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Welcome to Week 2 of Tuesday Tribute!
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We all have friends, family, co-workers or even the new friend you met via blog hopping that you genuinely care about and want to let them know.  You may have someone whom you’ve lost and never got the chance to tell how you felt.  Lets not let anymore time go by without letting those we care about know how we feel!
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Some things to think about when compiling your post….if you need a starting point – if not go ahead and start writing!
*         How/Where you met
*         First thoughts and impressions
*         What made you two compatible
*         What you like most about that person
*         First Special Moment
*         How you are alike yet different
*         Things you love
*         Things you hate
*         Photos (I LOVE photos)
*         Silly moments
*         Traveling
Again, these are just ideas – roll with this how you want – I think that is the great part of our blog-o-sphere we can be creative and say what we want, when we want – right?
I met Jacquie back in 2006 when we worked briefly together at a cheerleading company.  It was the highlight of both of our careers, okay, not really but I met Jacquie, so that was the perk!
Jacquie was just pregnant with her second baby boy Grayson and in the process of moving.  We hit it off because we both had a strong sense of sarcasm which I think was needed to get through these work days back then.  We exchanged emails and began sending each other what seemed like book-like emails talking back and forth! It was a lot of fun to have a fun new friend.  I was in the process of getting married and during this time, she moved to Michigan (brrr…).  I think there was a period of time where we lost touch but it wasn’t too long before we were back chatting again. 
I always teased and said that she was my ‘virtual BFF’ because we spent most of our ‘talking’ time online via MSN or Skype.  Erik left for Iraq and I was home with a 1 year old baby boy and she was always there with an answer when I was having a moment of weakness.  Who needs books when you have Jacquie!  That’s what I always thought.
The only part that really sucked was that she was so far away, until one day she told me that her husband was getting a job in Dallas and she was coming back!  I was so excited!!!
My favorite things about Jacquie:
She has a true heart of gold. 
Jacquie & Me
She juggles her family, work, school, and her social life without missing a beat.  There are definitely days, the days we all have but she never gives up.  I admire her for this.
She has faith, she is a true believer and someone to admire and look up to for her passion to know and love the Lord.  Most importantly she lends her time and energy to help her church and raise her children to know who God is and his importance. 
She is an amazing friend who shoots straight, bends over backwards for you and offers to help with things like spending the night in the hospital with you after you have given birth.
Jacquie & Kids
I love how wonderful of a Mother she is and she is so creative that I wish it would rub off on me, or just be able to eat everything she makes!!  Just check out her work  HERE or become a fan of her work on Facebook!
I am just so lucky to have such a great friend and even though life tends to get busy and chaotic, I will always treasure you!
Look forward to reading about your Tributes!!
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Kristi Kelly said...

How fun!!! Sweet friend to stay at the hospital with you too:) Loving the Tribute Tuesday...can't wait to see who will be next!!

Owens Family said...

Hey! That's me!!! :) I miss being so tan and blond...and miss you!! Thanks for the shout out hun-nay; truly so sweet and made me tear up :) <3