Tuesday Tribute 6

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I thought that it would be fun to pay tribute to MUSIC…. yeah, I’m opening the tribute up a tad to include anything!
Why music?  Well, when you think over the course of your life, hasn’t there always been a song or musician that helped you get through a rough patch, or a song that you share with a best friend, your husband/boyfriend or just a time in your life when life was good?  Yeah, we all do.
Here are some of mine… and what they take me back to.
When I think of my earlier childhood and going skiing with my folks, I recall this song and when I think of my Pap, I think of this one..
When I think of my middle school days in Louisiana and Texas… the big ole hair bands come to mind and YES, I bought these CD’s!  Gosh, just seeing a picture of the Nelson twins brings back memories.. I am not the kind who finds long hair attractive, but Golly miss Molly, they were oohh and ahhh for me in 7th grade!
VA - Hundred Monster Ballads (2007)Then there was high school and I guess this band covers my lifetime, but stands out most to me from that era…. I think I have blocked out the whole Vanilla Ice and One hit wonders from that time too.. although when I hear some of those songs, I am taken back…
U2And then there was college days.. and I think this CD was over-played in my CD player till scratches were permanently cut into them! 
Dave_Matthews_Band_-_EverydayWhen I met my husband.. there were a few songs that come to mind.. from the time we were dating, when we had our first kiss and our first dance at our wedding…. ahh… I love hearing these!
this kiss Diamond_Rio_-_Beautiful_Mess
And then my children came into my life and call it hormones or this amazing voice, but this guy has charmed my heart and can bring tears to my eyes when I hear his voice.  I think his voice is so amazing and just opens my heart to how much I LOVE and ADORE my children!! I know he reads my blog.. so Josh, anytime you want to sing for my family and kids, stop by! Josh Groban Wallpaper - 1 I am definitely one of those people who turns on the radio in the car and says, “Oh that is my FAVORITE song” and after an hour ride , I would have accumulated 36 favorite songs.  But these above are who I think of that played apart in each phase of my life. 
Tell me.. who/what are you paying tribute to?
On a side note:  We are in our 6th week of Tuesday Tributes and while I am so overjoyed with those who link up, I am curious if I could get some reader input.  I have toyed with just giving up on the Tributes…. not many are linking up.. is this a failure?.. something that hasn’t really grabbed your attention to want to participate?  I am just askin’ for some advice because I don’t want to be a quitter, but I do want to feel like this is worth it to post each week…. would you rather see a post about something else?  If so… please let me know.. I’m an emotional pregnant girl.. I need insight from my readers… please!
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Jessica said...

I have many many favorite songs as well! My fav for today is Honey Bee by Blake Shelton, at least until I get back in my car and hear something else that gets stuck in my head.

I love music. To me there are some songs that just fit your mood so perfectly it's like they were written just for you!

Anonymous said...

Ugh... Im just a loser and forgot that you did this! I am so out of the loop these days!

As for the feedback... I am a horrible linker upper. I do it for like 2-3 weeks and then I go over there and do something for 2-3weeks. Surely there is a 12 step program for people like me.

Emmy said...

I am new to your blog today and I like this tribute idea, very unique. I think most people probably would have one or two people that they would want to give a shout out to but then would be done. But if you open it up more- like you did today then it might gain more momentum.