We say the craziest stuff!

Erik and I look at each other and laugh when he hear some of the things that Ryan says on a daily basis.  I have no idea where he hears some of the things he comes home saying..

Disclaimer:  What you are about to read is possibly offensive, but more so embarrassing to write out, but its a hoot and I don’t want to forget these moments!

Last night for example.. Ryan had a splinter in his hand from playing outside at school with the woodchips.  We had to get it out and I sat him in my lap and took a look.  Anytime he gets a boo-boo, he is very good about showing you but never wants you to touch it.  I always say, “I’ll be gentle!”  If that doesn’t work, I bribe him.  This time it was a bribe for a ‘Cars’ themed band aid (it doesn’t have to be a huge bribe).  I asked Erik while I took a peek to get me a cotton ball so we could put alcohol on it and clean the area.  Ryan says, ‘cock n’ ball?’  I said.. COTTON BALL.  He repeats it ‘cock n’ ball’… I couldn’t help but to laugh and say yes baby… a cock n’ ball.

cottonballs On a more PG level….

I am finding that having Ryan ask Erik to do things sounds so much better than having me come out and ask.  For instance… I found an IHOP is just down the road from us.  Waking up on a Sunday morning and having some yummy pancakes sounds soo good!! And if I don’t have to cook it, then it sounds even better.  So, I whisper in Ryan’s ear… “Ask Daddy to take us to IHOP”.

Ryan says, “Daddy, you take us to IPOP!?” 

I will correct him and say it slowly…. Its I_HOP….. he repeats… IPOP!  What can you do?


The only few things I can remember that I would say as a kid are:

If it was humid outside…. I would say it was “So human!”humidityIf someone had Athlete’s Foot…. I would say it was “Ashley’s foot”athletes foot It then made me start thinking even deeper to when I lived in Lafayette,Louisiana and the very strange things that were said but seemed so normal to me while I lived there.

“So Sha”.. this would mean… “So Cute”  It was used when referring to a puppy, a cute boy, a fun outfit….

“Come See”..this still sounds normal to me.. but in other words, “Come here”… when I moved back to Texas and said this… people would ask.. “Come see what?!?”…. nothing, just COME HERE!

“I’ve got a Melvin”.. this meant I had a wedgie… this is only being mentioned because I had the hardest time after moving from LA trying to train myself that its not a melvin!  And after I just reviewed what a melvin really is… I’m glad I don’t use this word anymore!

wedgieWhat do your kids say that crack you up?  Do you recall funny things your parents told you that you used to say?  I’m hoping my Dad will recall some and post a comment or Erik’s folks will recall some funny things Erik would say as a kid….

Ps.  Reese is only saying “Da-Da” and “Uh Oh” on a regular basis…. we get an occasional ‘bye bye’ or ‘hi’… but the rest is taking her fingers across her lips and making a razzing sound with her mouth… aw, sha!

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Cherished Bliss said...

I love hearing Aubrey talk...sometimes we find really long words and try to get him to repeat them and its just hilarious!!

Addison doesn't say much yet either. Definitely says da da. and SOMETIMES I get a mama... but that's it.

Jessica said...

I love the things that kids say!

I used to say "swinnich" instead of "sandwich". My neice called "Fried Chicken" "Fry Chickum". We still ask her if she wants some Fry Chickum ... at 11 yrs old she doesn't think it's funny! HA!

Beth said...

Ha! I love it. :D

I used to scream "Stabur" if I wanted a strawberry OR if I saw a spider (which terrified me as a kid).

And also "cupc" instead of "I want a drink". I can only imagine how many times my mom must have gnashed her teeth trying to get me to speak more intelligently. :)

Liberty said...

OMGosh!! I forgot about Melvin!

Jack still calls cupcakes "pupcakes." I get mad at the big kids when they try to correct him. When we used to visit my cousin in Oklahoma, I used to call it, "Honk A Homa" and never did understand why everyone would laugh at me. :)

On a PG13 note, Finley can't quite say "witch" yet. Every time it gets dark outside, he says... "look... scary witch" as he points outside. Alas, it doesn't sound like witch and Max roars in laughter while asking Finley to show him the witch over and over AND over again. :)

Russo said...

I am seriously laughing so hard tears are running down my cheek. What a funny post. I love this blog. Thank you for making a rough day at work much better.

Russo @ www.threegnomes.blogspot.com

Shellerman said...

The boys call it IPOP, too! Their grandparents take them there all the time. Nate asked to have his birthday at IPOP. I told him that he would have to be A LOT older to have a birthday party at IPOP. :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh.. How did I miss this post?? I love this stuff!!

Brandon use to call grapes, "greeps". And his underwear was called "wonder-wears"

Bailey use to call Sleeping Beauty, "Sleeping Booty".

And as for ME... I still have a problem with funeral. I want to say it like "foo-neral"

And I have NEVA heard of a Melvin.