My Summer Bucket

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I am excited and nervous all at the same time to being writing this post.  I saw this idea on Ambers’s Blog HERE where she found out about writing this bucket list HERE.  Why nervous?  Well, its a writing prompt that you are suppose to list 50, that’s FIFTY people, FIVE-ZERO things you want to do this summer and while the lists I’ve seen look so fun, I am not sure I can create 50 of them!  I’m happy to get Five things done on a weekend where there are no parties scheduled or Army Drill where the hubs has to be away for the weekend… but its a challenge and well.. I’m up for it… so, here we go. 
According to the Almanac, summer is from June 21st- September 23rd, so I am already 6 days behind the game.

1. Hang Ryan’s NFL Team Pennants.
2. Find/Buy Reese’s new bedroom furniture.
3. Find/Buy Reese’s new ‘big girl’ bedding and decor.
4. Finalize theme for Rayne’s baby room, current thoughts are
5. Organize/File Papers in Office
6. Find creative letters or Vinyl for decor in kids playroom for the walls.
7. Get a lamp for our play room
8.  Find something creative to go over our bed in the master bedroom
9.  Keep plants/flowers alive in the garden.
10.  Finish supporting Erik as he installs the rest of our security cameras around the house (in attempts to catch terd)
11.  Get the crab grass in our yard killed once and for all.
12.  Find a new recipe to cook for dinner
13. Get patio furniture that won’t blow away
14. Come up with a theme for the jack n’ jill bathroom that is now going to be called the jill n’ jill or Reese n’ Rayne bathroom

15. Get a pedicure, okay multiple
16. Try a Pregnancy Massage
17. Get a facial, never had one before
18. Go see Horrible Boss’ at the movies
19. See the movie Bridesmaids
20. Go the the Beach Club
21. Sign up for a painting class
22. Sign up for a cake decorating class
23. Have a baby play date for Reese with her friends
24. Have a play date for Ryan and his friends
25. Get a fun pair of yellow box flip flops
26. Win at a game of Words with Friends with ANYONE
27. Get my hair highlighted/trimmed
28. Have a girls night with friends
29. Have a picnic by the lake
30. Set up a tent in the backyard and camp out for a night
31. Get hooked on the next season of BIG BROTHER Season 13
32. Check out the new Christina Applegate comedy and hope that its good.
33. Take the kids to see fun fireworks, maybe set some off ourselves

34. Start Reese’s Baby Book
35. Plan
Kristi’s Baby Shower with another gal pal Jenny Garland
36. Host a week of Guest Bloggers while I’m out in the hospital with Rayne at the end of September.
37. Start my Christmas wish list and buy list and try to start buying NOW like
Viv does!
38. Get pictures made into black and white canvas’ of the kids and us to put on the wall.
39. Find a new craft that doesn’t require sewing to tackle
40. Make Tye Dye Shirts
41. Make cute onsie’s for Rayne with her name on them
42. Add more items to
my Pinterest site
43. Figure out an idea to start my own ETSY shop

44. Take the kids to the zoo
45. Take Ryan to Six Flags
46. Go to Fossil Rim in Glen Rose, Texas
47. Find a new job
48. Get a night away with just the hubs
49. Go on a romantic date with the hubs
50. Take the kids on a weekend get away to a beach on the coast

In other news.. I’m now 25 weeks along with baby Rayne and she’s a spitfire! Kickin’ and groovin’ like a healthy wild child!! My BFF Kristi who is pregnant with me took a picture the weekend of Reese’s party  and her daughter Kyndall’s birthday too (how cool to have our daughters born the same day, just 4 years apart… too bad we can’t schedule these babies to be born the same day) so we could document our bellies and I”m stealing the picture from her blog—but here we are with our baby bumps!  She and I are both daily comparing our habits and patterns and all I can say is.. THANK GOODNESS for a pregnant friend who ‘gets ya!’  She didn’t judge me when I told her I could pack away 5 donuts all by myself for breakfast because she has a craving for Taco Cabana’s breakfast tacos like something fierce.  She gets it when I tell her my emotional woes and hormonal points of view and it makes life so much easier!! 3 months to go!
kristi and me
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Jessica said...

Aww Love the picture!!! Cute preggo ladies!

That is a mighty big list!! It overwhelms me and it's not even my list!! Good luck with it though! I know you can accomplish every bit of it!

Stephy said...

What a fun list! I saw Amber's a few days ago & wanted to make one! Now I am getting more & more tempted! Good luck doing yours =)

Cherished Bliss said...

Wow. That's alot of stuff! I need to do so many things. Especially with the kiddos. It's just so darn hot outside!

Gauger Family said...

Such a good idea. I actually started a summer list but never posted it! I might have to go back and finish it up & post it! Love the belly pic- so fun!

Amber said...

I love that you put yours in categories, how organized of you! I guess I didn't realize how late into September summer goes (as it's usually back down to 30 here by September 1st) - that's a crap load of time, haha

I should have also put "get porch furniture that doesn't blow away" on mine as well...what a novel idea.

I love your pregnant bellies, you both are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Cute bellies. -- Makes me want to rub them or thumb them like a melon. ha

Girl!! That list..... I say, let's take bets to see how many you get done before Miss Thang is born. ;)

Those are some really great ideas tho. You forgot to have lunch with Amy tho!! HMPH! ;)

Lindsey Perkins said...

Your list is inspiring me to make one of my own and publish it for the world to see.

Per #6 on your list take a look at

Good luck :)

Rebekah said...

You look great!!! I want to see Horrible Boss' too!!!

Jenna said...

Loving the list! I think I need to make a list myself.

Oh I voted for the puppy towel that is too cute. :)

Love the belly pic! :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Fun list! I loved that one of your goals was to just keep your plants alive. I would also like to take a cake decorating class.

You and your friend are adorable pregnant ladies. :)

Connie Weiss said...

I love preggo bellys!!

Great list....good luck with getting it all done. I know you can do it!

All of these lists...inspired me to make a Foodie Bucket LIst for my food blog!

Impulsive Addict said...

Wow! That's a lot of things on your list girly! Good luck!

I love love love the belly shot! I think pregnant girls are sooooo pretty!