Hello Summer!!

‘Shaka Lacka’ its hot outside.  I’d like to say that pregnancy is a reason to think its overwhelmingly hot, but I think no matter what stage I’m in… I’m still HOT…. so hot that I have sweat dripping from my knees.. Who knew sweat could drip from knees!

Finding the time and energy to take a full on vacation is just not looking too promising, however I have found yet another reason why I love paying due’s to my local Home Owner’s Association.  <If you have been keeping up with me, its not because they assist in parking wars and apply penalties as I would if I were President>.  I love that we have a local pool club also known as the “BEACH CLUB” that literally takes the beach from the coast of Texas and puts it into a nice lil’ area where we can enjoy it, just 5 minutes away from our house.  This is an ariel shot I took from my personal helicopter.. haha, I kid… just making sure you are reading!

This is merely a picture posting….

beach club beach 3

 Beach 1 beach 2
I wish I had taken more pictures but I don’t have a water proof camera case…. and while Erik was off on one end of the pool with Ryan, I was with Reese so I missed out on getting more pictures of Ryan.  Luckily this will be a place we hang out a lot this summer…. so more to come!

Its a final count down for Reese’s birthday!! WHOA!! She’s going to be ONE on Saturday!! I can’t believe it!!  At this point, she is walking and spending a lot of her conversation time saying “WHAT!?” and has kicked the bottle and formula to the curb! She has decided that real food is the only way to live.  She’s made the transition from the bottle very easy…. next obstacle is the pacifier… thankfully we only use that for sleeping!

Happy Monday Ya’ll!!

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Rachel said...

OHHH jealous! We have something like that around here...but its not 5 mins away and more like 30 and its always packed!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

What a great place to live by! And your pictures of you daughter are adorable! I think she should be a baby swim suit model--so precious!

Brittney said...

oh wow thats really nice wish we had something likie that around here!

aww happy bday to reese my experience with taking the paci away is just to get rid of it and dont speak of it again my little one wondered where it was for about 1 day but after that he never thought twice about it

Gauger Family said...

That's so fun! I've always heard about that place but I thought you had to live in the neighborhood (or have someone that does live there bring you) to get in. That's what I was told anyways a few years ago. Happy 1st Birthday to Reese! Can't wait to see the party pics :)

Bridget said...

Oh my gosh, that looks like so much fun!! Cute pictures of your fun day!

lynn said...

What a great place to be able to hang out!

With both my kids, one day the pacifier was just "lost" and that was it. LOL They asked for it, we looked, told them it was all gone and they forgot about it fairly easily.

Jenna said...

How cool is that!? I'm supah jealous!!!

Oh and by the way Reese has to be the cutest little girl I've ever seen! Love her!

Anonymous said...

Shacka Lacka is correct!! Nice little beach club, ma'am! Super jelly over here.

I hope your hubs has sunscreen on his head. I am feeling sorry for him already.

And Miss Reese...she is stylin in that bikini!!

Krista W. said...

We've been contemplating dropping the pacifier, too. Like you, we only use it for sleeping. Let us know how it goes. Are you planning to go at it cold turkey or gradual?

Whoohoo @ the bottle transition! Is Reese drinking cow's milk yet or are you waiting until after she's 1 (so, Sunday? lol)?

Cherished Bliss said...

Umm.. I think they did better than bring the beach from the coast of texas. We went to galveston the other day and had to climb through seaweed, the water was not NEAR as clear. We live like an hour and 15 minutes from the beach and I don't even really want to go. It smells funny.

PS. seeing Reese walk around just makes me more jealous with every picture!!!!!! She did take 5 steps yesterday but nothing since... little toot face!