My Tuesday Tribute is going to actually be postponed to another random day because while I have the person in mind… I am trying to start/finish a project that I want to link with it and its not 100% ready.

I was looking at the calendar and realized-- ‘HOLY COW!’, its already the 2nd week of June and Reese’s 1st Birthday party is next weekend, the 18th and I feel stress beads forming on my body!  I tend to over think things a bit and analyze more than I should… I sent out invitations with the ‘regrets only’ RSVP and I’m not sure if that’s the wise thing to do.  People, including myself have lost that lovin’ feelin’ when it comes to RSVP’in these days, have you noticed?  What is the way to do it? Here’s a sneak peak at the theme of Reese’s Party:
flip flops beach

Favors, food, cake decorations, and anything else I am forgetting are all up in the air and then I was thinking.. ‘HOLY COW!’, the next day is Father’s Day!! WHOA!!!
fathers day 
I’m curious… what are your plans for Father’s Day?  The Dad’s in my life aren’t the tie wearing kind and I am always a tad stressed to find the perfect gift.  Anyone else feel this way too?  I have said before how personalized gifts go a long way and I have something in mind but ‘making it happen’ is the hard part.  I have 4 Dad’s to buy for or prepare something special for…. so while its an easy holiday, it feels compounded by numbers for me I think.  As I mentioned above… I’m over thinking it.

Here’s a few cute things I saw..
(click the picture to be taken to the link)
Gift cards are so easy to give and maybe we hesitate to give them because they seem impersonal and they are but people love em’…. maybe you can sass up your money and make them something cute like they did here… change up the whole Gift card idea!
I am still uber in love with this whole idea…
Gotta give props to one of my favorite sites for having something classic and sweet…

This one might be a tad out of my price range and yours too but heard about it on the radio this morning… My Dad is a sucker for stopping at a 7-11 and taking his cup and filling it with about 6 different flavors and I always thought that was the kid in him…. too fun.. and here you can make your own soda (coke/pop, whatev..) and flavor it how ever you want!  Energy drinks, etc.   Cool.  I think they make other variations of this too..
soda stream

What are your Father’s Day ideas?! 

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Jen said...

I love the beach idea! I did it last year...a super cute idea is personalized beach hats. I just got plain old "bucket" hats at the dollar store in our area and used fabric paint! FUN! Super cute Fathers day Idea (and pretty cheap too) inexpensive frames at your local craft store. Paint them black and glue nuts and bolts to them. I used a silver paint pen to write on then. To: Dad....Love, Your kid...or to Mr. FIx it. To one nutty Dad...that kind of thing. Stick in a pic and you are good to go! Super cute!

Impulsive Addict said...

YIKES! To tell you the truth, I haven't even thought about Fathers Day yet! I need to get started on thinking about it! It's coming up sooner than I want it too!

Oy! Before I know it, 4th of July will be here.

Bridget said...

Since he lives quite a ways from me, I usually just send my Dad a card and give him a call.

Love the beach theme party--cute idea!! It makes it tough to plan appropriately when people don't RSVP (whether it is "regrets only" or not)...I always try to out of consideration.

Jessica said...

Can't wait to see how the party turns out!!

I don't buy my dad anything for Father's day. I call him because it's the right thing and that's as far as I go. I dread Father's Day. For Adam's dad I usually let Adam pick it out. Sometimes he needs something for gardening, a project he's working on, or maybe just a nice shirt. Just depends.