Tuesday Tribute 8

Welcome to Week 8 of Tuesday Tributes!

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Allison over at Tri & Finish.

We are now in week 8 and I have contemplated giving up completely on my Tuesday Tribute for lack of participation.  I am unsure how get people more interested in wanting to link up, so this week, I am taking the rules out and not leaving a link for people to link up.  If you would like to do a Tribute and use my button, I just ask that you please link the button back to my blog and leave me a comment with your blog post.


This week I am paying Tribute to all those out there who have a crafty bone in their bodies.  One in particular who helped to make my Mother’s Day much easier when trying to find the perfect gift!! I also figured that I would pay tribute to my own family (hubs and kiddos included) for my sweet Mother’s Day gifts.

I was out searching for something personalized and unique and found these Birchwood vases on a fabulous Etsy site called: Bragging Bags.
I fell in love with the vases with the monogram on them!! I am not really one who enjoys getting flowers for occasions, but it might be more exciting if you had a special vase for them!  There are a TON of other awesome things on Morgann’s Etsy site that are worth checking out… but here is what the mother’s in our lives got (flowers purchased separately):

A personalized gift goes a LONG way in my opinion.  It first shows you put time and effort into the gift and also it is something that will always remind the receiver that you went the extra mile for them and its just so special….. these were so special that I got one for myself too!! Aren’t they beautiful!? 
Morgann Hill is the Etsy owner and has a blog which I thought would be worth passing on to you all too: 
IMG_8946 IMG_8939  IMG_8942
I would highly recommend this
Etsy Shop!! I just love how crafty people can be!!

And to give my hats off to my sweet little cuties and loving Husband….
IMG_8954 IMG_8952
I loved my special gifts!!  I can’t wait to hit up Vintage Pearl with my gift card!!! So excited!!!
IMG_8967 IMG_8966
IMG_8973 IMG_8968
It is important that I also note that Reese & Ryan have wonderful teachers Ms. Jones and Ms. Martinez who helped them make these fabulous keepsakes!

I feel so blessed to be a Mother… It was a title I never thought I’d have but it is by far the BEST and most REWARDING title and I cherish it along with my amazing children each and every day!! Thanks to my sweet husband for helping to make such adorable and loving children! :)

Such a random Tribute, I know.. but I love finding unique sites online that help to make occasions so special and of course was thrilled to have such amazing crafty gifts from my sweet children and hubs!!

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Stacie said...

I love etsy. I can browse on there for hours. I get most of my jewelry making supplies there because they are so reasonable and I don't have to buy a million of something when I only need 1!

Glad you had such a great Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Hey hunny bunny!! I participated today!!! I was kinda looking forward to doing the Mr. Linky---- he is a looker, ya know. hee hee

These vases are GORGEOUS!!! You always find the neatest things, sista. I am gonna check them out!

Have a Terrific day!!!

Jo Black said...

I think Tribute Tuesday is a wonderful meme! I'm surely going to link up with you!!


Allison said...

Mine's up - and I posted the linky :)

Jessica said...

I really love those vases. I'm considering ordering one for myself. :)

Love you sweet mother's day goodies!!

Cherished Bliss said...

I did mine too!!


I miss the linky : (