My Famous Meeting…

It was my Sr. Year at Texas Tech and I was a good friend with the DJ (Kelly) at the local Country Radio station.  My friends who I worked with at Tucker Brown and I would call in during his bit and talk to him and get him to play songs all the time.  One day he was going to have Brad Paisley in for an interview.  He told me to call in but I got very nervous when I called and told him my name was something other than it was.  Truth is, I had no idea really who Brad Paisley was, but this guy was going to be giving a concert that night.  I was put on the air for my conversation with Brad where he asked if I was coming to his concert.  I explained that I didn’t have tickets and before I hung up, not only did I have tickets, but I had backstage passes to meet him!! 

The meet and greet was held before the show and when I saw Brad, I thought.. oh, he’s cute..  sortof a lil’ guy, but had a cute face.  I got to meet him and take pictures which was really fun.  I grew to really like this guy.  I remember he told me to get his producers phone number from the radio guy and give him a call.  REALLY!? Me? Call you?  I was excited.  I think it was his most exciting photo op to date.  See for yourself.  Ha! Makes me laugh just looking at them!

me and brad

Things turn a turn when during the show, I realized…. his music is pretty good.  I rushed over and got in line to buy a CD. 

I just know he was looking at only me during the show.  Ha!  Afterwards we got to go backstage again.  I said, “I got your CD!!!” He responded, “I thought you already had it?”

me and BRAD 2 Uhhhhh…. “I do!!”  This is for my friend Kristi!  So, my best bud who couldn’t join me that night got a signed autographed copy of his CD.  Guess I should have told him I had no idea who he was.  Maybe that is why he married Kimberly Williams instead of me.   Just kidding.  It was a fun memory.

Other Celebs I’ve never met… include Terry Bradshaw and Chuck Norris who my Dad was able to get them to autograph a picture for me and Debbie Dunning who I’ve never met but actually she is a cousin of mine, albeit, she’s like my 2nd or 3rd cousin, but it counts right?


Tell me your famous encounter!  I think it would be a dream come true to meet Reese Witherspoon!!!

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Jessica said...

HOLY COW! What an experience with Brad Paisley! That is so awesome. I've never met a celebrity face to face. Well not one that everyone knows. I have an autographed drumstick from my brother-in-laws band. They are celebrities to me! HAHA

Russo said...

Oh this is a cool post! you have met a lot of cool people. Me? Not so much, I tripped over my feet in front of Marie Osmond- does that count as a celebrity meeting?

I am so with you, meeting Reese witherspoon would be awesome.
Love reading your blog!

VandyJ said...

Never had a famous encounter--the wilds of Wyoming are not exactly crawling with famous people.
So cool that you go to meet Brad Paisley.

Gauger Family said...

That is hysterical! Love that he signed on you :) Only famous person I got to talk to was Jamie Walters. Remember him? He was "Ray" on 90210 and used to sing. He was signing autographs at Southfork our junior year and I got to have my picture made with him. Funny stuff!