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Welcome to Week 4 of Tuesday Tribute!
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We all have friends, family, co-workers or even the new friend you met via blog hopping that you genuinely care about and want to let them know.  You may have someone whom you’ve lost and never got the chance to tell how you felt.  Lets not let anymore time go by without letting those we care about know how we feel!
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In April of 2005, I became acquainted with a guy named Jason.  We got a chance to meet a few times and I extended an offer to have him ride with me in my car from Dallas to Austin to go and witness our parents get married!  My family dynamic is pretty difficult to keep up with or understand, but just to keep it simple… my Dad was marrying his Mom.   This new guy in my life was about to become the closest thing I have ever had to a sibling!  I was excited!  He was fun to talk to and on our drive back, we stopped for pictures with the blue bonnets which I doubt was the highlight of his trip, but he put up with me nonetheless… which is what brother’s do, right? 

IMG_0143 We ventured the long way home and drove to Crawford, Texas to see how close we could get to the Bush Ranch.  We made it pretty close but then ran across the patrol that blocked the road to go any farther.  It was fun!

IMG_0183Jason had been in the Air Force, stationed in Washington, so we didn’t get to see each other very often, but we were always able to pick up and joke with each other when we did hang out. 

ME AND JASON 1  He is now serving with the Army and was called to serve in Afghanistan about a year ago and this week they are suppose to be sending him home!! So, I figured this would be a great week to give him Tribute for not only being the closest thing I have to a brother, but for serving our country.  I know that being a soldier is not easy and dealing with the ups, downs and twists and turns that the Army throws at him is a battle itself!  But for all he has endured and being away from family, I am proud of him!  I think it is amazing to be apart of history! Its the most admirable thing about being a soldier! 

He hasn’t quite warmed up to the idea of being an Uncle, but even though he’s unfamiliar with kids and how to be around them, he has put forth the effort to at least take some pictures for nostalgia and to humor me!  Deep down, I think he loves it!

Love ya Jason!! My Brother from another Mother!
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