Friday Fav’s and Confessions!


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Here are some of my favorites this Friday!!!


Lisa Leonard is coming out with this new piece pictured above and you can put up to 5 hearts on it!! Can’t you just imagine….

Erik, Janette, Ryan, Reese & Baby 3’s name all hanging there!

Look how cute these two girls are and how much they have changed in just 5 months (I never realized how bald Reese was)!

DSC08736 IMG_8489

Anna and Reese in November and then pictured with their teacher Ms. Martinez in April of this year!

I love the sweet friends Ryan has in his class!! Here they are for a lil’ group shot for their Easter Party! kids class cuttin' up

They look like they are high on Easter bunny Lovin’ and egg filled candy!

And no Friday would be complete without some Friday Confessions! Linking up with Mamarazi & Glamazon


I confess….I have to work on Good Friday and that’s just not right.  Erik has off today and the kids are in school and although I’d have loved to spend the day with him, I’m happy that he gets ‘man’ time.

I confess….I waited till the last minute to figure out what my kids would wear to church for Easter and I’m less than enthused with my selections.

I confess…I am beyond excited that I have almost 100 followers and I don’t know if I should give something away to the 100th person or what!  I’m that excited!! Opinions?

I confess…I have been listening to my local (but I think its widely known) radio station (106.1 Kiss FM with Kidd Kraddick in the morning)and they have been doing this ‘IDOL got it WRONG’ with Tim Halperin who was kicked off early on in IDOL… and each week he takes on someone from the show and sings the same song with little prep and the public has to vote whether he was better than the person still on the show or not and gets to come back each week if he wins… so far so good… the confession is that I really dig this dude.. If you care to hear his version of "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele which was done by Haley Reinhart, then listen here…. I think he sounds GREAT!

I don’t even watch Idol!  Do you think Idol got it wrong to vote him off?

I confess…. on a musical note that I love how my son loves Josh Groban as much as I do & sings along to Rodney Adkins ‘I’ve been watching you’ while swaying his head side to side….. and how my daughter begins to boogie when she hears any song, especially Beyonce’s ‘Put a ring on it!’ So CUTE!

I confess….I am so excited that Tori Spelling is pregnant at the same time as me!! So far each of our kiddo’s are the same age… I just love her!!

I confess…. lastly how MUCH comments left on my blog mean to me! I REALLY REALLY appreciate them.  I have posted before practically on my knees begging for people to comment and for some I guess its UBER hard… still not getting that, but if you do leave a comment, please leave a way for me to return an email back to you.  It gives me purpose to write my blog if I know that I’m connecting to other people.  I know people have commitment issues about becoming a follower.. but what’s the harm!? Come on!

I confess… that was not my last confession above… I wish, upon a star that I get to go on a date with my hubs to eat dinner & see a movie very very VERY soon!

Happy Good Friday Friends… XOXO!

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Anonymous said...

It makes my heart flitter when I see a new comment, so I try to comment too! It just feels good, doesn't it!

Date night should consist of WFE. I hope you get one soon.

I am absolutely loving your picture of the hearts on the stick. That would make the cutest gift. Thanks fo sharing!

Katrina @ They All Call Me Mom said...

I was SO excited when I was almost to 100 followers, too! It IS exciting, isn't it? Now...getting to 500 excites me! That's my next goal. I'm at 384 right now...on my way!

Just two more and you're at 100! Yay!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

We all get a little lift when there's a new follower. I am betting that even "the big girls," with followers in the thousands, are aware of the number. I hope you get your date night, and your DJ is great.

(One thing I would suggest since you are an up and coming blogger? Get rid of word verification and enable the pop up window for comments. Makes it easier for people to hang out and get to know you.) :)

Mamarazzi said...

you listened to Viv...she is awesome. i love the pop up comment box, makes commenting sooooo much easier.

i get that people like word verification on their blogs having it in a pop up is so much better.

ummm i forgot what else i was gonna say.

Gauger Family said...

I didn't know Tori Spelling was expecting! That is funny. I love her show but not so much this new wedding one. Her kids are adorable too.

Where do your kiddos go to school? We have Gracie at a church by our school in Plano and she just loves it there. Have a great weekend!!

PottersCrib said...

Wow I cannot believe how big Reese is getting and that you will be celebrating her one year birthday soon and already have another one on the way! I don't see how you do it! For Rylee's 1st year birthday we did a sweet shoppe them and it turned out so cute. I have a lot of pictures on the blog from April of last year!

Jessica said...

That piece with the hearts is so cute!

Hope you get your date night soon and I hope you have a great Easter weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Okay....I have to have that stick with the hearts on it! I love it! Can I add a heart for when/if baby #2 comes along? How can I get my hands on one of these? BTW, I am loving your blog. I find myself anxiously awaiting your next post! HAHA!! I love your humor and personality! Miss ya!