Blogging issues from moi!

My blog pal Mamarazzi posts a blog tips forum that she highlights a fellow blogger to give out some tips to others out there reading and in the hopes that I’ll be selected one day for a feature, but for now I’m writing some blog issues that have been on my mind.. I hope others are having these issues too and can comment on suggestions or thoughts. You can click the blog tips button to go get other tips from her!

For friends and family that aren’t bloggers, this might not be as entertaining to read, but if ya did happen to skim through it, you might see the amount of work it takes to be a blogger and why comments and such are so important.


Please also note, that I do not know everything about blogging.  In fact, I ask questions about ‘what should I be doing’ more often times than I am giving advice. 

To be a follower:  This is someone who is interested in reading your blog or coming back for whatever reason!  By following, it places the blog in your blog dashboard to read when updates happen or in your google reader to keep up with new posts.  To be a follower, you must have a google account, AOL or Yahoo.  There might be other ways, I’m just giving some I know for sure….

Say hello to some of my followers…I LOVE LOVE LOVE each one!!  But do you notice something odd?  A picture-less person is following me.   I know who it is when I click on the button but does this mean my fellow follower doesn’t have an image in their profile?  I Love to be able to run my cursor over my list and place a face with a name,  ya know?  I have to give my non-pictured blogger props though because when I click to go back and check on her.. she actually has her blog there for me to go and see it and that’s how I’ve stayed connected….

followers WHO

Now… this leads me to another issue.  Lets say you become a follower.  You may or may not tell the hosting blog that you are a new follower but you appear in the panel with some other sassy and fun bloggers.  I have no real excuse why you wouldn’t already be in my dashboard to follow back, but lets just say for grins you were sneaky and became a follower and I didn’t know.  So, I go to click on your image and land here… Again, not dragging my followers down, I just found an example…fellow blogger

I can send a message to my friend or go look at other sites she has joined, but I can’t link back to HER BLOG to check in on her.  Sad, right?  I have been googling this for hours and I think it has to do with your profile where you say “SHOW MY BLOG” but I’m not 100% certain.

And lastly.. because we all know how much comments mean to us as bloggers, right?  Its been said a bagillion times on various blogs that the way you meet new bloggers is to put yourself out there and LEAVE A COMMENT more than just ‘follow me, I follow back’.   I LOVE comments, who doesn’t… I wish more people would comment who are self described stalkers (I’m pointing at you! haha)… and here’s something that just keeps happening.  See example below…no commentor
I’ll get a comment (YAY!!!), I’ll even hit reply and find myself lost in words writing a lengthy response, go back and proof-read and am about to hit send and realize—HEY!! WAIT A SECOND… blogger friend is a NO REPLY blogger friend.  I just spent however long writing an email for nothing

Enable your email people.  Click for a link to show ya how: HERE.

Mamarazzi’s tip today is talking about commenting helping the blog world go round.. and its totally true.  If you want to expand your blog and get more followers, meet new people, get more ideas, you have to be willing to say something and reach out. 

For the non-bloggers out there…. This is a forum for fun thoughts, tips, etc and to leave a comment to say hi or something means more than you would know.   We all start our blogs for one reason or another but ultimately, we are reaching out and want to know you heard us.  I don’t know if its pride that prevents comments or maybe what I say is not comment worthy, but it really is nice to do.

Voila.  Any suggestions are welcome and please remember I can’t say it enough, I love my followers and only found examples to tie my blog issues together.. I wasn’t putting anyone down for how they chose to do their blogs.. just sometimes we don’t know what we are doing—I’m rowing the ‘I don’t know what I”m doing boat’ with pride.  Suggestions are always welcome!!

i don't know 

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Brittney said...

great tips!!! I love new followers but its so frustrating to click on their pic (or lack of pic) and cant find their blog!

Amber said...

I get so frustrated when I click on someone's picture in the follow box to not be able to find their blog link. I just don't think people realize they have to set that up separately, and why would they really?

Your friend Amanda I think just has a bad picture file or something, because if you don't have a picture on Google it just shows that gray silhouette picture.

Love bloggy tips, I wouldn't know what I know about blogging without them!

Anonymous said...

Hear, Hear... these are swell!! (yes, i said swell)

This is something I have encountered lately.. and I am stubborn UNTIL I GET A COMMENT, darn it!!

I have visited a particular individual. And I have left several comments. I have YET to see her visit my blog.
Normally, people would just move on, not return and def not look back. BUT... I am determined to have her comment on my blog!! lol I am that stubborn!-- maybe I like the challenge.
ALL OF THAT TO SAY, I agree with commenting back. You don't have to be a follower but be a sweetie (and wipe the seatie) and return some blog love.

S. Greiner said...

OK so I am so glad you used me as an example of not being able to follow back because I didn't even know that was happening!!!

You can follow me back :)!

Thanks :) great post!

Dottie said...

Ok! New follower! I'm just trying to get my own blog going so I really do appreciate these tips. I still think my blog sucks. Thanks for allowing me to laugh at myself. Pretty sure it made my day better.

Amanda said...

Thanks for putting those good blog tips together and sharing them with us. I've learned a lot thanks to you and Mamarazzi.

VandyJ said...

I so agree, the followers who don't have a blog listed with their profile are frustrating. It's like hitting a wall and not being able to return the follow love.

Amanda said...

Gosh, I had no idea I was your "mystery" follower. Yikes. Ok, I tinkered around a bit and I can finally "see" me now, so everyone else should be able to now as well.

Thanks for letting me know!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had been able to read something like this when I first started blogging. I had NO idea what I was doing. Truthfully probably still don't. ;o) But thanks for posting all these tips for clueless bloggers like me!!

Krista W. said...

You pointed at me in your post!! " wish more people would comment who are self described stalkers (I’m pointing at you! haha)… " Or maybe I'm self centered enough to hope it was me. lol! I'm getting better, I promise.

I usually don't post a comment because I don't think I have anything good to add to the already wonderful post. It's never about the quality or content of your post. I just have to swallow the lump in my throat and get over my nerves and hit the "publish" button.

So here I go. Hitting the publish button n

Connie Weiss said...

These are all GREAT tips!

I think some people are just blog readers....and don't have a blog to link to.

I just realized that I'm not following you....but I've corrected that.

Cherished Bliss said...

Great post!!!... I should probably check those things since most of my blogging is done with screaming kids at my ankles : )

Dazee Dreamer said...

Oh my. I don't like that either when you click on them and they don't list their blog. maybe they don't have a blog *said in my best detective voice* Maybe they are just stalkers. oooooohhhhhhh, aaaaahhhhhhh. Ok I've been awake too long today. :)

Bridget said...

These are great tips! :)

Amy said...

I've been blogging for about 3 years or so, and I still learn something new all the time. Thanks for some more tips!

lynn said...

One thing I've experienced lately and not sure if it's related to your example of followers not listing their blogs but.......I've had a couple people comment with "no reply blogger" so I'll go to my post and click on their name to get to the profile and they don't have it enabled so you can't see anything!

I then feel bad because I can't return the love and of course then wonder if they think I've ignored them and if they even realize it's like that.

Shawn said...

You are so right! They do know everything and the only ones they even consider listening to are their peers who also know everything. They are wrong though, I so wish there was a way to get through to them.

Nothing beats the love from four legged babies! Love that picture of Mackie Mae.

I have a huge fear of scuba diving too, I freak snorkeling unless I can see the bottom. I am always late too as hard as I try, I was even late for my wedding, no cold feet just late.

Sandra said...

I have to say I've read a whole lot of "this is how you should blog" posts. And so far I like yours the best. Know why? Because you were writing it with the intent of learning, and were asking questions (which I'm sorry I can't answer, I'm not exactly tech savvy...sowwy...) However, you came across as fun and likeable, as opposed to demanding something from your readers. I may seem a little insistent on this, but you have no idea how pleasurable it was to read your suggestions. I have come across SO MANY posts which claim to offer blog tips, yet this is what they say, "I hate it when I leave a comment somewhere and that blogger doesn't comment back." As a blogger, I try, I really do try, but sometimes, life just happens, and I don't get back to my fellow commenter, and then I read those posts, and I feel like the finger is being pointed at me. So bravo for this post! You were clear. You were helpful. And you were kind.

Screaming Sardine said...

I'm puzzled by not being able to find a blogger's blog in their profile either. Sure, some are set to private, and that's perfectly fine. I also imagine some just signed up for a blogger account so they can comment and follow blogs, yet they don't have a blog of their own. I understand that.

But what I don't understand is that many of my followers have blogs, and I know some of their blogs' urls. They have a good amount of followers, so it's not like they're new to the whole thing. Yet, their blog still doesn't show up in their profile. This is frustrating because I spotlight every single one of my followers, and there are some who will fall through the cracks because their blog isn't in their profile.

I'm sure they're not doing that on purpose. Don't know how to instruct them on what to do. :(

Tracy Screaming Sardine

Ashley Rose said...

Just wanted to leave a quick comment - If you don't see a blog on a person's profile, it's because they have chosen not to display it. If you go to edit your profile, you'll see "Show my blogs" in the Privacy section. There is a link that says "Select blogs to display" and you can check or un-check blogs that you contribute to. I contribute to several blogs, but I only display a few in my profile.

Just thought I'd share that!

Ashley Rose said...

P.S. My pic is in your Followers screen shot--HOLLA!!