Tribute and Flops!

Welcome to my blended Tuesday of a Tribute and Swap Talk!

First, the fun stuff…. I signed up for a blog swap through a fellow blog pal Rebecca over at THE TEXAS DARLINGS who was in her 3rd season of a FLIP FLOP Blog exchange!!  Not sure if everyone knows what a blog swap is, but you merely say YES!! I wanna meet someone new and sign up to get matched with a new blog friend.  Your goal is to learn a little about them, become buds and then send them whatever is required in the swap by a certain day and up to a certain $ amount.

This flip flop exchange was to send your blog pal a pair of flip flops for this summer season and something from your state for $20!  Not too shabby!! I can do this…. although finding the PERFECT Flops for my Idaho Blog friend was not something I took lightly. I combed the earth.. okay, not really—I just pulled up to my favorite place and rolled in to find my favorite flops on SALE and wanted to share something I loved with her.

Meet Misty!! She can be located over at Rainy Day in May... 
So, I sent her these fab flops.. and let me be honest, I wanted to keep them for myself….I’m obsessed with Yellow Box!!!

texas to idaho

My Texas package to Misty also included 2 Texas Shirts (was unsure of her size) and a Cowboys Cozy which went against my Steeler oath of fan-hood.. but this was about hookin’ her up with something TEXAS!  My package may have also arrived a tad late.. very sorry, but hope it was worth it.

Misty was better organized and my package was in my mail promptly!! So excited!! Check out my new duds!! She also sent me a post card but I forgot to take a picture of it…

flop exchange Love Blog Swaps!! 
Have you ever done one?
If so, how did yours go?
Would you do another? 
What would you want to swap if you joined one?

My Tribute this time is pure sarcasm on my part because I am just astonished by the work of my local police department.
Mckinney PD ModelIf you need history on this topic, it can be found HEREHERE AND HERE!!!
cameronMeet Cameron.. who has become famous on my blog for being an ASSHAT.
Since my last update, we asked for the Police Department to come out because we feel like it has reached the point of harassment that this kid refuses to move his car… his mother has no respect either after being talked to 2x and we do not know what he will do next.  

Police response is:  We cannot do anything unless you have proof. 
Our response, other than to complain to friends and family who will listen is:  Buy & install security cameras around our house.  Fine--- we’ll catch you on camera and turn it in. 

Yesterday I got home and we had a card on our door from the Police Department:  CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DIVISION by a Detective Roy (last name left out to protect the innocent).

I was sure that Cameron must have put this card on our door just to continue his lil’ games and so, we went in and rewound the daily recordings and found that there was in fact a black Tahoe like vehicle with 2 men that got out and came up to our door—one with a police shirt and all!  WOW!
I called the number on the card and left a message. 

Detective Roy called me back today to say…….
House across the street (Cameron’s girlfriends house) has filed a claim for criminal mischief against one of their cars that has been scratched.  We are not suspects, but the Detective states that they said our house was the only house they have had issues with in the recent past… so he was only doing his job to follow up on the case. 

My response:  Do they have proof?  Was it caught on camera?  Where was it parked?

I’m not even sure the car that is being reported to be scratched is theirs, but it was parked on the street.. where said ASSHAT parks as well. 

How unfortunate for them but I suggested the Detective gently explain that this is a very clear reason for why people should park in their drive ways as often as they can or risk things like this happening. 

We have ignored the situation because that is all we can do.  Even though he keeps parking there. I just grumble, moan and complain (thanks for listening by the way) and hope he loses his mojo eventually or the kids break up.

So what’s my beef & Tribute for?  Well, I have called the Police 3 times.  They have come out to our neighborhood 2x and not ONCE did they file a report.  All I hear is… ‘there’s nothing we can do if we don’t have proof’.  So, I am forced to spend hundreds of dollars on a security camera because my local justice cannot do anything to help me, even if I feel unsafe or harassed.  YET… SOMEONE can call in, make a bogus claim about a scratch on their car and point their finger at someone else and a FULL ON CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION is opened?  WHAT IN THE WORLD!??!?!?!

I asked the dude—so what happens to the case now since you have NO PROOF?  He said it would be suspended due to lack of evidence. 

Thank you McKinney Police for taking the time to care about your citizens who call in multiple times and even feel unsafe in their own neighborhood and ignore them… it means much more to us all and the reason we pay such high taxes so that you can investigate a case of a car scratching on a public street with no proof at all.

I’m gonna start calling them when I notice a fleck of paint missing when I go anywhere.  Apparently this is the type of case that gets their attention.. never mind the poor family who winds up on the evening news dead for no apparent reason… it must be because they have NO PROOF of being harassed!  xoxo!

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Becca said...

Such cute flip flops!! Misty is so sweet - she was my swap partner once too!!

And the story about MPD - ARGHHHHHH!! That would make me so mad!!!

Thanks for joining the swap!! Hope you enjoyed it!


Jessica said...

I wish I had been your swap partner! I have never even tried on the yellow box shoes! I LOVE THOSE!!

No postcard pic?

That really sucks about the whole situation with the neighbors, police dept, and the terd who's causing all the trouble!! Great tax payer dollars at work.

Amber said...

Aw, I'm jealous of everyone's flip flop packages. :( I just signed up for a couple of Swap-Bot swaps, I'm addicted.

I didn't realize you already had the cameras up - and if you can't provide proof and they don't take you seriously, why do they take him seriously when he obviously has no proof. How infuriating, now you HAVE to slap some Vaseline or Crisco under those door handles!

Stephy said...

I've never done a swap, but they sound SO FUN! I love your new shoes =)

I can't believe your experience with the police. What a joke. I am so sorry!

Jill said...

Super-cute flips!! I've never done a swap, mainly because I live in Canada and figured it would be an issue with the shipping.

That must be so infuriating!! Sometimes it feels like calling the police is pointless...*sigh*

Anonymous said...

Ugh-- As I was reading this about the police, my mind was racing "What can we do?" or "How can we get by pass all this junk?'--- Notice the "we". I am so involved now. lol Again, this rots.

Now back to the fun. Yay for the new duds. Turquoise and FAB nail polish always makes your tan pop. ;)

Amy said...

The issue with the young man harassing you and the police is very upsetting. Please be careful. I hope you are able to get something caught on camera. Extremely disappointed with the police!

By the way, congratulations on baby #3! Found out by way of Grandpa's funeral program that there was another great-grandchild on the way. So happy for you! :)

Love, Amy

Paige said...

Very, very cute flip flops! Love the color.

Hope your situation gets resolved soon! People just have no respect for others anymore. Have a great week!

Dazee Dreamer said...

OK sista, this is war. I'm super pissed. Whats going to happen when fists start flying or worse. I wish I lived where you do. I would so come out and picket with you. We could wait till he parks, call the local tv stations, picket in your own yard, because, we won't have to get a permit for that and we have your permission. Yeah, bloggers unite!!!!

Bridget said...

Those flip flops rock, but I LOVE Yellow Box flops!!

The situation with the neighbor sucks...wish the police were more help :(

Jenna said...

Ok seriously, I swear you post about something around the time I've been thinking about it. I'm clueless on how to find a blog-swap. Help?!

MPD are stinkers. Seriously, that is beyond lame. I wish I was your neighbor! I wouldn't park in front of you house and the our little guys could play together!

Is that really a pic of him?

S. Greiner said...

Oh my gosh...that's completely out of line (Flip FLops and Texas stuff super cute by the way)!

UGHHHH I'm so frustrated for you!?!?! You may want to call a local "tv" investigation unit about their lack of response to your claims to feeling unsafe...pretty sure the media would run with that and jackhole would get plenty of bad press?! Just an idea.

Good luck!

Beth said...

The camera is a great idea- proof is always a good thing. And if you need to go me. I have fought dirty in the past with little bastard neighbors, and would be happy to give you tips. :)

Taryn said...

A blog swap is such a great idea - I would never have thought of it and those flip flops are too cute!


Kristi Kelly said...

I am just sad that a FEW parents are raising their children to be so disrespectful. As your BFF and fellow pregnant friend it blows my mind that he could treat you that way....wonder what kind of abuse he can throw at girlfriends etc... Yay for your hubs getting the cameras so you all can do this the legal way! Maybe that can take some stress off of you knowing that whatever "the terd" decides to do will be caught on camera....Love ya friend!!!

Krista said...

I think you could definately contact the local TV stations. Make sure you send one email with all the stations copied so they all know you sent the story to the other stations. Make some comments about misuse of the city budget by the MPD, especially while teachers are having to get laid off's such a hot topic right now.

Also, have you tried talking to the girlfriend's parents? If I knew my daughter was dating a guy with that kind of behavior, I'd be either having some discussions with him or with her about him.

And, if you are out in the open about it with them, admitting you called the police, they won't think you're trying to be deceptive with them and may be able to see you with genuine concern. Basically, tackle their defensiveness with kindness and honesty.

I don't ever think your son would behave that disrespectively ever, but can you imagine how you would feel if someone came to you saying your son was doing such and such? I know you would do the right thing but in that situation many people don't have the same moral compass or parenting backbone as you. You may have to "guide" them in what kind of actions you think they should take. Comments like "What do you think you can say to your son to get him to stop parking in front of our house?" and "Have you spoken with Cameron about why getting his ticket was just since he was breaking the law?" or even more bluntly "What way do you plan to punish him for being disrespectful with words and actions to my family and property?" Do you think any of these might work?

(And sorry for the long post. Been thinking about it a lot, though.)

Misty said...

i am late posting, due to weather... but those looks SOOOO Cute on you! I can't stand to take these darn yellow box flip flops off... it's like walking on a cloud!
you are the best, Janette!