Lazy in Love

Raise your hand if you lazy in love!?

raising hand
Yep, that’s me, raising my hand.  Why ‘Lazy in Love’? 

Let me walk you through a typical week in fast forward for me and Erik.


5:45AM Rush to get ready for work
get the kids up and dressed/fed. 
work from 8-5 and get home by 6ish just in time to get dinner ready, baths and both kids down by 8 and 9 respectively and barely have a heartbeat to make it through any recorded shows or the news before the new day begins again.

Friday nights, Saturday nights are just a breath of fresh air to not have to do anything.  If we are lucky, the kids will not even need a bath and we get to attempt to stay awake a little later since we can sleep in till about 7ish.   These days are usually filled with all the things we never had time to do during the week… including yard work, running any errands and a birthday party for 1 or both kids somewhere in the mix.

At some point, you start to notice this schedule makes you VERY lazy and TIRED.  Any free time is a blessing and starring at the walls is pretty exciting after a full week and weekend!   
What about Me time, You time, Us time?! 

I think Erik and I have gotten so used to this lifestyle that we find that anymore more would be a LOT OF WORK!

We are home bodies.  We enjoy sticking close to the house if/when possible.  Going on a date is EXTREMELY rare for us, in fact I think we have been on maybe 2 in this year and one of them doesn’t really count. 

I was using some spare time on my favorite site
Pinterest and found a cute idea for preplanning dates and I thought it was a fabulous idea!  A date a month preplanned and mostly if not completely paid for already… (click the picture to go to the site)

date a month

  I have also found a few bloggers out there who have written on a similar topic of dating your husband and taking on the challenge of making it a #1 priority! 

We have exactly 56 days which breaks down to 8 weeks before Rayne arrives.  I am up for the challenge of getting some dates with my hubs before we are really too pooped to pop! 

pooped pups

Any suggestions!?

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Jessica said...

I know how you feel ... well kinda. I don't have little people running around (unless you count Lexi, she is people) to keep me busy on top of the dinner, laundry, cleaning, etc. I'm definately not taking our weekends for granted though and enjoying whatever time we have alone before we bring kids in to the picture!!

Good for you for making the effort to put your marriage and relationship first. I think it will make for a happier mommy & daddy!!

McKenzie said...

I am definitely going to have to check that website out! That's great you guys are making time for each other =]

Emmy said...

Yes, go while you can it is much more difficult after the baby is born. Though they are so transportable at first that you can still go :) We have gone mini-golfing, bowling, to dinner and movies. I always like the non-movie dates better as we can actually talk.
And you can always go out after the kids are in bed if you are worried about how they will do for a baby sitter.

Connie Weiss said...

We don't have a we don't *date*.

We do have a standing date for watching a movie on Friday nights and take turns picking what to watch.

We both love movies so it really works for us.

Daisy said...

I am a homebody too! That's great that you're thinking of ways to do it. Something I have heard is going out to dinner every Friday. Call it your date night! That might be too much for you though.

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

Isn't that funny!? When I worked full time I wouldn't go anywhere on the weekends...unfortunately the weekends was our only time to clean the house and grocery shop. Now that I stay at home, I've never gone out so much since I've been married. And we have less money. I totally understand I've been there. I still get lazy, but when your home all the time you want to get out!

Liberty said...

I am SOOOO right there with you, girl. It's so hard to make time for each other... We watch a movie most Friday nights after we get the kids to bed. Not too exciting, but it usually costs over $100 to see a movie at the theater by the time we pay for a sitter. Sometimes I fall asleep in the middle though... I figure at least I tried, right?

Date Girl said...

We don't have babies but with Match's busy schedule sometimes the nicest thing for us is to just laze around the house together. Snuggle up and watch some shows and do nothing. We're home bodies too and we love it

But we do have date nights and we try to do one fun thing at least every two weeks. Even if it's just going to a cheap dinner out, or getting in the car and driving to a new spot to sight see.

I know with kids it probably gets a lot harder. I would suggest even just turning off the tv and having a drink together, as if you're out at a restaurant. Make some fancy snacks or pick some up at the store and pretend. Good luck and I think just the thought alone is awesome. Your relationship with your husband should be nurtured and I think it's so awesome that you want to do that.

Jenna said...

I'm right there with you and I've only got the one kiddo. We have a hard time finding a sitter tho.I think Monkeys rep has precceded him. LOL

Amber said...

Obviously I'm not married, but I think "date nights" are important, just like "me time" is important.

Good job getting yourself organized and giving yourself a little challenge!!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

We're homebodies a lot too or my husband will take my older kids somewhere and I'll stay home with our 1-year-old.

Our best dates are the ones where we reconnect as friends. We went to dinner and a nick arcade last year. It was not the most romantic but a great date because we were able to just laugh with each other and have fun.

Krista said...

I rarely even try to think of date nights. Chris is usually the one who winds up organizing it. But during nap time on the weekends or after bedtime on the weekends when we can stay up late we will sometimes watch a movie together, or play a board game. We play A LOT of board games together.

Another suggestion is to have one other family couple come over with their kiddos so the kids can play together and the adults can cook out on the grill, have some glasses of wine and enjoy the company. Having two sets of parents there to watch the kids will help you feel like you occasional get a break from always watching the kids. And then, don't be afraid of some PDA! It's good for the kids to see their parents don't mind holding hands, or kissing each other in public, or gently rubbing each others neck, ect.

Daisy said...

I think I fixed it now. Let me know if it works :)

Jill said...

Ohhhh this is gonna sound bad, but I WANT to be "Lazy in Love"!! The thoughts of dating tires me out. I want to skip that part and jump right to the "lie on the couch and watch movies" part, followed closely by "go to bed early because the kids will be up early" part. *sigh* I envy you married people... ;)

Impulsive Addict said...

No date nights?? Shut your face!!! Girl, I need date nights!! But we are home bodies too even though I've only had one weekend at home since April 9th. Summer is crazy! I'm hoping Sept will settle down.

Go grab dinner and a movie. That's my favorite kind of date night!

Shawn said...

I still love to go on a date with my hubby, it's been 24 years (18 married) and we still enjoy one an-others company.

I never understood my Nannie when she would say keep your marriage number 1 and your kids number 2, because when your kids and you've let your marriage fail you'll be all alone. Such wise words!

Dating is so important.

Anonymous said...

Oh... we are hermits too.

We like to give the kiddos a trip to the grandparents and stay home. It's a win, win!!-- stay home and have some alone time with the husband of choice. hee hee

Cherished Bliss said...

It is so difficult to get out on a date with kids! And when you do unload your kids on someone else for a night : ) you're usually too tired to do anything except sit there! I wish we were more inventive.... our date nights usually end up at the movies.