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As I am wrapping up my 15th week of pregnancy with Baby #3, I am constantly reminded just how much being pregnant and being a Mom really jacks with your mind!  All you Mom’s out there know what I’m talking about and there just has to be some medical research that has covered how the brain is impacted during the pregnancy cycle and motherhood.  I say this b/c I am amazed at the stupid things I keep saying and doing on almost a daily basis!

(these are my true stories & have not been fabricated, although I wish they had been)

You know you are a Mom or Pregnant if…..

….You get ready for the day and walk out of the house only putting deodorant under 1 arm.

….You think eating 4 Eggo Waffles, 6 slices of bacon is considered a normal breakfast and are hungry 1-2 hours later.

….You cannot get the name of your own child right when you are talking to them… so you run through the entire list including the dog.

….You lose your debit card in the purse the size of a small lunch box and then realize it was in your hand the entire time.

….Pure lack of knowing what day it is and missing appointments.

….Asking your spouse the same question over and over because you forgot that they already told you several times before.  I see his lips flapping, but don't know what he's saying, so I have to ask to say it again.


…Crying for no good reason but yet it feels so good to get it out!

….I linked up yesterday with Mamarazi and was so determined to be the most organized and dependable co-host but I am pretty sure I screwed that up with the most ridiculous pregnant brain questions.  For example… She asked that we all post at the same time so it goes live together.  She lives in PST and I am in CST and she reminded me of going live at 12PST.. I was feeling smart and said, yes!! I’ll be sure my post is up at 11pm CST.. she reminded me that I am 2 hours ahead and I felt like the biggest boob.  She also created this cute button specifically to link back to my blog which I promptly loaded on my side bar when she sent it.  About a week later, I sent her a message asking her to please send me the link code b/c I couldn’t find it anywhere!  HELLO!! Its RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE!! I was embarrassed b/c I know how stupid I was coming across!  AGH!!

….Telling someone you will call them _right back_ but never remembering to do so. 

I think it would be safe to let Erik wear a shirt like this for the next 4-5 months and be okay with it:


Agh.. I can’t even remember all of the moron things I have done or said that is how crazy I feel!! I have good intentions and I am a very organized person, but right now I feel like I rode the short bus to work today. 


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Jenna said...

LoL You crack me up! I remember feeling like that all of my pregnancy and for about the 1st year of motherhood. I'm sure I still say and do goofy things. Can I just blame that on mommy brain?!

Jessica said...

Love it!! Very cute and funny post!!

I Love the Goldfish picture! I feel like that a lot ... and no mommy brain to blame it on.

Rachel said...

Hahaha, oh so so true!! I swear the babe sucks out all our brainpower!

mommatojoa said...

I love this! It is SOOO true! I am almost 35 weeks with my baby #3 and it is taking a toll on my poor brain:)

Russo said...

I showed my sister this post and she loved it (she's pregnant) We were laughing because you stated everything so well. I always love reading blog posts.

I hope your pregnancy continues to go well, my friend. ~Russo @

Gauger Family said...

Awww! At least you have an excuse :)

4 waffles? Wow! That is funny!!

Impulsive Addict said...

YOU ARE HILARIOUS! Those are sooo accuate too!

I still think Emma is sucking my brain cells from my head daily.

Rebekah said...

I feel like some of those things apply to my life...and I am not even pregnant!