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This coming weekend, incase you haven’t checked your calendar is MOTHER’S DAY!  So, what better time than to pay tribute to a Mother!!

On April 8th, 2005 I officially gained a Step Mom:  Kaye.  She is also known as Gammy if you have been keepin up with my previous posts.  IMG_9834  IMG_9876IMG_9875
I met Kaye a bit earlier than 05’ and she has always had a very warm heart and open arms for friendship.  ‘Step-mom’ is such a stickler of a name because you either get a good one or you don’t and I got lucky and got a GREAT ONE. 
Kaye has always been very supportive and understanding.  To step in the role of a step mother can’t be easy but she did it with grace and ease.  I look to her for her opinions, I love spending time with her.. she is someone I feel that is the closest to a Mom that I could have!  When I gave birth to Ryan, she was right there and stayed in town to help me for 2 weeks which was the best thing I could have asked for being a new Mom myself.  It was just nice to have someone listen and cry to as my hormones were out of whack!  She was amazing and I could see the love she had for my son and how excited she was once she came up with her ‘Grandparent nick name’:  GAMMY!  It was a perfect fit!
And then of course she was there when Reese was born, ready with open arms and I think she might even love Reese more than she loves me.  Just kidding.. I’m just trying to emphasize how being a grandparent to my children has been such a natural and loving response!
I adore and appreciate Kaye in so many ways.  She of course is a super wife and makes my Dad so happy and that fills my heart with joy!  She is one of my bestie’s and I trust her whole heartedly!  I am very thankful and lucky to have her in my life!! I hope this year is a GREAT Mother’s Day!! My Step Brother Jason is back from Afghanistan and everyone is home safe and sound!! Couldn’t ask for a better one!
Janette posin' with Kaye IMG_7533
Sending Lots of Mom Love to ya!!

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Stacie said...

Its so great to hear about a step relationship that is a great one! Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful relationship with your step mother and that is wonderful :) Hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day.

Rebekah said...

It is so wonderful that you gained a wonderful step mom and gammy! Such a sweet post!

Jessica said...

Such a sweet tribute to your step mom! Love all the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Oh.. Holy Heck!! I forgot about this!

So sweet-- and she is so pretty!!

Emmy said...

That is awesome-so glad you lucked out with a great one. She sounds like an awesome lady. And you are beautiful!

Impulsive Addict said...

What a super sweet post! I love that she make you and your daddy happy! =)