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I really do enjoy this day!!  I am always anxious to read your posts and look forward to comments on mine (woot woot!!) As co-hosts, we are each rotating weeks asking questions! This week is Impulsive Addict!!!! I’ll keep ya posted on who the questioner is each week!  Last week it was Seriously Shawn!!

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1). If the blogging world had a talent show, what would your act be?
I can’t decide if this is a question that is my talent in real life or if this is a pretend talent… my real life talents?  I just keep sitting here thinking—WHAT IS MY TALENT!!?  The only cheesy thing that comes to mind is that I can take my left leg and put it behind my neck… only the left.  If party planning were a talent, then I’d try to win at that one.


2). What's the most likely reason you might become famous?
People become famous for the most ridiculous reasons.. look at the famous people who do nothing!  I’m thinking I’d fall in that category… famous for nothing. 
kardashianswalk-of-fame  hiltons

3). What question are you repeatedly asked that you are tired of hearing?
’How are you feeling?… granted this is a common question for a pregnant gal, but I guess when its the one MAIN question you are asked, it gets sortof old… I think mainly because I feel fine which I realize is a blessing considering a lot of women go through hell and back. 

how do you feel

4.) What's the last thing you broke?
I broke my right 3rd toe about a year or so ago carrying my son and hitting my foot right into the corner of the wall… it was my first break EVER.. I was pretty worried about it because I couldn’t bend my toe.. I even went to physical therapy.  It makes me laugh now.  I think back to the poor girl who had to come up with exercises for my 3rd toe.  I can only imagine the stories she went home telling her family, probably something along the lines of ‘I cannot believe I get paid for this!’

live the dream

5.) Finish this sentence.  I can't believe I used to ________.
<due to lack of sleep>… I can’t believe I used to make fun of my parents for going to bed at 9pm because I AM THAT PERSON NOW!  I have no idea how I began my nights at 10 or sometimes 11pm and slept until noon if not later the next day.  I know I had fun but I just can’t believe I used to do it…. only because if my phone rings after 9pm, I think to myself—THIS BETTER BE AN EMERGENCY!  hah.. I’ve turned into a loser.

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Anonymous said...

So, how are you feeling??? Girl, you know I had to be the first one to go there!

Ill be sure not to text or call you after 9 now. Geez.... you are such a meanie!

Happy Hump Day, babe.

Nadine Hightower said...

I think every one of Kardipeeps have a show. At least all the sisters... why? Why do they have one and Why do we watch it??

Anonymous said...

I used to make fun of my parents for a lot of things and find myself now doing them. It's a lesson we only learn in time.

Stacie said...

So, how you feeling? Just kidding!

Party planning is definitely a talent. I love to plan!

Toe breaks are the worst.

And I agree, one day you just decide that bed after a certain time equals an evil you the next day and you start going to bed earlier and earlier.

Bex said...

I like to think that I'm "winning" everytime I get close to 8 hours sleep. I've realized that I am a cranky evil person when I'm sleep deprived, so I don't think you're a loser at all!

Brittney said...

haha yeah ive totally turned into my parents bed time comes early and i get so irritated with the phone calls!!

Becca said...

How are you feeling??? OH - sorry!! :))))

Thanks for hosting the fun!!


VandyJ said...

If we get phone calls after about 8:30 we know exactly who they are from. Only one or two friends call late at night. Otherwise it is an emergency.

singedwingangel said...

OH I am a night owl lol.. like LATE LATE NIGHT owl.. hubby is an early bird.. way before the sun comes up early bird.. makes life interesting. I broke my pinky toe and that hurt like hades let me tell ya. You don't realize how much it does till you can't bear weight on it..

Anonymous said...

You can get a leg behind your head? How much practice does it take to get to such a level?

Being famous for nothing is quite the trend these days, dontcha know?

I promise to NEVER ask how you're feeling!

Ouchie to breaking your toe...How did you feel when that happened? Hahaha...Kidding!

Thanks for hosting doll!

AndreaLeigh said...

I said the same thing - I can't believe I used to sleep in so late! Now sleeping in is 8 am... before I would sleep until noon and not think anything of it!

Darlene said...

Sometimes we can't even make it to 9:00 pm!! It's sad, very sad! I'm very impressed about getting your left leg around your neck! I can't even get my left leg up to my waist!

Kimi said...

Reality TV stars...I don't get it...and at the same time I'm addicted. Makes me feel better about my nice normal life.

jennykate77 said...

I'm not gonna go there...ya know, with the "how ya feelin'" question. Not gonna do it. You're welcome.

Ouchie on breaking your toe! I'm sure that hurts bad.

I could stand becoming famous for nothing. I love me some Kardashians! It's like a train wreck...I just can't stop watching.

Jen said...

new to your blog...new follower (woot) and leaving comments (woot woot) It's like bloggie crack isn't it!

I too have started to go to bed at 9. But when I am asleep is the only time no one wants to talk to me or have me do something for me...so yeah...I'll take it.

Jessica said...

So can you STILL put your leg behind your neck? LOL I think party planning is definately a talent!

Paris Hilton annoys me. Also I'm so glad that Heidi and Spencer craze is over. :)

I'm sure it gets old hearing the same old questions! Has anyone actually asked if you were pregnant? I would totally say NO WHY? DO I LOOK IT?

So far I have never broken a bone (yet). What the heck did the do for you toe? Mini push ups?

If you are a loser for going to bed at 9 then I'm a BIG loser for going to bed at 8:30. 4:45 am comes EARLY!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Bummer, but that is a par for the course type question when it comes to pregnant ladies. Grin and bear it. (Unless the question is accompanied by putting hands on your belly, then all bets are off!)

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Nine o'clock? That's pathetic.

But I shouldn't talk. I don't stay up as late as I used to. And if the trend continues, by the time I'm 75 or so, I'll be hitting the sack the same time as you!

becca said...

i know what you mean about the parent thing i've become my mother erly to bead early to rise. by the way i'm new here love the blog

Everyday Life

Bridget said...

Been loving participating in the WWTK each week and I'm a new follower YAY!

Cherished Bliss said...

I'm running a little late today, but it is in before midnight!! wooo hoo!

Date Girl said...

Oh man, the how are you feeling question would definitely get old. You should come up with some really fun comebacks. Just tell them all you're really gassy. ;-) that'll shut em up.

I know, I don't know how I did the late nights either. We do some late nights around here now that Match is on graveyard shift on the weekends but it is TOUGH. I definitely feel wrecked the next day.

Impulsive Addict said...

I LOVE your answer to #2! I want to be rich and famous for doing absolutely nothing too!!!

You are not a loser. You're just a tired momma. Rightfully so! I'm making a note to myself to NEVER call you past 9pm. I'm a total night owl and I have called people at 10:30 at night never realizing the time until the damage is done. Isn't that bad??

We had another great turn out! I just barely got my answers posted. I'm trying to "vacation" in Michigan but I've been blogging for a few hours now trying to catch up. It's 2:00am here. I'm insane!

Shawn said...

You can't be famous for nothing your too smart. Haven't you noticed mosof those people aren't real bright? Or maybe they're freaking geniouses just acting dumb. Brilliant!

So how are you feelin'?

Another great week,

XiicepinkiX said...

Hello! I am a new follower. I have been blogging for a long time, but have not been blog hopping for a long time. So please follow me back if you enjoy free samples, or just my regular blog.


MiMi said...

Um. Sometimes I'm in bed at 7:30. LOL