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I have been a little behind on my blog the past few days and finally have the energy to post something.  For a good while now I have been dealing with abdominal pain that I’ve always chalked up to indigestion or poor choice in meals.  Come to find out I had polyps in my gallbladder (ewww).  I was putting off having it removed and came up with a bunch of reasons to wait but this past week, enough… was ENOUGH.  My polyps had turned into multiple stones (again… ewww).  I was having what they call Gall Bladder attacks.  I was so sick.  I got a recommendation for a new General Surgeon and Thank Goodness he had an opening to get me into surgery ASAP.  

I am sure I’m not the only one who fears surgery or being put under general anesthesia but I was one SCARED PUPPY!!! All of the nurses were extra supportive and caring and the Dr was very quick and through.  I was thrilled when I woke up!!  Soreness is about all I can say for the actual surgery which wasn’t too bad, or not as bad as a C-Section… but apparently they use gas to inflate your abdomen and when they are done, they try to evacuate as much of it as possible, but naturally some of it just gets trapped.  It travels up to the shoulder area!  Now that my friends…. was PAINFUL.  It hurt to breath in, but luckily that only lasted for about 48 hours. 

So, after all of that…. what makes me happy?

happy 1.  Having such a sweet and supportive hubby who was very loving and caring when I needed it the most.

2.  Having the prayers and support from friends and family that I think is what I treasure most about the people in my life. 

3.  Having time off from work so that I can rest and recover without guilt.

4.  Catching up on some much needed sleep that I have missed out on since our son Ryan was born.  I could use a few more days of that!

5.  Getting rid of the pain that has been bothering me for who knows how long and feeling GOOD!!

Strange Happy List, but that’s ME!

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Gauger Family said...

That sounds so painful! Kelly just had his appendix out and I don't think they did that to him? He was just sore but didn't have the pains. What a mess! I can't believe that was just day surgery!!

Beth said...

Wow, I am so glad you came through it OK! I hope you don't have to go through that ever again.

Augmented Gem said...

My Boo had that too! I can totally relate, as it was painful enough just watching someone go through it. Its scary stuff, glad you got the surgery done, and won't be having anymore gallbladder attacks :D

S. Greiner said...

I've selected your blog for The Versatile Blogger award! Check out my post at Always Just A Mom to follow the directions and receive the award!!!

S. Greiner said...

Get well soon!!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot about that shoulder pain but now that you mention it.....OUCH!!!! It was very painful! I know remember exactly what you are talking about! But I am glad you are feeling better!