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Yay!!! I am thrilled to post this product review!  I have been really into the blacks and gray’s for nail polish lately.  I think there is something classic and sleek not to mention sexy about it.  I think I may have even had success in talking some gals into trying it and they loved it!  So, I saw this particular Nail Polish color that really looked interesting.  I combed the few Ulta Stores  around the Dallas area and stopped in many Sally stores but could not find it.Orly

So, I thought I would write in to the company, Orly and ask them if they would let me do a product review for them and also shared my interest in the Iron Butterfly color!  To my surprise, I received a message back saying ‘YES!” to a product review and I even got 2 other colors to try!      

Iron Butterfly, Gilded Coral & Green AppleIMG_8335

I was so excited!!! I pained each of my fingers the different colors to see how they looked and my first impression was that this Nail Polish had a really nice brush.  It didn’t feel cheap or flimsy.  Also the patented, rubberized cap really does make it easy to open and hold while polishing, which is exclusive to ORLY products. 

I was actually quite surprised that Orly is so widely known and I must have been in a bubble with the cheap polishes I had under my bathroom sink!  They are mentioned in magazines such as O, The Oprah Magazine, Allure, Women’s Day, Cosmo and many others which are magazine’s with Ad’s that I trust!

I got some help from a few friends who were also as excited as myself to review the product and gave them the choice of which color they wanted to test out. 

My friend Terri Pleasant from work tried the Iron Butterfly Matte which we both ooooh’d and awww’d over.  Terri is a big fan of the darker colors and we both agreed that the color was unique and hip!  It is a matte finish which means no shine.  The color has what looks like silver flecks of glitter in it which is what gives it a cool new look!  We both felt that it was a trendy color but perhaps one that would take a little more maintance to keep looking fresh on your nails.  Adding a clear coat on top made a slight difference but over-all the idea is to go natural.  It does scratch off easily which is the only negative we had to say about it, and was difficult to remove, but for the look we wanted.. it works!iron butterfly

terriThen I asked my friend Peggy Jarrell to pick a color and she went with the Gilded Coral.  I thought this was an excellent choice for her and it looked really good against her skin tones!! Her reaction was that it was the FASTEST Drying nail polish she’s ever used and was up doing dishes within minutes!! I will have to agree this was some of the fastest drying polish!!! Gotta love that!! As a Mom or any Woman on the GO, you really want something that can be durable, pretty and ready when you are!

Gilded Coral

peggy  Finally, I wasn’t sure about the green because I thought it might be for a younger crowd.  I really didn’t see myself ever painting my nails or toes this color, but found the perfect candidate!!  Green Apple was best suited for my baby girl!

Green Apple

IMG_8125 IMG_8126

They really did look cute on Reese’s lil’ piggies!! The key thing for painting a baby’s toes is FAST DRYING and I guarantee this was the fastest drying polish EVER!  It was perfect for us! 

You can find Orly at the following stores (this is a search done in the Dallas Area, so you might have more options where you live):

sallys ulta_logo

Finally a few of my other favorite colors they have….

Swizzle Stick, Famous Flamingo & Hot Shot

swizzle stick famous flamingo Hot shot

They look very similar but I am sure they look different on!  Can’t wait to try these next for a more spring/summer look!!!  Thanks again to Orly!!

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Jessica said...

Love the Iron Butterfly! I'm not a fan of the matte finish though so I would have to go with a clear coat to make it sparkle a little!

Yaa!! For fast drying polish!

UpperBottom said...

Love these colors! Especially the baby's little piggies!

Hi! I'm Rachel, by the way! Visiting from the UBP (a little late... so many blogs!). Hope you'll come visit me at and @upperbottom (Twitter).

I actually did a nail polish review last week on my blog. It wasn't a real "paid" review, just for fun. I painted my husband's nails for comedic effect.

Cheers and happy spring!

Russo said...

Love the Iron Butterfly color. So gonna buy this product-I have never heard of this nail polish company till now. Thank you so much.

Russo @

Mamarazzi said...

oh my goodness...i love those little chubby sweet!!