To do before May 21

Oh Golly!! The world is ending tomorrow and I have so much left to do!  Where do I begin?  Its like the question we asked in our Wednesday blog party—what 5 things would you pack if you were going to a deserted island.  PANIC!!
end of the wrold

At what point does a person who thinks he knows God’s Plan get sent to a psychiatric ward for some evaluation?  I guess I’m one of those people who feels this really isn’t something I will believe from a preacher out of Oakland California.  “He reckons 2 per cent of the world's population will be immediately "raptured" to Heaven; the rest of us will get sent straight to the Other Place.” 

Lucky for me, I was sent an invitation so I’m actually apart of that 2%.  I didn’t see the entire invite list, so I can’t say if you are on it or not—but I bet Mr. Camping is taking phone calls on his donation funded radio station and probably has the list sitting there with him.   SERIOUSLY people:  they say this dude rakes in assets totaling $120 MILLION. 

So since the end is coming at around 6pm according to the man who can barely keep his eyes open AND this is his 2nd attempt to calculate the end b/c the first time he says he didn’t really read enough to fully know but knows now…….

I really need to get some things done!! Celebrate my anniversary in super speed, have everyone over tomorrow around noon to have a beach party for Reese who turns 1 next month, celebrate the hubs birthday, Dad’s birthday and Father’s day sometime between now and give birth to my baby by 6pm tomorrow is gonna be EXHAUSTING!!!  Also, as 6pm hits each time zone, that’s when you’ll be effected.. so, if the peeps in the East start disappearing, we’ll know ahead of time. Phew!

Thankfully I don’t put a lot of stock into such things and sit back and laugh, poke fun and tease. Can’t help it.


I find myself signing up for all these deals… like Groupon, Groopdealz, Facebook deals, etc. and I just know one of the deals that pops through will be up my alley and I’ll buy it up fast… I love Etsy and a blog pal I came across had this on her blog (I say “her” b/c I sadly have the memory of a fruit fly and if ‘she’ stops by, remind me so I can give you credit for hookin’ me up!)  and I clicked it…(you can click the pic)

heartsy Every day or so they email you one deeply discounted deal to use at an artist's Etsy store.  I have received 1 email so far and for all you Etsy store owners, it might be a great thing for you to sign up for and get featured? 

Then I was looking at one of my favorite blogs “How Does She” and I think I have found my next copy cat project to try…
blocks 2x4
The only thing I need help with is: 

Where do you get the vinyl lettering? 

Have a great weekend friends!! Big hugs!! See you Monday unless you know who says Monday is the next dooms day.

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Dazee Dreamer said...

wow. good luck getting all that stuff done by tomorrow at 6. I'm so glad to know that we should probably start knowing soon because if the international date line disappears, I'm going into hiding. :)

Jessica said...

Wow I should get busy! You are way ahead of me by at least having your final prep planned out! I think I'll just wing it!

I of course will see ya there around 7ish? I'm sure there will be a check in at the pearly gates or something.

Hobby Lobby (and even wal-mart) has some lettering like that in the scrapbooking section I think. (40% of coupon at HL starts Sunday).

Jenna said...

It could also be letters made from a circuit or any other machine thingy like that.

Kylee said...

Well swap buddy, I can help you out with the vinyl lettering! I sell Uppercase Living, or I can cut you some on my cricut! Let me know which you would like and I can include it in your present :)

Stacie said...

You'll never get it all done. The good news in all of this--calories consumed today and tomorrow AM are inconsequential, just sit back and have some chocolate!

Amber said...

I am hoping that the rapture only effects the building I work in...

You know...that it will like implode on itself? That's Rapturesque right?

I plugged Heartsy on my blog yesterday!

And I'm pretty sure it was on How Does She... that I saw a super cute idea that I'm going to steal as well dealing with pictures, I just need the pictures first, hah

Good luck tomorrow, hopefully you get everything accomplished, and of course get enough pictures to post for Monday, lol

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

Touche! I think we all have a lot of stuff to do...and I'm sitting here reading blogs! LOL....poor poor man, I wonder what he's going to say on Sunday when people are asking him questions???

Anonymous said...

I guess I dont have to lose those pesky 10 pounds afterall!!--- Now, where did I stash those Snickers??

Etsy is a good place for those letters.

(Someone else may have mentioned that in their comment. I didn't read them.)