Wow, I’m starting to feel like a blog stalker b/c I keep linking up with Mamarazi’s blog, but what the heck! I love it…

happylistbutton-2 This is my happy list but also an informative bulletin for my friends, family and blog pals!

1.  HUGE!!! SO EXCITED/HAPPY!!  GracensDesigns is giving me the opportunity to host a give away from her awesome Etsy Site!!!! I mentioned her when I posted my BIG NEWS and am hopeful you all loved it enough to want to sign up to win!! Starts MONDAY!! 4/18.  Remember, Mother’s Day is coming, and just about every other holiday thereafter!  Sneak Peak!

pearls box gracen

2.  I am very excited about Tuesday to highlight a beautiful person that I’m sure you’ll love!!! Please put your thinking caps on and pay Tribute to someone you care about!!


3.  You’ll see here that it pays to comment on blogs and get to know your fellow blogging community… I was selected to co-host a weekly link party with Mamarazi, Impulsive Addict, & Shawn.  Pretty cool huh!?  It made me feel good and its going to be called WE WANT TO KNOW *WWTK*

WWTKbuttonI hope you meet the other co-hosts and link up with us!! Should be fun!!

4.  I got to spend some time with Ryan while Reese stayed home to try to recover from her allergic reaction/pink eye/whatever you wanna call it.  Our neighborhood home owners assoc. put on a “Meet the Easter Bunny” event and you got to hunt for eggs, hit up the bounce house, get your face painted, ride a lil’ train, stop by the petting zoo, get a balloon and MEET THE EASTER BUNNY!!  It was a gorgeous day and we had a blast!

easter1 petting zoo ryan easter bunny

5.  I won a give away that I’m super pumped about from a fellow blogger Amber!! TOO STINKIN’ CUTE!!!!  Thank you so much!!  Check our her BLOG when you get a chance!!

IMG_8393 IMG_8392 

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Rachel said...

I think my daughter would freak around the Easter bunny...we haven't tried going yet! Looks like you guys had fun though! btw...I had an "attack, problem" with my gallbladder last night. I was ever so close to going to the ER...going to have to talk to my Doc about that, but the vibe I get from him is that they wouldn't do anything about it, because they don't definitively know what it is after other testing...ugh.

Anonymous said...

Yay..... I am happy for ya!

Cute ring, btw. I won a giveaway recently too... I just Lurve when I get stuff in the mail!

Can't wait for the giveaway! Those are adorable.

Mamarazzi said...

lots to be happy about...thrilled about our weekly link party!! woot~

cute prizes, lucky you!!

love love love the day with mommy, so cute!

Jessica said...

Haas! Can't wait for your giveaway!

The ring and bracelet you won are very cute! Congrats!!

It looks like Ryan had a lot of fun. Cute pics!!

Can't wait for Wednesday!!