What’s in a Name?

I think a lot of people out there can relate when I say that I have a name that many people aren’t sure how to say or how to spell. 

My name is Janette

Phonetically said:  juh-NET

How many of you who don’t know me in real life thought it was said:  JANET?

I get called ‘Janet’ ALL the time.  In fact, my boss who has been with me since January has yet to master saying my name correctly no matter how many times I correct him. 

I was reading a question the other day and it said,

“On a scale of 1-10 (1 being you can’t stand it and 10 is you love it), how well do you like your given first name?

My answer has changed a little bit over the years, but would probably have said a 1 at one point and now I think I’m in the neighborhood of about a 6. 

I don’t think there was any rhyme or reason to my name.  As I am told it was decided literally when I was born.  My Dad says that since I was born in January, he lopped off the –uary and added –ette.  Creative? 

I don’t feel like a Janette… I always wished my name was Amy or Rachel or something cute like those…

I guess the good thing is the meaning of Janette is

"God is gracious".

My middle name is ‘Braune’ which is a 10 on that scale of like/hate.  It was my Grandmother’s middle name… I’ll tell you all more about her in a Tuesday Tribute some day. 

Tell me about your name?

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Beth said...

I like Janette. Much better than Jane or Janet. It's got a nice exotic ring to it. Also, I have a close family friend named Janette, so I have happy memories associated with the name.

Jenna said...

Hey you could be a Jennifer like roughly a million other girls born in the 80's. I like your name. It's slightly different but yet common place enough people don't look at you funny. :)

Anonymous said...

I thinnk Janette is a great name, and to me the name fits you! I know that people calling you "Janet" drives you nuts, but it is because Janet is a more known name than Janette. Having an unusual name is good, I think. It sets you off a little.

My name is Stephen Guest. That middle name "Guest" probably seems pretty weird and might make one think that I was the offspring of someone just passng through town. However, that is not quite the case.

Family names are a big thing in Mississippi. I was named after my maternal and paternal great grandfathers: Steve Smith and Guess Haygood, respectively.

Someone misspelled "Guess" on my birth certificate as "Guest" and it just stuck. When I was a kid I was always answering questions as "I guess so." I still sort of do that. Maybe I am wishy-washy. In any case, the name "Guess" would probably have fit me better. I guess I should have had it changed years ago.

Anonymous said...

Well, I will have you know that I have said your name correctly...both times I have said it aloud. ;)

Amy was another name that a gazillion people had. I remember when it was popular to have your name on things back in the day- our erasers, pencils, magnets, etc.
Amy was ALWAYS gone.

Don't really think much about it now.-- it's my name. Don't wear it out. ;)

Gauger Family said...

That is funny. I like Shannon but I get called 'Sharon' all the freaking time and it annoys me to no end! I guess people think I'm saying 'sharon' or they read my name wrong, not sure.

Sorry about your grandpa. Thinking of you.

Tanya said...

I agree that Janette is common enough for people to understand, but not as common as Janet. Did you ever think about going by Jan? My name has always been fairly unique. I think it is Russian/German and has something to do with "friend". Mom and dad definitely went with the "strong" european names for me and Erik to fit Johanson. Kay is my middle name which is mom's which goes back to my grandma whom I loved dearly so I guess I'm okay with it too.