The Winner and More

I want to Thank each and every one of you who signed up to win in my give away.  I think you all have heard it before… but I really enjoy doing the give away’s not only to give people the chance to win something but because I BELIEVE in the product and person selling.  I trust the product, I use it myself and want to share it with the world.  So, my ultimate goal is not only to get a lucky winner to experience what I love, but so that all of you will go and spread the word and maybe think to check back with that company or person for future ideas!
I must give props to Jessica McCoy, Emma Jones & MomToJoe because each one of them had 9 entries each. 
Thank you!!
With all of that said, the winner is…….
Shannon from the Gauger Family Blog!
*If you did not win, please do not let this stop you from signing up for future give away’s here and if you have won before, please don’t think you are out of the running to win again*
Easter was a hit!  We got our eggs decorated at the last minute and a meal put together for a family of 12 and cleaned the house in a tizzy… but it all worked out great!!  I was noticing while at Sunday Mass, not only the awful smell of the incense in the air which I couldn’t stop thinking smelled like urine.. but just how many people come out of the wood work to attend church.  The burning incense then got me looking around and noticing how many people were there and wondering what the building occupancy code number was… yeah, I was all over the place with my thoughts.. at least I’m being honest.  There has to be some type of a fire code that was definitely being ignored.  I know a bunch of people who might not admit that they are thinking random thoughts while the services are going on but I’ll be the first. 
I figured it would be best to do a slide show for our Easter Pictures so you can either sit and watch or just keep on movin’…. I also couldn’t just pick 3 or 4 to post and leave out the rest.
Hey, are you ready for Mother’s Day?  Its coming in 2 weeks (if you don’t count this week).  I have found a really cool link for what I’m doing for the Mom’s in my life but don’t want to post it here just yet… so if you need an idea, leave a comment letting me know and I’ll send you what I’m doing.  I am hoping when I post mine, ya’ll will love it and the other items the site sells and beg for a give away so they might say YES!  Also,  If you have ideas too, please share!! Do you have a favorite Etsy store?  I’m loving the places I’m finding and would love to know your favorites! 
I’m also lockin’ down to get Reese’s birthday party ready.  I’m very prideful and hate asking for help but does anyone have links to places that they have used with good quality invitations, party deco, etc?  Think:  BEACH.
Next up is Tuesday’s Tribute, Wednesday’s We Want to Know, and whatever else comes to mind!!  Just to keep you up to snuff on my week ahead..
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Brad and Shannon Roy said...

When I was looking for stuff for Brandon's birthday I saw a ton of beach stuff @ They even had a beach ball invitation. Good luck with the planning!

Jessica said...

Congrats Shannon!!!! Just goes to show that even if you have some of the most entries it only takes one to win!

Cute pics of the kids!!! Love the one with Ryan and Daddy running after the eggs HAHA! Was that a trash can he was holding?! HA!

No ideas what I'm doing for Mother's Day yet. Adam's dad's b-day is May 6th so I really should get to planning something. What are you doing?

Gauger Family said...

Yea! I am SO EXCITED :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Shannon!! When I get my pc, I can't wait to visit with these lovelies that you are mentioning.

Glad ya'll had such a great Easter.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a wonderful Easter. I really enjoyed looking at the photo's. That Easter cake looked yummy.

I can't wait for Mother's Day, a total day of relaxation :)

Impulsive Addict said...

Cute, cute pics!

YES! Send me the link! I think I have my MIL taken care of but I don't have anything for MY mom yet. Tell me please!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winner!!

Adorable pics!