Ready to Celebrate?

fourth of july

I am ready to celebrate July 4th..

I’m a patriotic kind of gal and the red white and blue colors are my favorite, especially when you see streets lined with flags or fireworks in the air. It makes me happy!!

You know what else makes me happy?  Food.  Go figure that a pregnant girl would say that right!

Patriotic Trifile Recipe
CLICK HERE for this recipe!

CLICK HERE for this recipe!

america's star cupcake
CLICK HERE for this recipe!

CLICK HERE for this recipe!

And what long weekend would be complete without a craft!!

I wish I could say I made this myself but I just think its super cute and I’d like to make it—so if you are in the mood, you can

CLICK HERE for the instructions!

HAPPY 4th Friends!!! xoxo

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Brittney said...

uhm now i want that! Too bad Im to lazy to bake right now!

Stephy said...


That wreath is so cute. I love it so much!

Have a FABULOUS 4th =)

Bridget said...

Happy 4th to you, too!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had the time (and the skill!!) to make some of those things for our church cookout and fireworks show tomorrow. Those are awesome!! But I'll probably just be sticking with my tried and true mac-n-cheese. :o) That's still pretty American, too, right?!? :o) Happy 4th, darlin'!!!

Connie Weiss said...

That wreath is sooooo cute!

Happy 4th!

Laura Carson said...

Those are really beautiful. It almost inspires me to go bake. But that would involve way too much effort. Haha, happy Independence Day to you all!

Jessica said...

YUM!!! That all looks wonderful! Hope you had a great weekend!!! Can't wait to chat tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

This post just made me want to go on a red, white, & blue eating binge!

Happy Belated Fourth, my friend!