BPP- NST Memories

Yesterday marks my 34th week pregnant with our sweet baby girl Rayne.  I was thinking that we are 98.5% sure that this is our last baby for our family.  You never can say never, but nonetheless, I always said that I wanted to embrace every moment with the last and make sure I treasure it because well….. its the last. 
I haven’t posted as many pregnancy highlights as I did with Reese and I regret that, but thankfully there hasn’t been a whole lot to update from week to week.  Her room is still under construction and we still have about 5 weeks left to go…..
I wrote a post HERE when I was pregnant with Reese describing why my pregnancies are considered high risk.  The short version is because I have a blood disorder which makes me more likely to get blood clots than the average person which is very dangerous for a pregnant gal.  The disorders are called: Prothrombyn Factor II, MTHFR, and Factor V Leiden.  Basically this means that I get extra attention and care during my pregnancies and also take a daily injection in the stomach of Lovenox (24 hour acting blood thinner) and at 36 weeks they switch me over to Heprin (12 hour acting blood thinner). 

While the injections are no fun and the extra concern for a healthy baby is heightened, I also feel that this extra attention is a perk to see my baby more frequently than the average Mom.
At 32 weeks (2 weeks now) I’ve been going to the Doctor 2x a week.  I go in for a NST (Fetal Non-Stress Test) and BPP (biophysical profile).  I asked the gals I see each week to take a few pictures with me to have in my memories.  Its so important to me that I develop a relationship with these women who are taking such good care of me and most importantly my daughter!! These are also the same girls who have been with me for my previous pregnancies too!
(Taken with my iphone, so pardon the fuzz)
Me & Cheryl (sonographer)Me & Cheryl
Here is my BPP in effect… 
 ultrasound 2ultrasound 1
Next up is my NST

Dee Dee is my Dr’s nurse who always hooks me up.
Dee Dee & ME NST 2 NST 1
The machine on the left is measuring Rayne’s heart beat and contraction levels.  The straps on my belly coordinate to the machine, the top one is used for the contraction measure and the bottom is for the heartbeat. 
Just a few memories I never want to forget!
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Liberty said...

What amazing memories!! You are looking so fabulous, btw. It's always great to be able to see pictures of your little one, hear the heartbeat, and be reassured that they are growing well. :))

Krista said...

When you see people like that so often, I can totally understand why it's so important to have that close relationship with them.

Beautiful mommy you are (I think I'm channel Yoda today...judge do not me)!

Cherished Bliss said...

I can't wait to see her little face! PS I had NO idea your pregnancies were considered high risk! I loved my doctors nurse practitioner. I saw her more than my doctor (my doctor had just had twins about halfway through my pregnancy) I was so happy with my doctors. They are VERY important!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

You're looking great! And so close! I used to have to go in for those NSTs with my first baby. At the time, I thought they were a big hassle, BUT one time when I went in they actually discovered I was in early labor! Thankfully, they were finally able to stop it, though I was about 35 weeks so it probably would have been OK either way.

Emmy said...

How awesome to have those pictures- I never would have thought to take pictures with the nurses.

Amber said...

How nice of them to let you take pictures and stuff - that's great that you have a good relationship with them. You're right, that's super important.

You look like you're having WAY too much fun to be at a doctors office. :P

Jessica said...

A great relationship with your dr and especially nurses are important!! I don't have babies yet of course but when I was picking out my dr I wanted someone young so they wouldn't retire by the time I actually DID have a kid and I really had to get along with the dr and nurse!

It's great to see inside your dr visits and to get a peak at what goes on :). I hope everything continues to go smoothly!!