*Simple Things…

I just ran across a cute blog that was talking about the simple things in life and wanted to get on that happy trail and join in….(link provided when you click the picture)simplethingsbutton2copy When I thought back to my 4th of July weekend and extra day off, I thought of these simple things that made me happy…

* I got a date night with my hubs… a dinner and a movie and I wasn’t rushed to hurry home.. I got to just enjoy him, hold his hand and enjoy our night alone!  We saw Transformers and it was great!!
date night dark of moon
* I realized how fast my kids are growing up as we went to purchase Reese’s big girl furniture that she will move into soon when her baby sister Rayne arrives!  Now its a matter of finding a theme for her new big girl room! There’s always something to add to my list of ‘Things to Do”!  Her first pony tail.. her hair is finally starting to grow too!

reese pony

* I was relieved after having some fun with friends and family with some mediocre fireworks in the backyard which included black cats, sparklers and a few lil’ flashes of light that the cop only gave us a warning and took all of the remaining items we had left because it is ILLEGAL to have fireworks..
Who knew Sparklers were illegal!


* I love air conditioning.  Its over 100 degrees here every day.  Pregnant or not.. skinny or fat—its a BEATING and I am happiest when I’m not sweating.

* I love that I got a free day to go see ANOTHER movie.. Bridesmaids!  I was laughing so hard that I was crying and that felt SOOOO good!!

bridesmaids-poop-in-street-scene bridesmaids-movie-photo-31-550x364
* I appreciate the time I get to spend with a best friend who has a busy life and is also pregnant and we got to enjoy a pedicure together while we talked of our pregnancies, skin issues and food among other things as well as enjoy a cup of Starbucks together.  It was a treat!
me and kristi
* I was relieved and I mean REALLY RELIEVED that even though our talk with our neighbor about the car scratching accusations and terd kid who parks in front of our house wasn’t the best conversation last Thursday—the terd has been parking in his own drive way for a week now… with 1 visit where he parked in front which is totally fine by me.. .but I think he’s DONE!  (This is literally him… in his own drive way--- its such a beautiful site!)
mustang 2 mustang 1
I love short weeks at work… ready for another weekend!!

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Michelle said...

Fireworks are illegal here, too...even sparklers! Of course, that didn't stop our 4th of July fun! ;)

dottie said...

Stupid laws. Those types of fireworks used to be illegal in MN too but not anymore! They just can be the shooting up in the air kind.

I LOVE her pony!!! Don't you think ponytails make little girls look so much older?

Glad the delinquent has left you guys alone!!

dottie said...

*can't be the shooting in the air kind. Get me home asap. LOL.

Jessica said...

Yaaa for date night!!!

Did Transformers seem like it had a TON of walking around in it? Weird but it bugged me. I loved the movie though.

Love the pony tail!! So cute!

We were afraid that we would be under a burn ban and not be able to do fireworks either. That sucks that you can't even have sparklers!

I can't wait to see Bridesmaids!! It will probably be in redbox though.

Did I miss something? YOu had a conversation with the terd Thursday!? So glad he's FINALLY getting the hint.

Krista said...

Yeppie! Terd Cameron parked in his own driveway! What a relief!

We were at Addison in a shopping center parking lot on Sunday for Kaboom Town. We pulled out the sparklers. But, before lighting them I went to a cop that was sitting close by to help with traffic and asked if they were okay.

She said she didn't know! Are you kidding! lol!

We didn't risk it and kept them boxed up.

Dazee Dreamer said...

cute, cute ponytail.

That sucks about the fireworks.

I'm so glad to see the turds car in his own driveway. Is he still dating the neighbor?

I loved Bridesmaids. Oh my, that bridal salon part had me laughing so hard, I couldn't breathe and my stomach hurt. I still to this day, laugh whenever I think of most of that movie. *shutting up now*

Anonymous said...

As you know about my whine on FB, I have not had the best of weeks. As I was cutting grass today, ironicaly enough, I was thinking of all the good things that I NEED to be thankful for.-- AND it's the simple things that make up the big picture.

Yay on many of these.-- That reminds me, I need a date night.

Trish said...

i loved Bridesmaids. Best movie i've seen so far this summer!

Gauger Family said...

Glad you had a good weekend with family fun! Yea for Date Nights and seeing good movies ;)

Bridget said...

WOOHOO that the turd is parking where he's supposed to!

Love your list of happies!

Cherished Bliss said...

Ahh I love her ponytail! I just took pictures of Addison's first one the other day.. but her's is on the top of her head and she looks like a dark headed Cindy Lou Who! So cute though! Glad to see terd is in his own driveway! : )

Taryn said...

I am dying to go and see Bridesmaids - it's on my "to-do" list for next week, have heard it's so funny! How beautiful is Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely in Transformers? So jealous ;)


Laura Carson said...

WOOT! For the terd parking in his own driveway. Good deal!

You and your friend are GORGEOUS. :)

Fireworks used to be illegal here. My dogs rue the day that they legalized them. Not that anyone let it stop them when they were illegal here.

Anonymous said...

I MUST see Bridesmaids!

You're looking absolutely adorable with your baby bump...and your little lady definitely has a pony tail in action...super cute!

Have a great weekend, Mama!