Update & Overload

Update:  I still feel like my head is spinning from last Thursday when I took off work to get Reese’s party planned and ready with all the fixin’s…. but my update is based on my last post about my LOVELY neighbor. 

After Cameron (that’s his name, so I can stop calling him terd) got his ticket… .we were expecting something to happen.  *Sorry if this is old news to some who commented earlier and already heard*… 

Erik happened to get both of our trucks locking gas caps and was installing them that night.  He was also awake till about midnight and didn’t see anything outside before going to bed.  We woke up Friday morning and had a fancy sign in our yard!!

sign in yard

It is important to note that this is not a paper sign you can buy at Wal-mart or anything—this is a NICE SIGN!!  Which leads me to believe the A-hole stole it from another persons yard or was stupid enough to go out and buy it. 

Fine.  Whatever.
Friday morning, he was still in front of our house.  He drove off briefly to go back to his house (5 doors down) and came back while I was outside.  I very dramatically waved with a big ole’ smile on my face.  You know, the I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU wave!?  He rolled his window down, flipped me off and then yelled out F U Beyotch.  Erik was home and heard it. 


Erik decided he would go down and talk to his mother this time.  We have a new tire mark on the other side of our drive way now.  These tire marks really don’t bother me, but come on kid… get a grip!

Cameron’s Mom was SHOCKED that her son would do this---- “Its just not like him”.  He also failed to explain where he got his ticket… just that he got it randomly out in the world.  We called the police later Friday because he was parked back there again (AFTER TALKING TO HIS MOTHER) and explained that he was harrassing us with the for sale sign, vulgar language and he threw a drink on Erik’s truck and also tried to get into his gas tank which thankfully we had locking gas caps!!   They can’t do ANYTHING. 

Its Monday now… we parked in front of our house all weekend and he’s back.  Nothing I can do.  Just sit here and belly ache to anyone willing to read my blog.  I’d love to stab his tires, key the side of his car, leave balongne on it while it sits in the 103 degree weather to let the paint eat away or just get a spray can of acid and throw it on his car.. but in the end, it gets me no where.  Just have to let him park there. 

OH!!! I GOT IT!!!   I’ll have a sign made, place it in front of my house and have it read:


Just sucks when things like this happen because honestly, it is so trivial.. it makes me mad that this is eating at me how it does!! What is that about!? 

Anyway—as I said… overload in my title… you are about to get it. 
I tend to go overboard with parties, gifts, etc and I have no idea where my passion comes from but I thrive on it….. and my husband still loves me for putting him through it!

I took Reese on Thursday to get her 1year Birthday pictures taken.  Here are a few of my FAVORITES!!!  I’ll do another post about her party probably tomorrow.
8619 8637 8643 8657

86908688 8678 

More to come… Happy Monday…

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Stacy said...

Sorry about all the problem you are having but on a good note - Reese's pics are ADORABLE...LOVE THEM!

singedwingangel said...

I wonde3r if you could put a no parking sign in front of your property or private parking. Is there a city council you can go to or something?? I think I would find a way to get his car towed sure as the world and keep telling his mom. It is sad that the neighbors don't have enough courtesy to make him park in their driveway// Perhaps if ya'll started parking your cars in front of their house even though you have space in YOUR driveway they might get the hint and put alarms on your cars so if they so much as touch it woop wop..
She is a doll baby...

Bridget said...

But Reece sure is a cutie!!

The situation with Cameron sucks.

Dazee Dreamer said...

ok, she is a doll. wow.

There always seems to be a TERD/CAMERON on every street. Maybe soon him and the lovely young lady (I was being nice) will break up and he will be out of your hair.

Why don't you get a for sale sign for his car. and put his phone number on it. hahahahaha. omg, that would be hilarious

Gauger Family said...

What a complete jerk off. I can't believe the city can't do anything. That makes me so mad. How old is this kid anyway? Seriously there has to be something you can do.

Cherished Bliss said...

Go to his mom's house EVERY single time it's parked there Maybe she'll get the idea. Do you know anyone who is a cop? Cops tend to be able to do things for friends : ) Have you tried talking to the girlfriends parents?? Nag them to death!

I know, it's so frustrating.. I hate when you cant do anything about it!

Anonymous said...

What are those things you can put on tires and they can't move it until that thing is removed?? I totally think you should call and have that put on. --- grr, grumble, grumble.

What a cutie she is!!! I love that blue background.-- and the one with the balloons! Oh my.

S. Greiner said...

Reese is so cute!!! Love her pics...they turned out great :)!!! Glad to hear the party went well and I'm looking forward to more details about that, sorry about the terd!

Amanda said...

That's awful about the neighbor, sounds like he doesn't have a girlfriend/life. Our neighbors are the same. No life to speak of so they fixate on us.

Your baby's pictures are great!

lynn said...

Your daughter is adorable! Happy 1st birthday!!

Sorry you are still having problems with the terd! I would so not put up with my daughter dating someone like that, being mean to our neighbors!

Jessica said...

That's crazy that there is nothing the city can do. You need some friends in the police dept!!

The pics of Reese are adorable!!

Amber said...

That's so annoying about that guy - I like get all tense reading about it. It's like I feel your annoyance! No shocker that the mother wasn't going to be any help. Ok, since you won't key his car - maybe you could put a for sale sign on it?

Reese's pictures are so adorable, I just love that last one!!

Ashley Rose said...

I have recently had some neighbor parking issues as well, so I TOTALLY know how you feel! It's infuriating!! I don't even know this kid and I want to punch him. Ugh!! You should put the For Sale sign in the back window if his car....haha

Connie Weiss said...

I think you should alter that sign to say...CAR FOR SALE and put it by his car.

I hate neighbors....

The pictures of your daughter are so cute! She's adorable!

Kelly and Ryan Walker said...

I CANNOT believe all this drama with the neighbor's car. I would be steaming mad each and every time. Ridiculous!!!