Hello May..

Ah!! It’s finally May!  I don’t know why April felt so long but it lasted FOREVER in my world. I am so excited to announce that we got our Date Night this weekend!!
Date Night
It was a much needed get away!  The last time we attempted a date night was January 15th and I only remember the date because that night of our planned date, I realized that I had forgotten we I had R.S.V.P’d to a co-workers wedding that turned out to be a 4 hour long reception filled with a 10 course meal, so it was a night that was hard to forget. 
date night 2
I nearly starved myself for the day so that when we went out to eat at Shogun, I would get my money’s worth of delicious food.  If I weren’t pregnant, I might be embarrassed that of the 8 people at our table watching the lil’ cooking show and getting refills on drinks that I was the last one STILL EATING!  I asked for a to go box, but lets face it.  I wasn’t going to walk away without putting forth all efforts to eat EVERYTHING I had intended…. after all, its why I ate Ramen Noodles for lunch!  DELICIOUS!!!!! (no need for the to-go box after all)shogun We rolled ourselves out of our chairs and out to the car and zoomed down the highway just in time to scurry into the movie theatre with super full bellies and ready to sit back and watch our first movie together out since…. well, I can’t recall because it has been THAT LONG. 
images2 source code source-code-movie-photo-03
We saw ‘Source Code’ with Jake Gyllenhaal.  Now, if we were at home and had bought a movie on our TV to watch, I would be PASSED out asleep before the middle of the movie.  I might as well have fallen asleep during this movie because when the credits were rolling at the end, I looked at Erik and said, “So what was that about?”  I was so confused.  I think it was good, but I just needed a lil’ more explaining.  I think my brain was so used to shutting down at 9pm, that it was in over drive and shock that it was 10pm and all of my blood was still digesting lobster, steak, shrimp and scallops from earlier… oh and fried rice, salad and soup.  ahhh.. I still woke up starvin’ the next day!  Ha! 
I grabbed a few cutie shots of our little people!! LOVE BUG ROCK STAR

Hope your weekend was great and that you’re off to a Rockin’ great week!! Pin It


Natalia Lynn said...

Sounds like fun! I need a date night soon, too!

Jessica said...

Yaaa! So glad y'all got your date night!! I've been wanting to see Source Code. We love movies that you really have to put a lot of thought in and watch several times. I guess that's why Inception is one of our favorite movies and Lost is one of our favorite shows!! HAHA!

BTW Fried Rice sounds SOOOO yummy right now! (Yes at 9am)

Anonymous said...

Date nights!!!! LURVE them!
We were going to go this weekend but due to all the rain, we decided against it.--- We took a RAINcheck. Get it? *snort*

Anywhoo... sounds like fun. Glad you got to spend time with the hunny.

Anonymous said...

We really need a date night. I have no idea the last time me and hubby has been out on a date. Glad you had a good time.

Cherished Bliss said...

Yall are so cute!! You have to most adorable posts : )

Reading this reminded me I have a Carabba's gift card laying in my room : ) : )

Impulsive Addict said...

GIrl, I can TEAR UP some Shoguns! It is awesome! I'm usually bloated for 5 days but it's always worth it!

Cute pics of you and the hubs and cute kiddie pics too!

So, I shouldn't be renting this when it comes out on DVD?