What happens to me?

Let me take you through a typical ‘Janette’ moment… ya ready?

Most of us spend quite a bit of time shuffling through our favorite blogs and Pinterest and websites with great ‘how to tips’ and crafty ideas.. and if you are like me… you get EXCITED…. you find a cool new idea and set your mind to making it! 

I have gone nuts on Pinterest looking for craft ideas and people like Viv over at The V-Spot blogs about great crafts she has recently made… lets not forget that I am totally overwhelmed and inspired with thoughts when I check out sites like The Idea Room or How Does She?

So, I find some time during a lunch break at work or on the weekend as I whisk away at least 1 child..
I’m lucky if I can do this all by myself! I am going down every aisle of Michael’s and Hobby Lobby in my head as I am driving there!! I am also trying to come up with apologies and excuses to return home with along with my MEGA bags of goods to explain to Erik as to why I spent so much money on crafts.

The moment….
I pull up, get out of the car… sweat to make it to the door ( I chose to go to the store during the peek 100+ degree time of day) and get Ryan or Reese situated in the TEENIE, TINY little cart where they barely leave room for a human to sit, no matter what size you are… don’t get me started on taking a car carrier in there…..

I’m off…. aisle 1…… ‘hmmmmm’…
lets see what’s on aisle 2…….. ‘okay’…..
turning to aisle 3…. stop to make funny faces or pick something off the floor that was accidentally knocked off because I came too close to the products while my child’s arms were stretched out as far as possible….

I start to wonder.. “What did I come here for?”

My mind goes blank.  Not only have I forgotten my inspiration for coming here but I have no idea what I am looking for anymore. 

I turn aisle after aisle…. I just know something will throw itself off the shelves at me and an idea will pop in my mind…. ,maybe even an idea of my own and I’ll be so excited to share it with my blogger friends and give my OWN tutorial…. and now I find myself SKIPPING aisles.  ‘Eh…. plants…. eh… posters….. glass vases’…. last seasons sale and large CLEARANCE section which to me looks like a jumbled mess that a monkey destroyed….

I make it back to the front of the store.  I have NOTHING to show for myself and this 20 minute venture AWAY from home and get my things…. my child.. and head back out to my car and think… ‘gosh, that sucked’

And ya’ll wonder why I am always saying how UNCRAFTY I am!  I want desperately to make things like this:
craft 4 craft 1 craft 2 craft 3

How do you get inspired?  What helps you to start and finish a craft?  Do you dream up ideas or do you find tutorials more fun?  I need HELP!!! Maybe I’m lacking the proper motivation?  All I know is…. my hubs is super happy when I come home with nothing… not even an excuse! And its not like they don’t have lil’ booklets dangling down on every aisle with ideas!! HELP!!!!


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Jessica said...

So did you ever figure out what the heck you were there for that day?? HAHA.

If I didn't have a list when I went to the grocery store I would never make it. I can't remember anything. I know I need to go get milk today at the store ... wanna know how I remember this. There is a post it on the back door of my office telling me to go get milk. I have zero brain cells! :)

OK back to YOUR post now. I'm not crafty in the way that you want to be craft. I do a little knitting here an there and that's just while I'm watching TV. So I have no snazzy ideas HAHA!

Anonymous said...

HA-- You know this is why I love you!

Me and Inspiration are not friends. That's why people on Etsy love me.-- I just buy from them! ;)

Krista said...

Girl, I am right there with you. The only thing that gets me to actually start a craft project is to decide before heading to Hobby Lobby what craft I'm going to do and make the list of what I need to pick up.

I get inspiration from you and your pinterest board! lol!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Thanks for the shout out. If it's any help, I don't wake up in the morning and say "Today, I shall create _____!" It usually will stem from a) I'm trying to solve a decorating problem; or b) I see something I want, but refuse to spend any money to buy. (Sometimes it's "C" which is both.)

Most creativity comes from trying to work within parameters. Whether it's lack of funds, a flaw or defect you're trying to hide, or simply the fact that you might have a whole lot of a certain supply on hand.... Start by looking around your house and say, "What can I do to that...?" Usually a coat of paint is your jumping off point, and your creativity is fueled from there.
Good luck!

ps: if someone gave me a blank check and a blank canvas or 4 blank walls and said "Go create something!" I would be paralyzed and have no idea what to do, if that makes you feel any better...

Brittney said...

dont feel bad I am the exact same way! Even if I begin something there is no doubt in my mind that it will never be finished haha. However when this baby comes I may try the stool feet print thing. Bailey is 4 I could still do it but by the time i got to the other end he'd be in a size 9 or something and it would look all sorts of ridiculous

Dazee Dreamer said...

That step stool is awesome.

Rachel said...

I have a similar problem. I get all inspired in the craft store and buy all this great crafty cool stuff my mind explodes with the possibilities and I squeal with delight. I get home and lovingly open each package and adore each thing and then one by one ruin everything I bought because I have zero crafting ability what so ever! My glue is always gloopy, my lettering is never straight...I am a crafting flunky. This however does not stop me from trying and buying!

Alana Lilie said...

You make me laugh! I on the other hand have a HUGE problem with too many crafts...too many crafts going on at the same time!! My husband and family think I've lost my mind half the time! LOL! I think that making "stuff" is my escape from reality, not that I have a bad reality but its time to myself to do what I want to do. I am learning to make that time for myself by working out for an hour each day, (that is slowly becoming a reality.) But I would much rather work up a sweat crafting something rather than on some workout machine!
Here are my words of advice...find a project, make a list and then GO BY YOURSELF to the store! I end up buying waaay too much STUFF that I don't need when I take Anna & Ginger with me! LOL!

Cherished Bliss said...

It is definitely hard to just pull something out of your bottom : )

I had a super hard time when I did the dollar store craft last week... I had no idea what to do. I kept picking up things and putting them back...I couldn't quite finish the puzzle.

Oh... NEVER EVER EVER go into hobby lobby without a list

You will leave with a ginormously sized receipt, and a whole lotta stuff that will make parts of a billion different projects.

Personally this is how I shop quite often. : )

Rebecca said...

I can totally relate! I want so desperately to be crafty, but I can just never seem to be good at it even with step by step instructions!!

Bridget said...

I'm not crafty either. My sister however sees Hobby Lobby and Michaels as her own personal toy store...so I'll just let her make stuff for me :p

Impulsive Addict said...

I have not a single creative bone in my body. I must say i'm loving those pics...especially the masterpieces pic. Great idea. I joined pinterest but I have no idea what I'm doing.. I have no business on there at all.

Pregnancy brain. It gets you every time! ;)

Amber said...

hah - that's how I am in a craft store! So many pretty things to buy and make even more pretty things out of, but where to begin? And I'm always envious of people who have entire crafting collections...it seems like when I buy something crafty, I use it and then lose it.

You still need to make that stool, no excuses! It's a stool and paint! haha