Friday rewind to Tuesday

On Tuesday I mentioned that my Tribute would be postponed because I wasn’t completely ready since I was in the process of being….. CRAFTY!  WHOA!!  TRIBUTE TUESDAYS

Let me introduce you to.. Emma.
I met Emma around January of 2008 when I was the ‘first time Mom’ freaking out about leaving my child for the first time at daycare.  Emma was a smiling face when I would drop Ryan off at the early age of 12 weeks and every day since then!  Later this year he will be turning 4 which means I’ll have known Emma for 196 weeks!  haha.. <I think its funny how people with kids always speak in months, I digress>
Emma has been also in Reese’s life since she was 12 weeks old when she started school with her brother and Emma has become a true friend through it all!

Emma has been Ryan’s teacher for such a long time and he recently was promoted to the next class which has made for a sticky transition.  We still have hope that Reese will be in her class at some point (as long as she doesn’t find something better to do between now and then) and she will be there when Rayne walks through the doors for the first time in January. 
The thing is… we love this girl.  Emma is so good with kids, mine especially and when your child cries out for their teacher when they are at home, you know they are IMPORTANT!  As I have told her on many occasions—there are not enough words to express how much she means to our family and how much our children love her (speaking for other mom’s who know & love her too). 
Through Emma’s class, Ryan has 3 bestie’s and I decided to leave her with a lil’ momento of the kiddo’s so that she would always remember the fun times and it was an excuse to get crafty.  Here are Ms. Jones <—that’s what the kiddo’s call her…. & her peeps!

Emmas people

Am I the only one who is in love with the wood art?  I just think its so cute!!

For a tutorial, here’s what you’d need: 
Wood (2x4 & 4x4) cut to the size you want. 
Scrapbook paper.
vinyl lettering or sticker letters &any other embellishments you want to add.  Modgepodge glossy or matte depending on your mood.
Sissors and brushes (I used a foam brush)

All Blocks
base emma
emma 1

views blocks
Love & Adore ya Emma Jones!! You’re such a sweetheart and I love how much Ryan loves you!!!

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McKenzie said...

I absolutely love the wood art!! Makes me want to go make one IMMEDIATELY! Thanks for sharing the amazing idea ☺

Anonymous said...

Great idea, babe!! I am soo impressed. And here you said you had no craftiness in you. PUHH lease.

Jessica said...

Another great tribute!!!

Love what you made!! So cute!! I really should be more crafty.

Krista W. said...

I know I said I'd eventually stop just stalking and post, but eventually is happening today with this post because I'm right there with you. Emma is an AMAZING lady! I absolutely adore her and I know J does too. All of the teachers that have helped out in J and Reese's classroom that we've encountered having been wonderful. It makes it so much easier leaving your baby during the day knowing they are in such loving and sweet arms.

Jenna said...

I swear you made Emma cry today!!! I teared up for her and how sweet you are!

Awesome job crafty! I loved it!

Cherished Bliss said...

I just love these!! You soooo better link up on Tuesday little miss "I'm not crafty" You outed yourself! : ) : )

Too cute! : )

K Lind said...

Way cute crafts! We are planning on doing some wood pictures blocks for Girls Camp in August! Great minds think alike!

becca said...

what fun

Everyday Life

Rebekah said...

I love the word art, too! I want to try to make something, but I am so afraid of failure.