Friend 2 Friend

I’ve blogged about how there are times when I wish I could be anonymous as a writer on my blog so that I have more freedom.  This weeks Friend 2 Friend are two examples of the blogs that I love and adore because they can be FREE to say how they feel and be as quirky as they want to be and I thought they were a great match up. 

JJ's Friend 2 Friend

      These two fabulous bloggers are a perfect match and I think they have fun handle names… is that even a way to describe their blog names?

DG vs IA

Date Girl vs Impulsive Addict

The Date Girl Diaries Confessions from an Impulsive Addict

Stop by, tell em’ I sent ya and enjoy meeting some new friends!! If you want to be matched up in weeks to come, simply leave me a comment and I can send the questions to you.

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Anonymous said...

I love both of them! Awesome bloggers.

Stephy said...

I love both of their blogs! This match up is so fun! Thanks for doing it =) Everyone enjoys it.

Impulsive Addict said... featured me next to Date Girl! She's like my IRL friend that I haven't met yet...kinda like you! Thanks for featuring me! I feel famous and stuff. =)

One of my answers didn't make sense. I think I may have been drinking when I answered the questions. What's new?

Anonymous said...

Both of these girls are crazy funny and talented bloggers! I don't think I ever read a single post that doesn't make me laugh out loud. :o) Love 'em!

Date Girl said...

OMG I'm so excited that you featured me with my BFF IA! :-) You rock Janette! I feel so loved.

Jessica said...

Another great match up!!! I love getting to see how everyone is answering these questions this week.

I'm already a follower of IA but headed to Date Girl's site now! (Thought I was already a follower!)

Jill said...

Already a big fan of Impuslive Addict, and now I get to meet Date Girl! Excellent! Considering I write "The Single Girl Files", I'm hoping Date Girl has some tips for me. lol ;)

Emmy said...

Love Impulse addict- she really does just lay it out there :)

Bridget said...

Both of these girls are so much fun!

Connie Weiss said...

Love them both!!

Taryn said...

Such a great idea of yours to start this! Great match up :)