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Its that time in my pregnancy when I think my ‘nesting’ has started.  I think this period of time is different for everyone but I’ll show you what I’m doing with my nest!

Update:  Rayne Nicole will be arriving October 3rd officially (unless I happen to go into labor on my own before hand).  YAY!! Such a relief to know when things are going to happen!  Mark your calendars!

Ryan:  There isn’t much to do for Ryan’s room in the house.  He has an NFL theme going on, but the latest with him is that I’ve pegged the date/time/place for his 4th Birthday party which is a relief because it is exactly 9 days before Rayne arrives.  Super Hero theme!  So, until the big celebration, we’re doing everything possible to keep Ryan busy.  Movies, play dates, games, you name it!

Ryans pics

Reese:  This is pretty fun because Reese is getting promoted to her big girl room a little sooner than expected due to her baby sister coming.  Her room is a work in progress but furniture has been selected and a theme has been started!  Sneak peak (a full post on her room to come later)…

IMG_9653Reese pics

Rayne: Luckily we already have furniture for her which is handed down from her brother and sister, so changing up the bedding and some wall decor is really all that is needed.. I am ALL about personalizing, so here is a sneak peek at some wall art for her room.

Rayne Decal

And for our play room which has been up in the air for a while with little additions here and there…. I’ve signed the hubs up to help (or do most of it) and its finally done!!
For tutorial purposes, I’ll show ya the tools we he used to make this fabulous area which was an idea I saw on pinterest.  I actually saw a few different versions, so when I showed them to Erik, he came up with this one…..

First you’ll need some of these items from home depot and an office supply store:


Secondly, you’ll need a handy man like mine who is willing to drill holes and stuff for you…

Third.. find a great Etsy site to make some vinyl decals for you to spice up your space (highly recommend this gal… click the pic to go to her store):

Finally: Gather up some Art that your children have done and you end up with your wall of Art! IMG_9670
Ryan’s room done: CHECK
Reese’s room done: Almost Check
Rayne’s room done: Almost Check
playroom done: CHECK
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Rachel said...

I love wall decals I just cannot decide on which ones to buy for my apartment! I love your wall of art, that is an amazing idea really cute. October 3 is a fine day to have a baby! One of my nephews has his birthday that day and another the day before.

Cherished Bliss said...

oh my goodness no wonder shes on "human" food..12 teeth!! Addison is getting her molars, but still no front and bottom side teeth. Plus she apparently doesn't like food very much. She likes bread, potatoes, yogurt, and bananas... thats pretty much it. She won't even eat french fries...what kid won't eat french fries?!

The rooms are going to be adorable!! I can't wait to see it all : ) and for you to link up : ) *cough cough*

Erik did a great job in the play room! I love love love it : )

Dazee Dreamer said...

What a way cute idea for the kids masterpieces. I'm sending your link to my daughter

Jessica said...

You are a crafty nesting fool!! Go you! I love the playroom stuff! Such a cute way to display all of their artwork.

I can't wait to see all the finished products. Especially the pink and zebra for Reese's room.

Your kids are so darn cute!!

Brittney said...

wow that is awesome!

Katie said...

The craft wall looks amazing!! I love it!!

Kristi Kelly said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I love all your ideas....You are so creative, I can't wait to see it all put together and little Rayne sleeping in the crib:) yay for Oct. 3rd!!!

Gauger Family said...

LOVE the wall! Where did you put it? Do you guys have a playroom/game room area? Super cute!!

Anonymous said...

It looks great, girl!!! Very cool idea! I love wall decals. We're going to be using them in Lexie's room if we can make it through this kitchen remodel. ;o)

October 3rd?!? Can't you just hang on 10 days longer? Then me and Rayne could share a birthday! :o)

Krista said...

I can't wait to see Reese's room all finished!

And that girl's teeth! I swear she's already lost all her baby teeth and has her full set of adult teeth by now! Ha!

Is Ryan really going to be 4? So big!

And the design for Rayne's room...well, you saw J's room at our house so you know I'd totally dig that style!

Ever since you pinned the art work board and then I repinned it I've been wanting to do the same. So I'm super jealy that you've got it up! Love it!

Anonymous said...

SUPA cute!!-- faces, kiddos and artwork.

Oct. 3rd-- got it!

Shawn said...

I LOVE it!

Jfam said...

That is such a great idea! So cute

Bridget said...

Love the playroom, it is awesome! Can't wait to see pictures of Reece's room. It looks like it's going to be really cute.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I LOVE your art display. That is one of the cutest I've seen. Now you need to put yours on Pinterest. I like October birthdays too.

Jodie said...

What a fun craft!! So cute!!

Emmy said...

Okay when I am on my computer and not just my iPad I am totally pinning this post! Love that idea! Can't wait to see how everything turns out

emon said...

I love the clouds and the monogram letter in the cirlce, as well as the hot air balloons. Okay I like them all!kids wall decals