Cutie Patootie…

When Erik and I first started dating, we went with some friends to Dave N’ Busters to go have some great food and of course to be silly and play some games.  There was a photo booth called the “Gene Machine” that you could go in and it would take your pictures individually and mesh the two together to show you what your children would look like! 

Sure… Why not!! Lets see if we make cute babies together!! It was exciting and fun…. until….. it printed out.  For a moment I was concerned that if we did get married and have kids that we might not be the best matched for cute kids.  It was a potential deal breaker… hah!  Silly… I know… but no one out there aspires to have an unattractive child, right!?


Now that kid in the picture isn’t awful but how did we get dark brown hair out of a bald dude with a goatee and a blonde chick?  Yikes.  (Ryan saw this picture and asked us who this girl was…. Erik was surprised I still had it and told him it was a random girl that jumped in the picture and it was scary.. heh)

When they brought Ryan over to me, as well as Reese right after they were born, I was so relieved that they looked like a combo of me and Erik and fell in love!

RYANREESEI feel like we got pretty lucky with these cuties!! We are so excited to meet Rayne!! Ryan was born with blue eyes, Reese was born with hazel/green eyes, so I am interested to see if Rayne is born with brown eyes, or if she’ll match her older brother or sister!  So far, I know she’s got a cute lil’ profile!
Rayne 28 weeksIn preparations for our new baby girl, I met up with my sweet bestie Kristi who I’ve told ya’ll about that is pregnant with me and we took off to register together.  We are both having our 3rd babies together and are due within weeks of each other…. Its so fun to have a friend you can go and register with.. both of our husbands were very glad they got out of it.  Look out Baby’s R Us!! 2 pregnant girls on a mission!!
It really is hard to believe how fast our pregnancies are going.  The heat has been a true killer this time around and this is my 2nd time to be pregnant in the summer…Other than your typical heartburn/indigestion, I can’t really complain! Its been a pretty easy pregnancy!! Rayne is a very busy baby and just this past week has started with the hiccups.  Ryan has been able to feel her move and I think he is pretty amazed by it….. He asks me to feel his belly now b/c he has puppies in there.. too cute!!

Lots to do before Rayne gets here and we are sooo excited!! Here’s hoping that Gene Machine breaks before it spits out any other crazy kid pics!

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Date Girl said...

lol, I've played with that machine before. That kid looks pretty normal compared to some I've seen.

How fun to be going through a pregnancy with your bestie. I totally want that!

Amber said...

The Gene Machine! Hah, I've never seen that. Of course we don't have any Dave & Busters around here, it's just another thing we're missing out on. The little girl clearly just looks like she's going through her awkward pre-teen years. That's rough on everyone, we shouldn't poke fun. haha

I love that all of your kiddos have this adorable, tiny, slightly upturned button can even see it in Rayne's picture!!! You are blessed to have such adorable children, some people don't get so lucky!

You and your friend are adorable with your baby bellies - it must be really fun to have someone go through it all at the same time with you. You must be due soon, right? I'm too lazy to go back and search for a due date.

Anonymous said...

Okay...that Gene Machine picture is pretty creepy. Yikes.

Love your baby bump tank top. That's too cute! :o)

So what happened to WWTK? I thought just the other 2 ladies left as hosts, did you bow out, too?

Impulsive Addict said...

What? They have a machine? Note to self: DO NOT USE THAT MACHINE.

I'm loving the cute pic of you and your bestie. Your tank is adorable! Is that so people will know you're pregnant and not gaining weight? lol

So, one baby with blue and one baby with green so I'm thinking brown is out for Miss Rayne. What color are your eyes?

Jessica said...

I remembered when we registered for wedding gifts! So fun! I can't wait to do that for baby stuff!!

You look so cute! Love your shirt! :)

That gene machine is definately odd. I wonder how many people got the same picture of this girl HAHA.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I think your gene machine child would make a cute little boy if you cut her hair...maybe.

Now, your real children are beautiful. And your baby girl's profile is adorable!

Cherished Bliss said...

OMG you are so adorable!! : ) Just so you know, your babies are MUCH MUCH cuter than that picture! But I'm sure you noticed by now ; )

Connie Weiss said...

Oh how I miss being pregnant!!

We did that photo thing too! It's the best form of birth control on the planet! Our kids were supposed to be ugly.

Liberty said...

You look Uh-Ma-Zing!! I can't believe you are already 28 weeks... Man... Hope you are doing well sweets. :)

dottie said...

So funny! Love the Gene Machine.

Your are so cute!! That precious baby girl will be a beauty no doubt!

Stay cool girl!

Bridget said...

The gene machine idea is hilarious!

Love your baby bump tank top. YAY for registering with your friend!!

Misty said...

how fun that you can do that together! What a special chapter to your bestie-hood!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, the gene machine would probably tell my hubs and I not to procreate. Kidding. We make pretty darn cute kids!

I never registered... I don't know why.

becca said...

how cool to be pregnant with your friend

Emmy said...

So fun to have a friend to be pregnant with. That picture is too funny. And yes your kids are way cuter than that :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, you two are SO ridiculously cute, it would be impossible to make anything but a gorgeous child!

Can't wait to meet Miss Rayne!