Ahh… Love Fridays

Its so pretty here today.. and I’m ready for the weekend! Why not kick it off with my Friday Confessional?  I’m hookin’ up with Mamarazi & Glamazon…….


I confess…. I wonder if killing bugs is a sin?  I ask because we have had a major issue at work with fruit flies and I’m trying to prove a point to people about how many of them I have smacked down.. its trivial and immature but here’s their resting place.. and don’t judge.. I named them.

I confess….when I walk by people in public, I usually hold my breath because I do not want to smell them….
I confess….I wish I had the energy of my children.  I can’t remember if I had this much energy when I was their age, but no matter what, I adore it.

IMG_8975 IMG_8974
IMG_8924 IMG_8913

I confess….I am loving my pregnancy right now!! I feel a little blubbery and keep mentioning the hungry hippo that I feel like, but I’m loving every minute of it! I guess knowing its my last makes me more appreciative of the moments!!  I also LOVE having a BFF to be pregnant with!!  We are about 3 weeks apart.
IMG_8889 IMG_8888
I confess….some may call it Un-American, but I do not like hamburgers.  I had a horrible experience as a kid when my mom made under cooked burgers and she forced me to eat it- at least that’s how I remember it… so its always been an ‘ick’ item to me.  BUT… I’m willing to set my feeling aside to be one of the many to stand in line to have an experience at
in out burger
They just opened 2 in our area and you would think the Pope was in town because of the crowds it has drawn.  This better be smack me on the butt and rub my shoulders kind of good.  In any case, they have chocolate shakes so I can always fill up on that.

Have a great weekend peeps!

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VandyJ said...

I understand your aversion to hamburgers--I feel the same way about Taco Salad. Too many times sick after eating it.
I know I'd be a millionaire if I could bottle the energy my kids have and sell it.

Jessica said...

Your fruit fly cemetary is hilarious! Poor tiffany fly and all her companions.

Love the baby bump!! I bet it would be fun to be have a pregnant buddy that understand all that you are going through.

I don't really like burgers either. We looked at a Medium rare steak from a local restaurant in my biology class in college. GAG! Steaks don't bother me too much as long as they are very very done but ground hamburger meat just grosses me out. Adam has to cook it at our house! ICK.

Megan Harmeyer said...

So...I gotta know...where are you? I'm in NM and I don't have an In 'N Out but I would stab somebody in the eye for some InO. I'm kidding. Sorta. LOL Ugh...if I had as much energy as my kids, I'd get SO much done. I can't even imagine. Happy pregnancy!! And happy weekend.

Rebecca said...

I wish I had that kind of energy too! I wonder where it all went to or exactly when it went away... Have a great weekend!

Amber said...

I always used to say when I was a preschool teacher that whoever could figure out how to bottle the energy kids have will be a millionaire!!

The picture of you and your friends' baby bumps are so cute!!!

The fruit fly graveyard made me lol. Are they still just sitting on that table?? May they RIP, haha

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

Aww it's sad this is your last pregnancy..I'm enjoying you pregnant....not that I don't when your not....

I wish I had a BFF close to be preggo with! That's the best!

I never heard of In-N-Out burger....sounds yum though.

So..when you walk by people not wanting to smell them, is that because of the pregnancy? or is that even when your not pregnant..that's funny!! Sometimes people smell good...I find most times they smell better than not... :)
Have a great weekend.

Kristi Kelly said...

I LOVE being preggo with you too!! I love that you live in my same town now, I love that we talk every day, I love that we both are eating like crazy, and I love that we get to share our last pregnancies together!! Best Friends Est. Fall of 1996!!! Love ya!

Stacie said...

I hope those flies received a proper burial. That is too funny!

And most days, I'd settle for the energy of a 25 year old!

Date Girl said...

ugh, undercooked burgers, that sounds terrible. I'm a turkey burger fan myself. If I'm super bad and get fast food, I do love In & Out. Trade secret-make sure you order your burger animal style. It's delicious!

Heheh, that's a great idea about holding your breath around people in public. They are smelly aren't they?