise C-Lo and his dumb song. Ha, ha! My daughter hates it too (the radio version). She hates his voice. She's 7.

Although, I was fist pumping away last night at Katy Perry. I guess there's a place for the kinda of music. Definitely not your everyday, clean the house music. Not sure where I'm going with this so I'll just be done. LOL.

Totally get what your saying though.

Stephy said...

Amen sister! A lot of music just sucks lately. I have found that I can usually find good reliable stuff in my country music! I love country, but I know it's not for everyone!

Kandice said...

i think you're right about music these days too. the repetitive lyrics and then, in-between all that, there are the lyrics that really don't make any sense.

i grew up listening to what my parents listen to, country, and have since fallen in love with it. it's not my favorite to listen to but it's the story telling! like you said. jason aldean is good but just thinking about garth brooks. . . . hahaha he's talented.

i listen to indie and more alternative stuff and it really "gets me" haha or whatever. not all of it but most of it that isn't as mainstream. not so much jumble and nonsense like pop and hip hop.

loving your blog already :)

Camie Rae said...

Ha ha oh how are we not friends?! First of all, me and DMB are together forever. Secondly, how many times did I call in a request or dedication to the radio station just wanting to hear a song! I would sit on the phone for HOURS!!! Ha ha oh man. And I agree with you! Really, most music sucks noodles these days. And John Meyer need to go away and never some back.