My itty bitty craft

I have said it a bunch of times that I feel like I have no talent or creativity with crafts.  Well, a while back when a girlfriend of mine was having a baby and we were in the midst of planning her shower… I began a hunt.  I wanted to come to the party with some cute decorations to spice up the shower and wanted it to be unique and cute.  We have all seen diaper cakes which I’m still a huge fan of but I’ve only made 1 in my life and that was with the help of my crafty friend Kristi.

I researched cute ideas and came up with diaper cupcakes.  I gave it a whirl and LOVED how they turned out!! I may not be a sewer or an awesome cook, but I was pretty happy with my creation. 

Cupcake 2 Cupcake 1 So, my question to YOU is this…. would you buy these?  How much do you think they would be worth to sell?

Couple of things to include:  There are wash cloths, a diaper and a pair of newborn socks with each cupcake.  You can’t just buy any ole’ wash cloth either—the thin ones just don’t work and you can’t get anything too big or you end up with a bulky mess. 

Secondly, I cannot take credit for this creation but I just love it too much that I had to see if I could do it myself.  Gal pal and fellow blog crafter/friend Liberty sent me a gorgeous ring in the mail and I ooh’d and aww’d over it… I got compliments GALORE!! I was timid and nervous to even ask her where to get the supplies but she was gracious to share with me so that I could give it a whirl too.



rings 3

Again I am asking YOU, would you buy these?  How much do you think they would be worth to sell?

I have been on the hunt for a way to make extra money and really could use your insight, advice or suggestions!

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Jessica said...

Love the idea for the diaper cupcakes! So Cute! I love the rings too. I really love the ones with blue roses. I would totally buy any of these items. I have no idea what I would pay ... I'm not sure how much work goes into the cupcakes but $15 - $25 maybe for a group of three. The rings ... $5 - $10.. depending upon style.

Gauger Family said...

LOVE the diaper cupcakes. Those are darling!! Do they come with the basket too? I'd say anywhere from $20- $25 if they have the basket. You should look into craft fairs. You can get a booth or stand and sell them!

Jenna said...

So cute!!! Love the diaper cupcakes. I would totally pay $20 to $25 for a set of three. Especially if they came in a basket.

Umm and for the rings I'm placing my order. I need a purple one and a black one. I'm thinking somewhere in the 5 to 10 dollar range sounds good.

Beth said...

YES to the baby cupcakes (I'd buy them for $10-$20 each, but I'm poor so you could probably sell them on Etsy for more than that). One would be a perfect gift for baby shower, but having 3 packs would be awesome. :)

YES to the rings! Especially the owl and the triple flower ones. What are they made of, and how adjustable are they, size-wise? That would affect what price I am willing to pay for them. But man oh man would I love to have multiple ones for my costumes (assuming they're less than $20 each). :D

Anna said...

I love the diaper cupcakes! I agree with the previous comments on pricing. :)

Kaye/Gammy said...

I love the diaper cupcakes - they are so cute. I also love the diaper cake that you have made before. I would pay $25 for cupcakes in basket/ribbon. I would pay $40-$50 for a diaper cake. I like the rings also - I would probably pay anywhere from $10-$15 for them. You have some great ideas and I think you could make some money with these. You should look at selling at that flea market off 380 near us.

Augmented Gem said...

Diaper Cupcakes are a great idea! They look lovely and are a superb shower gift. My SIL is having a baby shower soon, you've got me thinking.

Cherished Bliss said...

The Diaper cupcakes are adorable!!! I would think around $25 is good. Depends on brands you use.. the better the brand the more I would charge : )

LOVE LOVE LOVE the rings!

Anonymous said...

I would so buy the diaper cupcakes! What a cute idea and you did a terrific job! You are very crafty...pat yourself on your back! I envy you because I do not have a crafty bone in my body.

Liberty said...

Your rings turned out so beautiful!!! :):)

I think $25 or so for the cupcakes and $10-15 for the rings.