Feelin’ my Age

So stinkin’ proud of our lil’ Reese- a-roo… she is officially walking!  She is seen here taking some of her first multiple steps!! Still a lil’ rusty at it, but you know that won’t last long!

Why am I feeling my age?  Well.. I am 33 years old and I’ve been in that rebellious, smart ass, terd phase back about 15-18 yrs ago so I remember it well… and it brings me to the issue I am facing now. 
Welcome first to my neighborhood… just a few key points in the picture to help my story get going.
We are having a parking WAR with our neighbors teenage kids.  For some reason, they enjoy parking in front of our house.  I normally wouldn’t care, but its almost a daily occurrence.  We have gone so far as to move our cars to park in front of our OWN house and not in our drive way to give them the hint but its not working.  So, on Tuesday, I came home from work and as I was getting out, the red mustang comes and parks RIGHT in front of my house.  I went to this lil’ terds window waiting for him to notice me standing there as he was very busy on his phone.

Me: Could you please park your car somewhere else?
Terd:  Where do I park? 
Me:  Anywhere but in front of my house.  You see, if I want anyone to come over to visit, they have no where to park because you are here daily.
Terd: Well I am visiting my girlfriend (ACROSS THE STREET) and can’t park in her drive way.
Me:  Don’t you live down the street?
Terd: Yes
Me:  Then how bout you park in front of your house and walk here?

Terd gets back in his car to move it…..as his girlfriend (neighbor) is now standing outside the door wondering where her skinny man in shining armor is.. I assured her that he was coming, but moving his car.  He moved it 1 house up from mine.

Ahh.. I feel better.  I go in the house… decide I’d like to tell my blog friends about this situation and came out with my camera.  Here are more details in pictures:

So in the above shot, you can see the issues at hand.  Normally their son’s truck is parked in front of my house.  But, because the son has actually been parking in front of his house, the boyfriend is now parking in front of mine.  The HILARIOUS part is that the terd who has now been promoted to asswipe lives down the street and could walk to our house.

So, I go outside to grab my pictures and LOW AND BEHOLD the ASSWIPE has moved his car BACK in front of my house… literally 20 minutes after I asked him to move it from in front of mine.  As I’m snapping pictures, they raise the window and shout out..

Girlfriend/Neighbor:  WHAT ARE YOU DOING!
Me: Taking Pictures
Girlfriend/Neighbor: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!?
Me: Nothing!  I just do not understand why you can’t park somewhere else after I politely asked you to PLEASE move your car!
Me:  Perhaps he could park in your FREAKIN DRIVE WAY or PERHAPS HIS OWN HOUSE AND WALK!
(They shut their window…. no good come back after that).

My heart is racing.. I’m MAD as hell… I’m dealing with 2 immature 18year olds!  What set me off was that he moved it BACK to be in front of my house!  So, I called another neighbor and said, “WHAT DO I DO!? I’m so mad I could spit!”  She suggested I walk down the street which took me less than 2 minutes to go speak with his mother.  

OH YEAH… I turned into THAT LADY!

His Mom was very friendly, telling me what a great driver he was and he was 18 and bla bla bla bla… and she couldn’t believe he would do that and she would talk to him… bla bla bla.  She was not grasping my situation but I felt better.
4 hours later, his car was still in front of my house.

Dear Ryan, Reese & Rayne:  You will lose your car for at least a MONTH if you ever act like this and I’m told about it. 
Dear Neighbor:  Next time, I’m gonna flatten your tires.  Love ya!

I’m not gonna lie… I was driving to work today and it could have been the poor roads with cracks in it or the wind blowing harder than usual but I gripped the steering wheel praying that the terd, promoted ASSWIPE didnt do something to my car during the night and I don’t wanna die!!

Its petty, and silly…. and it is a free neighborhood to park but the lack of courtesy after I have asked nicely is just throwing my hormones into OVERDRIVE.  G’Day!

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Anonymous said...

Let's just blame the hormones for this outrage!!

Wow... I would have been PEEEEEEVED too. On a funny note, I think you would have looked pretty dern cute out there snapping pictures.

And I was really looking at these pics too.-- dissecting each one, mind you.

Jessica said...

You should definately start parking in front of THEIR house and see how they like it. Each time you have a guest over ask them to move their cars across the street in front of their yard.

People are so rude and inconsiderate. Thank GOD I live in the country. I would go crazy on someone too!

Anonymous said...

I was getting mad just reading this post!!! I hate it when people act that way! (Unfortunately it's not always just kids. Come adults are the same way!)

I agree with Jessica, start parking your car in front of THEIR house. Then maybe the girlfriend's parents will do something about it since the boyfriend's mom didn't seem to care!

Anonymous said...

*Some adults, not come :o)

Jessica said...

I totally forgot about Reese's video! She's so cute!! Already a lot of progress from your last video on FB!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

First, such a sweet little walker!

Second, whoa! So sorry. I can tell you needed to vent. I was getting so frustrated for you as I read that post. Ahhh! The neighbor girl's mom doesn't care either?

I'll pray for them to break up!

Debbie said...

Uh Oh - you have a walker....lol
It's on now!

And about the car - that is just crappy what they did. Sometimes teenagers as so spoiled and rude.

Dazee Dreamer said...

Good for you going and talking to his mother. That little turd.

I would have probably said I was taking pictures for the cops.

Actually I would probably be too scared to say anythingt to anyone. :)

Gauger Family said...

OMG, that is so funny. I'm dying laughing because we are pretty much having the same problem. Except we have driveways in the back but our neighbors across the street (that have over 12 people living in it, bank owned house) like to park ALL 8 of their cars in our cul-de-sac and in front of our house. I've been calling our home owners assoc. EVERY single day and submitting pictures so they can see. Still nothing. We even had a someone come want to buy our house but turned it down because they were concerned about the parking out front. What is this, Chicago???? I feel your pain but teenagers are the worst!

Amber said...

What a spoiled snot, what 18 year old needs a new Mustang for one and two why can't he just park in his girlfriend freaking driveway? There's clearly enough space.

Nothing infuriates me more than invasion of space, especially from neighbors.

And the nerve of them to be yelling out the window to a sweet pregnant lady!

I probably would've keyed his car.

singedwingangel said...

Seriously that is just rude and I would speak to the girlfriends parents and tell them the situation. They may be more understanding and put a foot in someone's ass..

Bex said...

OMG I am having the same problem...but it is people who go to the church across the street from my house, and they are parking IN my driveway. I've had to go into the church on more than once to tell them to move their cars out of my driveway so that I can get out. It is ridiculous! I now tape notes to the windshield that tell them I am going to have them towed the next time they park in my driveway!

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

I feel so terrible for you! You would think there should be something that could be done, isn't it in front of your house? And if he's parking in front of a mailbox isn't that supposed to be wrong or something I thought the mail people didn't like that? I don't know. I hope it gets better, maybe you should talk to the girlfriends parents! LOL

Snuzi said...

My husband told me about a handy little "prank". If you put a tiny little pebble in the air valve and then screw the cap back on, it will flatten his tires. Also throwing eggs works nicely too.

The up side is that since they are stupid teenagers, surely this relationship is almost over and he will be parking in front of some other girls neighbors house soon.

Anonymous said...

I love this. It would totally peeve me off too. What if you talked to the girl's parents? Or egg his car. Or break the windows. Or get in and move it?

Just some things I'm throwing out there. ;)

Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

That is too funny what a good morning chuckle.