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Many of you know that my husband is in the Army National Guard...(my hero!) and I also have a step-brother who is in the Army serving full time and just got back from serving in Afganistan.  I have always had an interest in the programs and benefits that are out there for the military and ran across Martinsburg Institute in my search! I thought I'd tell you a lil' bit about it.... 
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If you happen to be playing on the internet and make your way to the Military.com website and search for education, you will see Martinsburg Institute is listed as a recommended Institute since 2004 for Military servicemen and women to further their education on or offline while they are serving.  
It gets really boring in the down time for many military men and women and if you have the chance to get training anytime, then it might be worth it so that when you return to civilian life, you have even greater chances of tackling a new field or making improvements to the one you were already involved in!  
Martinsburg Institute participates in the Severely Injured Service Members Scholarship program to benefit Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Their Student Services department takes into account the specific needs of deployed personnel. Martinsburg Institute also participates in the MyCAA program to assist military spouses in gaining skills for portable careers.
Not too shabby if they are also looking out for the spouses too!! 
You can get an Associate of Science in BA degree or Integrated Technologies to name a few or get your certification in things like Information Technology or Medical Administration!  Pretty cool!
If you check out their website to get more information you will also find they have a link where it gives you a great list of places online to help you find a job as well as a guide to help you build your career!  It really means a lot to see places that are geared towards the military and helping them as they deserve so much for all they do!
Do you know someone who is serving?  I know most of my readers are women, so maybe you are a military spouse that wants more information!! I'd definitely check them out! 
For more information and help getting started contact Michael Johnson at 504.756.7676 or click onMartinsburg Institute Martinsburg Institute or http://www.martinsburginstitute.com.
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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

This sounds like a such a helpful program.

Anonymous said...

I've heard of this before. I think a friend of mine tried it while he was serving in the Navy. Not sure how far he got with it, though. I think it's pretty awesome that they extend this to spouses, too!