Tuesday Tribute

It is finally here!!!
The weekly Tuesday Tribute is now in full effect!!
Tuesday Tribute is brought to you by ME and my gal pal Allison over at Tri & Finish.
We all have friends, family, co-workers or even the new friend you met via blog hopping that you genuinely care about and want to let them know.  You may have someone whom you’ve lost and never got the chance to tell how you felt.  Lets not let anymore time go by without letting those we care about know how we feel!
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*         First Special Moment
*         How you are alike yet different
*         Things you love
*         Things you hate
*         Photos (I LOVE photos)
*         Silly moments
*         Traveling
Again, these are just ideas – roll with this how you want – I think that is the great part of our blog-o-sphere we can be creative and say what we want, when we want – right?
It was a summer day in 1996…. we were two girls who didn’t know anyone, yet we were both picked to join this larger group of girls in a world of sisterhood.  We were both dressed in white from head to toe and sitting on a fireplace in this place we were going to call home for the next 4 years.  She looked over and said, “I really like your outfit, its very cute”.  I was so grateful she spoke to me because I was so nervous and shy.  That was the day she became my friend and my sister. 
Meet my best friend of 15 years, Kristi Kelly.
Our friendship has taken so many twists and turns since we met… but I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything because she is still the person I want to share my most exciting news with or the friend I need to listen when I am feeling low.  We have been through boyfriends, marriage, children and have so much in common that it is scary!
Fun facts:
We are both only children (which is why being sorority sisters was such a big deal… and we pretend its official that we are related).
Her first daughter Kyndall was born June 18th, as was my second child, daughter Reese just 4 years apart.
We love the same kind of music and probably ruined all of our CD’s from college by listening to them OVER AND OVER again on road trips.
We both love the same foods.. Tokyo was our ‘thang’ in college.. we would even skip class (sorry folks) to go there!
We both are pretty good about forgetting things although Kristi was the worst about locking her keys in her car which I blame her for this rubbing off on me.
We can make each other laugh by barely saying a word. 
K&J stars
You are an amazing friend.  With all that life has thrown our way, you have always been there and I am so lucky I have a friend like you.. and more importantly a sister like you.  You are such an incredible Mom and I think you learned a great deal from your amazing parents (Dirk & Brenda who I claim as my own sometimes).  I truly admire your outlook on life, your amazing memory of things from the past (except your car keys) that I cannot remember.  I adore your passion for crafting and making such wonderful things for your children and others.  You have a heart of gold and no matter what life throws our way, I know we will be standing side by side at the end.  Your friendship is effortless and I love how we can pick up and go so easily.  I look forward to all of the memories we have to share in our future and hold dear the ones we have already made.
Love ya like a sister!
KRISTI AND ME  There just isn’t enough room to write and post all of the pictures that I have that are so special!
Here’s to you Kristi!!! 

Looking forward to linking up with ya'll!
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Kristi Kelly said...

Awww!!!! Make me cry!!! LOVED all the old pics of us....Now I have to go dig them up and go through them:) I love our fun memories!!! Love you too!!! I think it is even more amazing we are in the same town again, finally!!! Love ya SISTA!!!

Jenny Garland said...

So sweet! I LOVED looking at the old pics :)

Gauger Family said...

That is so sweet. Looks like y'all had a lot of fun!

Mamarazzi said...

what a FUN idea...and such a lovely tribute!!

good friends that last forever are such a blessing!

Jessica said...

I'm following both of your blogs and posted my tribute!

Anonymous said...

Ugh.. I have been so busy I forgot about this!

Great little tribute, sista! Precious friends are few and far between.

Jenny LeAnn said...

Hey! I didn't know you were an Alpha Chi! So am I :) AXO

Love in the Lyre!