Happy Wednesday

I want to point out that I added a Gender poll on the left side of my blog and hope that you take the second to put in a vote for what you think baby #3 might be!!!


The Chinese Calendar Predictor says it will be a Girl based on the month of conception and my age.

The Baby Zone asked me my age and month of conception and said it was a Boy.

Parents Magazine had a list of 10 questions about my food preferences, hairy legs and the ultimate answer was Boy.

After a bunch of pointless links trying to sell me something, Mom Quizzes website says I’m having a Boy.

Baby Gender Predictor used my birth date, Erik’s birthday and the month of conception and said its a Boy.

So out of 5 predictors, 1 says its a Girl and 4 say its a Boy!  Very interesting eh!?

Erik thinks its a boy.  My Step Mom thinks its a girl..

I am always scared to guess for fear I will be wrong because as a Mom you want to have that instinct to ‘just know’ and if you are wrong.. then ‘omigosh!’….yeah, silly.. I know.

Did predictors work for you?  Did your instinct KNOW!?

I knew for SURE with my first that it was a BOY.  I was scared to say for my second but Erik called it… a GIRL….

We will find out towards the end of May!

Lastly… with my first two cuties names beginning with an ‘R’… what do you think… does the 3rd child need to start with an ‘R’ too?  Need some opinions on this please!

ryan reese

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J FAM Blog for the Soul said...

You know if the Chinese Calendar says it's a girl, then a girl it will be!! We used the chinese calendar to try and have a girl and we did! :) They were also right about our boy.

J FAM Blog for the Soul said...

OH! And I also don't think you need to continue the "R" tradition unless you want to....we named ours Carson and Clara and I know for a fact I do not want another C name! :)

Anonymous said...

The Chinese calendar was right for us, as well..... but not so lucky for some of my amigas.

I can always guess... but I have to ask some REALLY personal questions. hee hee

Beth said...

I read somewhere that statistically, more girls are being born than boys right now. So you never know!

I vote yes on another R name, because I'm a fan of alliteration. Plus, R names can be fun (Reese, Rhoda, Rutger, Raiph...)

Jessica said...

Well it looks like so far on your poll I'm the only one that voted boy!

Have you done the ring test? Or have you even heard of it? I don't remember how it works but can ask someone.

I say YES on continuing the R names!

Gauger Family said...

How fun! I'm going to say boy, just because everyone I know right now is having a boy :) Keep the R names going, you could do Riley and could be boy or girl. :)

Jenna said...

The Chinese Calender said Scout would be a girl and well he's all boy. My mother-in-law said boy.
I'm thinking this little on will be a boy.

I think you should go with another R name. No lone likes to be odd man out. Just my opinion though.