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In yesterday’s WWTK8, I had asked the question, “What 3 websites do you flock to that is non blog related” and many answered Pinterest.  My blog pal Jessica told me about it before and another blog pal Ashley sent me the invite to join. 

To be honest, I thought… this is a cluttered mess but I signed up!  ITS AWESOME! 

I think this might be my new hang out.  I have been trying to find a way to save links and its not easy when you have a work laptop, desktop at home and also use your phone to search for things.  All of the coolest things I find I can keep in one place!! I love it…. Have you been there?

I just added the following to my side bar above regular blog followers if ya wanna see what I’m pinning!! 


Gotta show you a few favorites really fast b/c I’m overwhelmed with excitement!! (LINKS ATTACHED TO PICS)

Birthday Board 11 wooden stool footprints
And then…. I found these… holy cow! click
HERE for link.

smores-stacksmores-melted smores-cookies 

I am only 1/2 a day into this!  I know I’ll find more favorites!!

On an unrelated note (sortof hidden in my post).. I need to find a new job!! I am not happy where I am and no one wants to hire a pregnant girl, but I have to seek a change! Any ideas?

Hope your Thursday is going great.. I’m signing off listening to “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga which has only played 17 times in the past 3 hours on this radio station but its catchy….

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lynn said...

I've seen this site mentioned a lot lately. I'm not sure I get the point of it.

Hillary said...

oh I LOOOOVE Pinterest! I'm going to follow you on there. :) It's a nice place to go when nursing baby on the couch. :)

Ashley Rose said...

OMG. Follow me.


...it's like crack, isn't it?

Amber said...

That footprint stool is so adorable. Clearly you have to do one for your fam when the baby comes. Imagine that little tiny baby print at the end?! *squee*

I hear you on the job thing, I'm REALLY hoping my new prospect works out - I'm desperate to get out of my current situation. Good luck!

Gauger Family said...

I've just gotten into that too! Love it and such a great idea! Good luck with the job. Are you just in a funk or really want something else? Is there anyway you can stay home? Just thinking about day care costs... I didn't know how we'd even do 2 in day care. Have you thought about selling stuff on ebay or etsy? Just trying to help :)

Jessica said...


I'm still loving Edge of Glory at the moment but I'm SOOOO over the Britney Spears song ... Till The World Ends.

Have you thought about doing Mary Kay? Scentsy? Have I already asked you that?

Brittney said...

aww the little footstep bench is so cute! mm those cookies look yummy

becca said...

will have to go check it out looks fun

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