Summer Swap & recap

Drill weekends for Erik are never easy.  I miss him like crazy and so do the kids but thankfully we seem to always find a way to stay busy.

Ryan’s bestie from school was having his 4th birthday party.  Bryce’s Mom always goes over and beyond for her son and the parties are always a big hit.  As stressful as parties are for Mom’s, the outcome is always worth it!!  She had horserides, a bounce house, petting area for goats and other lil’ animals and a bouncy slide.  And I can’t forget to mention the face painting!!!
IMG_9248 IMG_9245 IMG_9246 IMG_9247
Ryan with Bella and Hudson having fun on the bouncy slide!
Ryan and Hudson
Ryan and Landon takin’ to the road with their horse!
Monkey see, Monkey do…. Ryan following Birthday boy Bryce and Bella not too far behind.  
IMG_9259 IMG_9260 IMG_9261
Batman and his butterfly Bella!
IMG_9267 Super Hero Squad!
Reese had her lil’ boyfriend Shepherd over for a play date on Sunday and its just so cute to watch the kids together. 
IMG_9286  IMG_9281 IMG_9280IMG_9285
A few weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to sign up for a summer blog swap!  Its a match up with a fellow blogger to get to know and then send each other a little summer happy!
I was excited to meet my blog swap partner
Kylee at  UpperCase Diva blog!  She’s a young Momma with a lot of sass and spunk!! She is also from Pittsburgh, PA which I felt was an immediate connection since I’m a huge Steeler’s Fan!!
I wish I had thought to take a picture of what I got for her but you can check her blog for her post… here’s what she was so sweet to send me!!
There is nothing more fun than getting mail…. but a package is WAY more fun!!  I got a cute lil’ mini planner, a daily magnet planner which I could totally use to stay more organized… note cards that still have me smiling… matching invites and thank you notes!! I got some yummy blueberry sanitizer and cute clip air freshner that just smells like summer… and you can’t go wrong with some sexy legs and a tan (although I might need tips on how to use this stuff b/c I’m such a nervous nellie about streaks) and CUTIE patootie Pink Polish….
Reese got to try out the cute Essie pink polish on her lil’ piggies!! JUST LOVE IT!!!!
Thanks so much Kylee for everything!! So glad to have a new & fun Pittsburgh Steeler blog friend!!

Happy Monday!


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Anonymous said...

Yay!! I love swaps. I just signed up for one too.

Face painting!! I LURVE me some face painting. :)

Jessica said...

Looks like a fun time! Ryan and Hudson look like they are gonna be best friends!!

I want a batman mask!! Wonder what my customers would say HAHA!

Reese is so stinkin cute!!

I love all your goodies you got from your partner!! I hardly use self tanners because of the streaking so if that stuff works out for you let me know!

Anonymous said...

How fun!!!

The kiddos look like they had a blast...adorbs!

Your swap stuff rocks! And Reese's pedi is too cute.

Happy Monday!

Emmy said...

Aww cute pink piggies. Now that is a birthday party! How fun would that be. I think my husband would freak if I ever told him I wanted to have a birthday for my kids like that

Bridget said...

Cute pictures and awesome blog swap goodies!

Russo said...

Oh my goodness, looks like they had a blast. I adore the face painting. SO fun!

Amber said...

Sounds like the party was more like a carnival! Looks like they had a lot of fun.

Look at you with your swap loot, I love swaps - I've been itching to do another one myself!